Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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24. Truth or dare?! and FACETIME!!!

Kiran's pov
He was not lying, I could tell it from the way his eyes showed how much he truly cared for me. I knew he would fight for me no matter how much I don't want to be with him but the truth is I do love him back. " zayn I forgive u" the crowd became wild and zayn leaned in for a kiss but I stopped him and continued my sentence. " but I don't like u as much as I liked u before." his face dropped at when I said that " I love u zayn, I don't like u, I love you because u proved to me that u truly love me and will fight for my love no matter what."  With that said I pulled him into a soft/ passionate kiss and totally forgot that there was like 6 thousand people watching and recording this. But I don't care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me up and we twirled without breaking the kiss. " i am so glad u agree and I promise nothing will come in between us again."  " aw go get a room u guys!" Louis yelled and everyone bursted out laughing. The show continued on and ended around 1 in the Morning. We were all pooped so we headed back to the lads house.

Liam pov

Wedrove to our parking lot when we saw a strange dark red range rover parked in our drive way. I wonder who's it was. I got out of the car and everyone followed me. I was gonna walk up to the drivers window to see who it was but I was surprised by Danielle who jumped out of the tree branch that was hanging over were I was standin. " LIAM !!!!! I am sooo sorry I could't watch u guys perform, my plane was running late but guess what? I get to stay here for 4 days!!! Gosh I missed u!" she engulfed me into a hug and I heard everyone chuckle. " Dani it's ok, I understand and I missed u tons! Also how did u climb that tree and do that amazing backflip?" " oh for one of the dance routines we were suppose to be acrobats and do stunts like this." she told me. I helped her with her bags and we all went in. Once her things were settled I introduced her to Kiran and anoop " hello it's so good to meet u!" dani said. The three girls quickly got along and started talking about girl stuff I have no clue about.

45min later

Everyone was slowly starting to get bored so I excused dani and myself to a romantic dinner, while Louis went bowling with el, Kiran and zayn went out somewhere too but am not sure where, Harry decide to stay home and Niall took anoop to the mall to get more pics of them together since it's only been like a day they have been together. Anyways dani and I are off!

Zayn pov

Kiran and  i went in the car and were just driving around when she spoke up " hey zayn,  perrie is getting too much hate on twitter, u don't think she deserves that as a punishment it's just too harsh. " and she was right the things people were saying was awful so Kiran wrote a tweet to the fans and perrie saying " hey guys I know perrie did something awful but no one should be getting the amount of hate she is getting. And perrie I know ur crying reading this cuz I would too but don't make this mistake again." I then realized the perfect place I should take Kiran with me.  I took Kiran somewhere where me and her could have some fun bonding time. " zayn where are we going?" she pouted. " were almost there babe and I know u will love it " I told her and parked the car outside of the place. I laughed when I saw kirans face. She gave me a huge huge then said " ur going down Malik cause am good at paint ball!" she punched my arm then ran inside like a 5 year old high on candy. Gosh this is gonna be fun! We got into the suites and were givin guns with amo packs. One of the workers split us into two groups ( there was about 109 people here) I hope am with Kiran but sadly we were not together. She gave me a evil smirk then did that sizzle sound on her ass. " Watch out Kiran the gun might be to heavy for u!" I teased her but soon regretted it when the game was in place. Paint was splattered everywhere and on everyone. For paint it hurt when it was being fired at u. Kiran kept popping out of no where and shooting the back of my head while saying " aw zayn u really suck " " come here" I tried shooting her but kept missing instead I hit some random dude in the stomach and he jiggled which was kinda funny. The game kept goin for about 2-3 more hours .

Kiran pov

" DIEEEEEE!!!!" i shot another player on the other team. Man this one of the best dates I ever been to. Zayn is truly the best. Anyways the game continued for 3 more hours and it was down to me, this guy and this chick. I was the only player left in my team, not to be mean but my teammates suck, It was pretty intense. Zayn was out a long time ago cuz of me and was cheering me on from the stands. " SHUT UP ZAYN AM TRYING TO HIDE HERE!" he just chuckled when he saw me mad at him. I jumped on top of the garbage can and climbed the rods and swung my way to the chick. I jumped and kicked her gun out of her hand and cornered her. " your out." I said while trying to sound like james bond but it was a fail. The chick left and it was quiet. Too quiet. I turned around to hide but was cornered but the guy. " I guess girls are just bad at paintball cuz they always lose." he laughed then aimed his gun at me. Noo I can't lose! Think Kiran think! Then the idea hit me. " you know ur right , girls are bad at paintball and since ur gonna shoot me don't I get like that thing were u can request one thing before u die?" I asked then I looked around to see a mirror it was right behind the guy. Perfect. " sure " " ok I have to first could u move abit to the left and second.." I purposely fell down, And the guy gave me a hand, I held onto it and slid under his legs and shot his back. "secondly girls are the best at paintball so watch ur mouth." with that I won and man I think I hang out too much with Louis cuz I felt like I had sass. " good job" zayn leaned in and gave me a kiss while we drove off to the park and just played on the playground.

Niall pov

I took anoop to the mall because one it was public. We also brought it's soo fluffy with us. ( fluffy )  " NIALL LOOK THERE'S WONG TONG SOUP HERE !" she pulled me and we got about two bowls and I watched anoop drink both of them. I had burger king and anoop kept stealing my fries. " hey stop that it's my food!" I told her. " Nope am hungry ." she took another frie and stuffed it in her mouth. Then she got another one and fed it to me. " CLICK!" one of the paps got that as a pick. " Niall why Don't we go to like the pet shop please ! Oh and it so fluffy can play with some of the puppies!" " ok" I said while getting up and kissing her softly on the lips. We walked toward the pet shop, hand in hand and also stopped to sign a couple of autographs and take pics with the fans.  " aww nialler look at this guy! Shalimar would love him! " she pick up a cute white terrior. " he is cute and who's Shalimar anoop?" " oh shes one of my bffs ! I've know her for like ever ! And to be honest if I was't I would set u two up cuz u guys are almost alike !" wow this Shalimar chick must be cool if she is like me . Ahhaa. The paps took picks of us in the pet shop and then in the food court again. We headed back in the car. " sooo anoop how is Shalimar? Could u tell me alittle about her ?" I was kinda blushing. " ahahha I knew u would be interested ! Anyways here's the basics, she loves the color blue, very funny, wants to be a marine biologist, and um it's better if u talk to her and how about....." anoop was quiet then said " I know I can FaceTime her !!! Man she will be sooo surprised ! Ok tonight we will FaceTime and I will tell her I got a hot guy who is interested in her ! PERFFECT !!!" Ahhaa ok so I hope it's not awkward when I talk to her. Let's hope it goes well. We made it home.

anoops pov
Niall kissed me, but it was more like a peck. I really didn't mind because first off I could seethe pals out of the corner of my eye, and knew that Niall did that so they could get a good pic. Second, Niall isn't ugly so yea. We walked around the mall, and when we finished getting enough lovey pictures taken we went home. I rung the doorbell to reveal a very happy looking Louis. I noticed that Eleanor was sitting on the couch. She quickly stood up and ran to give me a hug, " so great to finally meet u Anoop" she said. " same to you Eleanor, I know we will get along great, and could I call u El?" I asked her. " of course you can I was just gunna ask you if you wanted to!" Kiran was also home so me, Kiran, dani, and El got to know each other better. "Wanna play truth or dare?"asked Harry. We all nodded our head and got up and sat in a circle, I was between Kiran and Niall. Louis brought the bottle, and spun it. Just wonderful it had to land on me, and Louis would be given me a dare or asking a question. " dare" I said looking him in the eyes. I saw a smirk creep onto his face, " I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Harry in that walk in towel closet!" He yelled while pointing to a closet. " WHAT?!" Me and Harry both yelled.Harry pov

Kiran and nialler stood up and pushed us towards the closet. " now be good little children and do what ur told." Niall said in a baby voice. " but I don't wanna and Niall are't u suppose to be my boyfriend?" anoop said. " not home were just friends remember." and with that said we were pushed and locked inside the closet. " what do we do now " I said while giving her a wink. " definitely not 7 mins in heaven" she mumbled. "  HEY U GUYS WE CAN'T HEAR ANY MOANING IN YHERE! U GUYS KNOW U CAN'T BACK OUT NOW! " Kiran yelled on the other side. " EWWWWWWW " is all we could say.

LOUIS AM GONNA KILL U ONCE 7 MINS ARE UP!" anoop yelled in frustration and then kicked the door to see if she could open it but failed. I chuckled at her fail attempt then she gave me a cold hard glare. Man was staying in a closet with me this bad for her? I know girls all around the world would die to be stuck with me in here and have a little hazza kiss. Anoop then spoke up after a few more fail atempts kicking the door.  " stupid door..... OK now seriosly what are we gonna do cause i never back out of a dare and i think the others are just continuing the game while were in here."  she looked around then got ice cream from under one of the towels. I sat next to her near the door then said " well firstly why the hell do u have ice cream in here and how come liam or niall did't find it, why is't it melted ? also i guess we do have to kiss. " " ok Styles listen carefully i really am a secert agent for the ICG and they need me to taste all the ice creams in the world! Also just so u know it stands for ICE CREAM GOD! oh and ur right about the whole kiss thing." she said while stuffing her face with more ice cream. 2 mins pasted and  i watched her finish almost half of the bucket, ( not those large buckets ) it was kinda like watching a five year old eat cuz the ice cream never really went in her mouth more like all over her face. i chuckled to myself again to see that i have fallen in love with a ice cream freak. " what ya looking at styles?" " just how horible u look and u got something on your face." i said while taking my tumb and slightly stroking her chin. I gazed into her daring grey eyes and could'nt help but get lost in them.

Anoop pov
We were staring into each others eyes. Harry's hands were now holding my face. He did't lean in nor did he kiss me. I to be honest was shocked, It was like he was frozen and the only thing that was moving was the beating of his heart. I myself could't help but smile that am making Harry Styles frozen. I know that does't make sense but its hard to explain. Anyways Harry was slightly stroking my chin then moved his hand towards my hair and started playing with the curls that were lose near the side of my cheek. " hairball what are u doing why are u looking at me like that now?" he kept quiet then said " it's just... Even if ur wearing horrible clothes and have ice cream all over ur face there's always something that makes me want u more. I just have't figured out what it is. All I know is u are always so beautiful even when u don't try." those were some of the sweetest words anyone has said to me and I believed every single word that came out of his mouth. We kept eye contact for a few more seconds then Harry leaned in and we both kissed. It started soft then came very passionate, our tongues battled and I won, I felt a smile grow when I beat him. He started playing with my hair and I did the same with his, but I pulled it. He let out a small moan and I knew he was enjoying and to be honest I was to but am not going to tell him or anyone else.

Harry pov

The kiss started to get a bit intense and I can't believe her tonnage was strong. I let out a small moan and felt a smile grow on her face. I lightly sat on top of her. Anoops lips tasted like Ice cream and I could't help myself into having more so I deepen the kiss. It was magically until " UR TIMES UP!!' OOOOOOOOOO WAIT AND TILL THE GUYS HEAR ABOUT THIS !!!" Liam yelled while interrupting. Anoop pushed me off and said " so hairball I see u liked the kiss ciz u were moaning alot and I am never gonna do that again." she got up and was about to leave when I graves her Hand and said " not so fast, I did enjoy the kiss and I will get more, let's have a bet. The bet is we can't touch each other and who ever touches the other person first loses?" " fine and trust me u will lose and If I win u own me a life time supplies of ice cream and a trip to Canada to meet my family!" " fine and if I win u will have to dump niall and be my girlfriend , public or not and act all lovey Dovey k " and we both agreed and she made me spit shake, I'll have to tell the guys about our little bet. We both walked outside the closet to the others.

Kirans pov
First I didn't hear anything, so I came and sat back down. It go too quiet so I got up and pressed my ears against the closet door. OMFG I could hear kissy noises, haha they were making out, and I could hear Harry moan alittle.i sat back down and preened like to didn't hear a thing, but me and snoop need to talk. Liam went to get them out and he had a smirk on his face. When Anoop and Harry sat down I dared Louis to grind with El to the song ' I'm sexy and I know it' it was disturbing but very funny. We did a couple more dares, no one really how truth cause were badasses and like to do stupid things instead of answering lame questions. Now it was anoops turn to ask someone, and of course she chose me. " truth or dare?" She asked, me bein the idiot I am chose dare. "You should lick something of Zayns pee pee!" I could tell she was hyper. " EWWW AT LEAST I DIDN'T SNOG HARRY!" I yelled. "It was a dare I don't back down from dares and you know it" she defended herself, hehe I saw Harry blush. I got up and was about to smack Anoop upside the head but Liam stopped me. " whoa whoa whoa stop right there. Anoop let's dial down the dare alittle" he told her. " fine! Um lemme think, Kiran we are gunna blindfold you. You have to guess what ur eating" she told me. Simple dare and I love me my food, she got up and whispered something to zayn. Then I felt a blindfold being put on my eyes.

Zayns pov
I took my shirt off, and layed down on the table. Your probably wondering why I'm doing this but it was apart of the untold dare. Anoop and Louis started putting whipped cream on my upper chest, strawberries in middle, and left it blank by my belly button. Hmm, i thought she said there would be three sections. Louis also duct taped my mouth so I wouldn't say nothing. " ok Kiran so there are three different things to taste, different sections" Anoop said. WAIT, WHAT?!?! Anoop had a big smirk n her face, and sadly Kiran was blindfolded and could not see. Kiran leaned towards my chest, and I could feel her hot breath. She went for the whipped cream, " yum, whipped cream" she got it right. Next were the strawberries, she scooped one into her tongue, " um a strawberry" she got that one right too. She went further down and licked, " what the hell is this, it tastes salty and hard?" She asked. Whoops
I was sweating alittle. She ripped of her blindfold, and her jaw dropped to the floor. " EWWW ANOOP I AM GONNA FUCKIN RIP UR FUCKING HEAD OFF UR FUCKING FACE!!!!" She yelled. Then she looked at me, and ripped off the tape off my mouth, i let out alittle shriek. " aww sorry zayn" she said, " it's alright babe, and sorry that you had to u know licks things off of me" I said while giving her a sheepish smile. " it was ur fault" she gave me a quick peck and turned to face Anoop. " YOU! Oh I would watch out Anoop Imma get you" she pointed at Anoop. "You know u loved it" joke Anoop. " eww that's nasty" she yelled. " babe am I even that bad?" I asked while putti my arms around he waist, " no of course not" she replied, then wrappe he arms around my neck and kissed me. It was sweet and passionate, she played around with my hair and tangled her fingers in them. I pulled her even closer, and held on to her tighter if that's possible. " WOAH! GET A ROOM U GUYS !" louis and anoop yelled in unison and Kiran chased both of them around the house and body checked Louis but missed anoop. They both yelled at each other for a while then settled down and just laughed there assess off. It was 3 am and everyone went to bed expect anoop who seemed to FaceTime someone with her iPod.

Niall pov

I was sitting next to anoop waiting for her friend to pick up, man why is she taking sooooo long. My hands were sweaty because of how nervous I was. Suddenly I was snapped out of thought when anoop screamed " YO WAZ UP! " I could't see Shalimar cuz anoop told me to wait when it's my cue but I was clueless cuz she never gave me one. I heard shalimar's voice and she replied " OMG ANOOP I MISS U!! SOOO MUCH! GUESS WHAT AM AT THE TOP OF MY CLASSES! AHAHAH HI BEAT ALL THOSE CRAZY SMART KOREANS! YEH FILIPINO, IRSH, BRITSH, CANADIAN, CHINESE POWER! so how's uni? OMG I SAW STUFF ABOUT U AND ONE DRIECTION ON TWITTER IS IT ALL TRUTH? ARE U DATING ALL MY FUTURE HUSBANDS ? WHAT HAVE U DONE TO THEM? DON'T MAKE THEM PREVERTS!" I tried holding back my laugher cuz this chick was high on something, but she was't cuz i was informed she's a good girl and she would be disowned by her filipino mother. Exact words from anoop. " WOAH SHALLIMAR CAME YO TITS ! and heres my answers, uni is goood 2nd year is gonna start so. I FRECKIN MISS U TOOOOOO! AND noo am not dating anyone not even Niall its just for publictily. Also they were already perverted before i met them. AND " anoop was cut off by shalimar yelling " U GUYS ARE SOO CUTE TOGETHER! please please please really date but if u don't am always avalivbe, but tell him that......." anoop and i were laughing but i held back my laugher. "  jk don't tell him that cuz i would die if he knew." anoop then spoke after " ok shalimar heres the really reason why i called u, i found u a perfect guy!!! and nooo buts u have to talk to him cuz he's sexy like a sex god! ok gimme 2 seconds and i'll get him!" anoop then droped the ipod and made me sit on the couch in a model position were i have one leg sticking straight up and a duck face. " here he is! " and next thing i knew she was having a funny fangirl momment where she was rocking back and forth on her computer chair and almost fell down. Anoop left us alone and i was nervous. " hi" i smiled cutely.  She raised up her eyebrows and smileed adorabley " hi! ur niall right ? never mind never mind am stupid." " no ur not i would be nervous to if i was talkin to a stranger and i am cuz anoop never told me how beautiful u look and how funny u really are." she blushed alot then the convo kinda went like this:
S~ "thanks and how do u think i feel talking to an international, gorgous popstar?"
N~ " True that! so u wanna play 21 questions?"
S~ " um sure i bet anoop still loves that game cuz we used to play it alot when we were little and u start first"
N~ " whats ur horoscope sign? birth day and hobbies? also do u like food?"
S~ " AHAHAHAHAH ok am a Aries like anoop, April 19th, playing sports like soccer, or as u called it in the UK football, reading, etc and I LOVE FOOD! but don't worry am my stomach's flat. "
she tried to playfully wink at me but she kinda blinked both eyes. " sorry i am not good at winking, Anoop should have told u that, she makes fun of me about it allll the time." soo niall what has anoop done to u?" i started laughing then she quickly corrected herself " i mean like prank wise ?" i replied by saying " ohh just like hide the food and stuff whip cream breads and stuff" " wow she went easy on u, i mean like u should have seen the stuff she did to me like :she forced me to watch the exserset when she knew I was afriad o the dark and scary movies have a big effect on me and then when we were sleeping she made me wake up and made my house look haunted like making things shake and break, etc and man was that a scary night. Now till to thus day I can never sleep in total darkest, I always have to have light. She also did a couple of more things but I'll tell u that later."

We continued talking for a couple more hours and to be honest I was having a blast. If she was in england I would hang out with her almost everyday! Anyways I was starting get sleepy but I did't want to stop talkin to Shalimar but she knew I was tried cuz of the time difference so she told me to sleep and we could FaceTime later or Tom. I can't wait to talk to her again. Before she hung up she gave me her textplus number and cell. I just feel asleep on the couch and had an amazing dream where me and Shalimar were pranking anoop! H

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