Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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25. Trust can be broken

Zayn's  pov
"Shit zayn be careful" Kiran yelled at me. We were cooking pancakes for the rest of the boys and Anoop who were still sleeping. I just dropped the pan on my foot, she picked it up and I felt like screaming but I would wake the others up. " you know a kiss would make it better." I told her. I hugged her waist from behind while she was mixing the stuff in the pan. " I'm not kissin ur foot" she told me and I could feel her roll her eyes. I spun her around " I wasn't talking about my foot babe" I gave her a cheesy wink and kissed her. The pan was still in her hand, and I heard a scream, and felt the pan yet again drop on my foot. " OWWW MY SHITTIN GOD!!" I yelled. " OMG I'm so so so sorry" Kiran apologized. I gave her a sheepish smile and looked at the kitchen door. There stood Liam, " I'm sorry I screamed but I didn't know anyone was down here, I got scared" he said. Me and Kiran started laughing at the reaction he had when he screamed, it was priceless. " I didn't mean to walk in on ur make out session" he said while giving a wink. I felt my face go red, and I looked over to Kiran, I wasn't the only one blushing. After finally making pancakes we called the boys down. We all ate up and turned on the tv, except for Niall who went into the kitchen to eat some more.

Kiran's pov
I started flipping through the channels, and stopped on wrestling, don't judge me I need a little violence in my life. I could see zayn was quite into it too,  and I had a little plan to piss him off. Some random new wrestler came in the ring and damn was he good looking, " OH MY EFFIN GOD HE'S SUCH A SEXY BEAST!!!!" I yelled. All the boys started laughing,  except zayn. I gave Anoop a wink and she knew exactly what to do, we know each other sooo well. " UR RIGHT HE'S ONE SMOKING HOT GUY, SMEXY BEAST!!!" She yelled. Now Harry stopped laughing too. " excuse me?! Are u checking him out?! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!! I LOVE U AND YOU JUST CALLED SOME OTHER GUY A SEXY  BEAST IN FRONT OF YOUR FREAKIN BOYFRIEND!!" Zayn's face was red with anger and everyone got quiet, but me and Anoop burst out laughing. " babe I was joking around with you, sure he's cute, but nothing compared to you. I just wanted to see your reaction, and how you got jealous that was sooo cute, I could never love anyone else zayn, your the one I love" I told him. He got up off the couch and he pulled me off it too, and gave me a bear hug. " I can't believe you said you love me" he whispered in my hair. " while I did, and I'm glad I said that, I've wanted to tell you for so long, just didn't have the guts, but I love you" I said to him. " I love you too babe" he told me and we unwrapped from the hug. " can't we go somewhere fun like...THE AMUSEMENT PARK!!" I yelled.

Anoop's pov
YES!! Finally some place with rides, everyone agreed. Me and Kiran went home to get ready and left the boys on their own. I took a quick 5 minute shower, and wore sweatpants, with a cute tee, and a leather jacket. I came down the stairs, and saw Kiran with her hair down, and it was curled, she was wearing knee length jean shorts, and a blue floral tank top, and she was wearing a black beanie. The boys' house was like a ten minute drive and that would be quite a walk, so Kiran took her car, and I took by motorcycle cause I fresh air. We reached their house at he same time. Louis, and Liam went with Harry in his car, zayn went with car, and Niall had to come with me cause of the paparazzi lovey dovey thing. Nialler came and sat on and he had to put his hands around my waist, it felt alittle uncomfortable, but whatever.

Zayn's pov
I went to her car and it was amaZayn aha see what I did there? Anyways she had a red corvette. I sat inside and she had 'Your body' playing on her radio, we stared driving and singing our lungs out, we sounded terrible , but she got softer and her voice sounded beautiful, her and Anoop can really sing. We finally got to the amusement park; yay. We all bought our tickets and ran in like little 5 year olds. They decided to go on the roller coasters first, I hate roller coasters. I guess Kiran could sense that I'm nervous cause she held my hand and gave it a light squeeze. I gave her a small smile and a nod saying that I wanna go on the ride. These girls are fearless, they take so many risks. We were in line and finally it was our turn, dont think I'm excited its just the sooner I get on the faster I get off. Niall and Anoop were in the front, Harry and Louis behind them, and Liam alone behind Harry guys, and me and Kiran were behind Liam at the very back. Aww I just love Kiran, she held my hand the whole time, and kept asking if I was ok. The ride as over and I didn't feel like puking for once, thanks to my girlfraaaand.

Hours later

Anoop'ss pov
We went on every ride at the park, somehow Kiran got zayn to go on all of them too, the magic of love, mwahaha. " we should get going we already took all the rides, and it's gettin late" said Liam. Shit I don't wanna leave what do I do? "NOOOOOOO!" I yell and run away. I kept running until I saw a tree by the cafe, I used my ninja skills and hid up there.

Harry's pov
Jeez where did this girl go? " hey you guys I know Anoop, either she's hidin in a tree, showing off her skills, or somewhere tight and tiny, cause she's short" said Kiran. So we split up, me and Niall went together, Louis and Liam, and of course zayn and Kiran. We searched everywhere, I was gunna call liam and tell him that I give up, until I heard a giggle. I looked up and Anoop jumped on me, "OW!" I yelled. "What?" She asked all innocently, I looked into her eyes, and wanted to kiss her but i didn't because I remembered the bet. I have to tell her wat I feel, maybe she feels the same way but just doesn't show it? " Anoop can I talk to u...alone?" I asked while I looked at Niall and got up to dust myself off. He nodded and walked away, " I don't have all day styles, make it quick" she snapped at me. " ok well, Anoop I really like u, and more than just friends, I'm not saying this to get in your pants, at first I did but now I really do like you. When u said that wrestler looked hot it made me so mad cause I really like you" I said and her mouth was in an O shape. " I don't know wat to say, oh and we're not gunna stop the bet, cause now what I know you like me it's gunna be a lot more harder for u. And I cant like you back cause I dont really trust you, and you have Caroline, but things might change, can we forget his chat for now; I don't want things to be weird?" She asked. I nodded, I felt so dumb, but what if I break up with Caroline then maybe I have a chance with her.

Anoop's pov
That was awkward, and ahah I thought that I would actually possibly like him. I walked back to where everyone else was " ok since I don't wanna go and you people are making me, someone has to get me cotton candy" I said and everyone looked at Liam. He just sighed and went to go get it, he came back and handed it to me. I took some off and put it in my mouth, Louis quickly ripped some cotton candy off the bunch and stuffed it in his mouth. Oh no he didn't, ew Louis sass is rubbing off on me. I tackled him to the ground, no one touches my food." OWW GET OFF ME !!!" " no you never asked and its rude to take other peoples food, you should ask next time." i told him while stabbing my elbow in his stomach. " fine but please get off me!" i got off and noticed that everyone was laughing, oh well. I ate the rest off the candy before hopping on my motorcycle with niall. Everyone came to mine and Kiran's house, and we thought that maybe we could just have a party with the 7 of us. It was close to 6:30 I can't believe we took that long at the park, but whatever now is party time. Me and Kiran took out the food and the radio. We came back into the living room and saw that Louis and Liam weren't there. " hey you guys where's Louis and Liam?" Asked Kiran. " oh Louis went to get more food, well that's what he told us and Liam went to hang out with Danielle because she had a quick stop in London for her tour with Jessie J, but he said he would love to stay." Said Niall. Louis came bursting through the front door and he had bags in his hand. I'm assuming it was the food he ran into he kitchen and put the stuff away and came back to the living room. " let's get this party started" he yelled and turned on the radio.

Louis' pov
Ok so I did go out to get more food, but that's not all. I also picked up a 24 can pack of beer, I knew the girls don't drink and they wouldn't like us drinking either so I snuck it in, and when they are distracted, me and the boys can drink a little. We were dancing and having fun, I told all the boys where the beer was hidden. So about after every 15 minutes one boy at a time would make an excuse, maybe to go to the bathroom, to get something to drink or eat, or to go to the backyard for air.

Kiran's pov
So the guys are acting really weird, it's about 9 at night and there all hyper, and then they would get all tired looking and stumble around. They looked like they were drunk...OMG THEY ARE! I pulled zayn to the side and let the others keep dancing, " zayn did you drink?" I asked him, he starting fidgeting with his fingers, and looked down. " um no?" He said but it came out more of a question. I gave him a glare " I DIDN'T DRINK I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DONT TRUST ME!" He yelled at me, but no one could hear because of how loud the music was. " ok so your telling me you didn't drink?" I asked and grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the kitchen. I started looking through the cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. Don't ask, I want to be a CIA agent when I grow up, so I knew when people were lying, and I knew the guys were idiots so they had the beer hidden somewhere. Aha I found it, the idiots had it hidden in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. " so what's this zayn? WHY DID YOU LIE HUH?!" My voice was getting louder by the minute, he rubbed the back if his neck " I thought you would get mad, I'm sorry" he said and came to hug me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. " babe I don't like beer in general, but that doesn't mean I'm gunna stop you from drinking, I just don't want you drinking too much because it could affect your health" I told him. He leaned him closer and closer and I could feel his hot breath in my face. I pushed him away but his hands were still on my waist. " sorry but you smell like alcohol" I was about to walk away but he pulled me back towards his chest and kissed me. He pulled apart and had a sly look on his face, " don't tell me you didn't like that because I know you did." Shit I hate what he does to me, I was smiling like a freaking idiot.

Anoop's pov
Ok so Kiran told me that the boys drank, and we didn't stop them so they drank more except for zayn. Harry and Niall were totally drunk, and Harry came stumbling towards me. " your a little bitch, I did so much for you, bu being the slut you are you got out wih Niall, I know you dont really like him. Your a fucking whore!" With that said he walks towards the couch and passed out. Ouch I know I hate him but that hurt so bad, I don't know  why but it did. And did I really like Niall or was I just doing it cause of management? I went into the kitchen and saw Louis lying on the island in the kitchen asleep. I went upstairs to go to sleep, I passed the guest room and saw Niall lying on the bed, we atleast he can control himself when he's drunk. I passed Kiran's room and heard someone saying " Kiran come lie down with me, i won't play games or make a move" that was zayn " no way, not when ur drunk" said Kiran coming out of the room chuckling. " oh hey Anoop can I sleep with you in your room?" She asked I gave her a nod and we changed into our pjs and fell asleep. I couldn't really sleep, my mind kept replaying the words Harry said to me. Was I really a bitch ? I know I may not be interested in a relationship but I've had a ruff past. Still Harry has changed a lot since the first time I met him in the parking lot. I quietly chuckled to myself as I thought of that memory. My stomach rumbled and i looked at the clock to see that it was midnight, maybe having a little midnight snack might cheer up my mood? yep it will! As i was slowly trying to get the blanket off of me with out making any noise i heard glass shatter on the ground. Am not really surprise but i should go check it out to see who ever it was, was ok. I quietly went down the stairs into the kitchen to see harry chugging down another beer bottle. I watched him more to see what he was up to but all harry did was drink sips of out of the can and stare at the broken beer bottle. " You ok Hairball?...." i asked, my voice barley above a whisper. He turned his head to me and walked up to me. His breath smelled really strong alcohol. " Hairball....." i was going to continue but was cut off by him saying/yelling " ANOOP I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU, NOW LISTEN TO ME AND THIS IS WHAT I REALLY FEEL ABOUT YOU... YOUR A FUCKING BITCH THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE ONLY YOURSELF! YOUR A WHORE, SLUT, STUPID, I WISH  YOU WOULD DIE AND I WOULD NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN! IN FACT IF YOU DID DIE THAN I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD BECAUSE I WOULD'NT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY FEELINGS FOR YOU, I CAN FIND A BETTER, TALLER, HOTTER GIRL THAN YOU ANY DAY ALSO----" " HOLD ON HARRY! AM NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS AND YOU KNOW WHAT YES! YES I WAS FALLING FOR YOU BUT I WILL MAKE SURE AM NOT ! CAUSE RIGHT NOW I KNOW HOW YOU TRUE-LY FEEL ABOUT ME, YOU HATE MY GUTS AND AM OK WITH IT CAUSE I WAS TAUGHT IN LIFE NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA LIKE YOU AND I LEARNED TO EXPECT THAT! ALSO HAIRBALL YOU WILL REGRET IT WHEN I ACTUALLY DO DIE! AND WHEN I DO I HOPE TO NEVER SEE YOUR FUCKING UGLY FACE AGAIN!!!!!" gosh that felt soo good to finally say all those words to him. He was frozen as if the words i told him were bullets from a gun. " What happened now cat got your tongue? " i asked in a harsh tone. The next thing i knew i was on the ground with a throbbing senseation on my left cheek. " YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!" harry said while kneeling down and grabiing my arm tightly. " LET ME GO!" I should have not said that because next thing i knew harry slapped my left cheek again. " i never want to see you in my sight again." he whispered in my ear and i booked it up into the guest room where Niall was sleeping. My cheek ached and it felt so puffed up. I layed on the ground next to Niall's bed wishing I never went downstairs, meet harry and i wish my life was back to normal. I really wish...........



Sorry for the really late update, we've been busy with school and we keep forgetting to post on this site cause we normally post the chapters on wattpad! We really wanna write a SEQUEL but were getting the impression that you guys don't like the book because no one is commenting, so please comment and vote it would be really helpful!

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