Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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Kiran's pov
God dammit where could haz be I'm really scared for him, but at the same time I wanna kill him. Me and zayn, god I  really like that boy, we walked down the streets, until we heard his phone ring. He answered and i gave him the 'who is that' questioning look. He mouthed back 'Louis' to me. " Hold on Louis Imma put u on speaker" said zayn, while speaking into his phone. He put it on speaker and said " You guys won't believe we're we found haz, and you won't imagine who we found him snogging with." He said quickly, and then breathing heavily for air. " Wtf he is such a man whore!" I yelled. " Louis where is he and with who?" Zayn asked. " Um just come down to the club on Jen st and you will see, and make it fast too because I won't be able to hold back Anoop by myself" he said a little fear in his voice. " come on babe lets go the club is like a five minute run from here" said zayn, and with that said he grabbed my hand and we ran down the street and stopped at a fun-looking club almost 3 minutes after. I rushed into the club still holding zayn a hand and I couldn't believe my eyes. it was that bitch, Caroline Flack.

Caroline's pov
Tonight was the best night of my life. I found Harry at a club and he was all drunk. This was my time to get him back, get him back for dumping me after we did it. He saw me and walked over and we had a normal conversation, and I said " So Harry I knew you would crawl back to me someday huh?" But sadly was too drunk to remember who I was. This was too good, I could finally take advantage of him, like how he did with me. We say down at a booth and were full out snogging, after about 10 minutes I sensed we were being watched. So I pulled away from Harry, and saw a Louis and a girl standing next to him with her arms crossed. She wasn't as tall as me, quit short actually, and she obviously wasn't as pretty as me, no women is. " Harry why are u with her?" Asked Louis, with a rather pissed off look on his face. " cuz we belong together" I said beating Harry to it. " he wasn't talking to you, he was talking to Harry" said the girl. " and who may you be?" I asked sound bitchy. " if you must know I'm Anoop, th girl hary tried to have sex with and u are?" " Caroline. Caroline flack" I responded. And her chin hit the floor. " no wonder Harry came crawling back to me, or nothing but a whore, a slut, an stripper, and I bet it was u who tried to have sex with Harry, why wud he want to hav anything to do with you?" I said. " look who's talking , I'm the slut, I'm the whore. First look at yourself flack then talk" she replied. That's I this Anoop chick is going down. I swung at her, but she caught my fist and punched me back, and I fell on my butt.

Louis' pov
Shit I knew they wud start fighting. I tried pulling Anoop back and was able to hold her off for awhile. By then zayn and Kiran burst through the club doors, and all was silent because everyone was gathered around to watch Anoop and Caroline fight. Kiran whispered something to Anoop and she nodded. Kiran told me that we should go, but before we walked away she went up to Caroline and punched her in the nose, leaving it all bloody and said " that's for being a bitch" and then she walked over to Harry and slapped him and said " that's for being a fuckin dickhead to my friend" and she grabbed his hand and we all left the club, the last thing i heard was caroline saying " i will get you anoop, one day i will trust me" and we made our way home. Harry still had a red cheek, man I never knew Kiran was that rough, I would not like to get her mad.We finally made it home and took Harry to the living room where kiran, Anoop and Liam started to lecture him.

Liam's pov

I started lecturing Harry while everyone gave him death glares. How could he be so stupid he could have talk to us if he had a problem instead of going clubbing and getting wasted. Everyone zoned out 10 mins after my lecture expect Harry he was wide awake, tho he was't making eye contact with me. " I'm done lecturing you guys can wake up!" I said and they all shot their head ups, and continued to give glares to Harry. " that's it I'm done with your death glare I'm out" said Harry and walked up the stairs. " we'll I'm gunna go up" said Kiran. " don't kill him" Lou said which made her chuckle alittle, and Anoop followed her up.

Anoops pov
blah blah blah. Liam continued his lecture, I was sitting close enough to Harry to slide my hands down his trouser pockets and take out his car keys. They could be useful, and ill let the boys know I have them. Liam finished, and Kiran went up the stairs and I followed her. "so Kiran why we u changing into ur shorts, were u going?" I asked. " go play badminton" she answered. I put my shorts on too, and told her to go down and make sure the boys don't stop us from leaving, and I jumped out the window, and
went to look for the badminton rackets.

Kiran's pov
I slid down the stair railing and jumped off. I headed toward e front door before anyone can stop me. " where do yo think your going?" Asked Liam with his arms crossed, while he was tapping his foot. " Kiran Kiran come on let's go, I got th- oh shit" whispered Anoop. She came into the living room window assuming that the boys weren't there. I face Palmed myself. " I was never here" whispered Anoop and backed out of the window. And I booked it out the door before they could stop me. I heard a loud engine roar and I saw Anoop sitting on the car hood, what the hell is she doing up there ? " KIRAN HURRY UP! DON'T LET THE GUYS KNOW STOLE THIS CAR!!!" "OMG THEY HAVE A SICK GT FORD!" I gave her a weird look and asks " how do u know what type of car this is?" " cuz I love cars vroom vroom" and she jumped threw the window of the drivers seat. We saw the boys come running out and started yellin in unison " HIW THE HELL DID U GET THE CAR? IT'S NIGHT U LADIES BETTER NOT LEAVE!" Me and Kiran started laughing and I yelled back " I STOLE IT FROM HARRY AND DON'T WORRY WE WON't BREAK I AND DON'T TELL HARRY I STOLE IT AND UR NOT OUR MOTHER!" Then Louis screamed " DON'T GO GURLS!" "SORRY GUYS BUT WERE TOTAL BADASSSSS!!" Said Kiran while leanin out of my window. She then has pedal and we drove off.

Zayns pov
Oh my god they did not just take Harry's car, if he finds out he will kill them. But gosh I never knew Kiran could be bad. Not that I didn't like her when I thought she was a goody goody, but I just find it sexy how bad she is. I mean she is the first bad girl I have dated,well I thought she was good but I guess I was wrong. I mean cause im a bad boy that doesn't mean i'll be dating a bad girl right?. But damn she knows how to drive a stick shift too, that girl is to die for, and she's all mine. God I'm so stupid I should have stopped her; it's so late I don't want her getting hurt, or even Anoop. What if they get jumped or raped? Ugh I don't even know what park they went to, but their strong they can handle anything right? I need to stop thinking negatively.

Anoop's pov
Me and Kiran are just rallying back and forth. I love playing badminton it calms me down. " hey Kiran can we take a 5 minutes break?" I asked her. " yeah sure." We walked over to the table where we kept our phones, we had them set to vibrate so we went to check if we had any calls even though it was like 11 at night. We both had like 7 missed calls from the boys, and like 20 texts. " lemme call zayn, he called a lot of times." She said while blushing. She dialed his number and put it on speaker, " hey where are u guys were all worried sick?" Yelled zayn through the phone. " chill man were at the park we'll be home soon" she said calmly. " just be careful babe" said Zayn and I awwwed and Kiran glared at me. We were just talking to the boys over the phone, until we saw a group of people coming our way. " um zayn I um think we got-ta g-go we're coming home like now do" said Kiran while stuttering. We grabbed the rackets and ran in the car, and the drunk guys kept calling after us. All the guys were surrounding our car by now " damn Kiran hit the gas petal and let's get the heck out of it" I yelled. "HOW THE FUCK CAN I? I DON'T WANNA RUN OVER THE FUCKING DRUNK ASSES!" She yelled at me. I got out of the car and a guys was standing in front of it, and I kicked him back and he fell in his butt. I hopped back in the car and Kiran complemented me " nice one!" We got back to the boys' house and Kiran parked the car outside and we ran inside. 4 pissed off guys were standing there.

Kiran's pov
Man they were mad, I threw the keys to Liam and he caught them. Zayn then walked over to me and hugged me tight, like I was gunna run away. " don't run away like that babe, I don't wanna lose u, and wat happened after u hung up u seemed scared?" He asked. Shit wat do I tell him, the truth? " um we saw drunk guys coming our way, so we ran to the car but they surrounded it and then Anoop got out and kicked the dude who was standing in front if it and yea" they all looked at us shocked. " don't worry we handled it now imma go change" I said and kissed Zayns cheek and walked away, but he turned around and grabbed my wrist and asked " can I come?" With the puppy dog eyes, " no u can't" I responded, i heard everyone chuckling, whoops i forgot they were there thats gotta be embarrassing.

Niall's pov

After the girls had changed in just their long shirts, we all sat in the theatre room to watch a movie. " so what do you. Guys wanna watch?" I said. Kiran and Anoop both got up at the same time and said in unison " let watch the grudge!" Kiran put the movie in and it started playing, we all took our seats and it was me and Anoop on the floor with 2 bowls of popcorn. Yum, kiran and zayn of course on the couch and Liam and Louis on the other. As about half the movie past, it was dang scary. Everyone had screamed about 5 times so far but what I thought was funny is that Anoop fell asleep during the movie. Ahahhaha silly girl, oh well then there's more popcorn for me!

45mins in the movie......


"AHHH!" I screamed my lungs out, I have never seen such a scary girl in my life! During the movie I felt a weird presents behind me so I check ever so often. I then felt some hands sliding past me neck and I think Liam and zayn did to because they both yelped. " Hey g guys I think this h house is haunted..." I whispered. Then I heard the sound the grudge girl makes come out of the corner, soon I heard it on the other side of the room. Whats going on here?! Suddenly a shadowily figure jumped in front of the screen and let out a horrifying screech, " grrr" "AHHH!" me and the boys screamed as the figure with the white face came closer, " please don't kill us, I promise I'll be good please!" I told the thing. The figure came closer and closer then I saw it was Anoop! " what the hell Anoop what was that for !" Liam asked " well we thought it would be funny to scary u guys and it was ahhaha and we got it on tape see!" kiran said while pointing to a spy Camara. Good lord that was freaking. Soon after a while Anoop actually fell asleep and started cuddling with Niall which was pretty cute, kiran then got the idea of taking a pic with my phone and she safe it under cuties go night night. Anyways the movie still was't over but I soon felt myself fall into a deep sleep and so was everyone else hope tomorrow would be a better day..


Anoop's pov

" gosh it's soooo hot here." I grumbled to myself as I slowly tried to move away from Niall without waking him up and man he had a tight grip. " gosh what time is ? I am hungry..." my morning voice kicked in and I looked at the clock, snap that's early! Oh well, I walked over to the kitchen and took a huge bowl of ice cream and poured chocolate syrup on it. Yummmy!!! As I sat on the stool and ate I wondered to myself if I should go and ask Harry what his problem with me is? Abd why he always acts so mean and perverted near me? I guess he does't like us much but who cares right, but still I wanna know... So with my bowl I headed upstairs to Harry's door and knocked on it, I doubt he's awake but I was wrong he was. " can I come in? I wanna talk to u about something if it's ok with u?" he shrugged and moved to the side allowing me to go in. " hairball I am just wondering what the heck is wrong with you?! Why do u act so mean and weird with me? Is it cuz i am short or is it cause u don't like me huh I just wanna know? So u gonna answer?!" I found my morning voice rising with every word and then Harry answered " you know what twerp! I don't hate you it's just.... You won't understand.." " what do you mean I won't understand ? Why can't we talk about it cause to be honest I don't wanna keep fighting like this." I sat on the floor stuffing my face with more food. " I don't wanna keep fighting with you to, why don't we start over and become friends or maybe something more an did more I'll go at the pace u wanna ? " he came closer to me and I gazed in his eyes, should I become friends with a person who caused me some much physical pain? I guess not but maybe I should I mean people make mistakes in life and also he's bffs with Kirans bf so I guess i'l give it a shot. " sure but in the morning I am not gonna talk to you cuz I am still mad k?" I said with a mouth full of food. "YESS!" Harry let out a small happy scream, I wonder how long he wanted to become friends?'

Harry's pov

"YESS!" i let out a small scream, i can't BELIVE we are gonna be friends. I hope it goes well though. " Soo Anoop since your hear and were both alone and friends would u like to watch a movie with me now?" she nodded her head and I put the movie in and climbed into my bed. Anoop got up and started walking towards me when she tripped over one of my items and fell. " SHIT ! my shirts covered with ice cream abd it's sticky" she sounded like a five year old. I could't help but laugh at her, she gave me glare then I decide to take my shirt off and give it to her. " hairball what are you doing ?" she sounded abit scared, " here wear this I don't mind if u keep it." " thanks but where should I change theres no restroom here?" I thought I should tell her it's fine changing in front of me " You know you can change in front of me if you want?" she gave me a glare and then said " Harry i agreed to be your friend not personal striper and beside i want you to face the wall so your not staring at me," with that she playfull pushed me but i did't move, yeh i got muscles! anyways she tried again but this time she tickled me and i surrendered facing the wall while she changed. I had a urge to take a peek but something was stopping and its not like me at all.

Anoop's pov
Finally i got him to face the wall! I began to take off my clothes and was standing in just my bra and girl boxers reaching for harrys shirt on the bed when the door swung open and Niall was looking at me with his jaw dropped open. " Hey Niall was up! and you know theirs a thing called knocking before you enter but its ok" i stood their jsut holding the shirt when harry decided to turn around and see me in my bra. " HEY I DID'T TELL YOU TO TURN AROUND! FACE THE WALL !" and he did. Niall then spoke up, his face red as a tomato " I am s sorry i just w wanted to know w where you were and i id't expect to find you here.... Well i am going to sleep." Niall left closing the door while i cassually put my shirt on and jump into bed. " So harry what movie we gonna watch?" he scaned the dvd's and gave me a grin " Were gonna watch Love Actully " " ok" he put the dvd in the player and laid right next to, wraping his arm around my small body allowing my head to rest on his chest, but i just moved alittle away from him and i guess this kinda made him upset cause he started to hug the pillow. I think in the middle of the movie i fell asleep cuz i don't remeber how it ended.

Harry's pov
I noticed Anoop slightly snoring and i guess the movie out her to sleep or something, so i got up to turn off the movie and i put the blanket on top of anoop so she would't get cold since October is coming near. As i placed the blanket over her I noticed she smiled in her sleep and looked like she was in peace and looked like an angel. But i have to say she is nothing like an angel when she's awake. I carefull got into bed and stared at the ceiling. How would i gain this girl's trust? i don't think we could ever be more than friends if she acts the way she acts now but i guess its worth a shot. I turned to face her and i noticed she seemed to be shivering alittle, i guess shes cold so i moved closer to her allowing her to cuddle into my body. She placed one hand on my chest and she whispered to me half asleep " Hairball why is your heart beat going so fast?" what should i tell her when i don't even know myself. I just ignored her and forced myself to sleep.

Anoop's Pov
" Gosh why do these boys have so huge arms!" i tried to push harry's arm off of me without waking him up and i successed! YAY! now I should go get some breakfast, it 11am and i guess everyone is awake and maybe breakfast is already made for me. i wonder what were having? pancakes? ceral? eggs and toast? i better go down fast and see. I quckly went to the main washroom and brushed my teeth then came down the stairs to find everyone giving me weird glares. What did i do this time, I don't even know myself.... Maybe i should ask Kiran, yeah she'll tell me why everyone is giving me these creepy glares. I sat on the chair next to her and asked while pouring milk and grabbing so pancakes "psss kiran why is everyone and you looking at me soo funny? Did i do something wrong? please tell me cause i don't think i did anything wrong..." she did't answer but when she opened her mouth to say something a furious louis came barging in and grabbed my wrist, pulling me to the side and yelling " WHAT THE HECK ANOOP ! I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD FALL SO EASLIY FOR HARRY AND END UP IN BED TOGETHER?!" what WHAT! I did't do it with harry what is he talking about? " ANOOP ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME? ANSWER ME WHY DID U HAVE SEX WITH HARRY? NIALL TOLD US HE WALKED IN ON YOU NAKED AND HARRY IN BED ASSUMING HE WAS NAKED TO AND U ACTED LIKE IT WAS NOTHING? I NEV-" i cut him off but yelling " LOUIS I DID'T SLEEP WITH HARRY! I MEAN I DID SLEEP WITH HIM BUT NOT IN THE WAY YOUR THINKING, WE WERE JUST STARTING OVER OUT FRIENDSHIP AND ENDING UP WATCHING A MOVIE AND I GUESS I FELL ASLEEP, CAN'T A GIRL JUST SLEEP! AND ALSO NIALL WALKED IN ON ME IN MY BRA AND SHORTS CUZ I SPLIT ICE CREAM ON MY CLOTHES AND HARRY WAS NICE ENOUGH TO LEND ME HIS!" i gave Niall a glare then looked back at louis and said " you know what louis.. out of all the guys here i kinda thought you would trust me more but i guess thats not true..." kiran then spoke up saying " Anoop were all sorry its just what Niall told us and u standing here in his shirt it just all added up to that... i am sorry" she gave me a pouting face. i could't be mad at kiran forever but i needed time to cool off before i say something i regret so with that i left and took harrys car keys and slamed the front door. WAIT I forgot something! " Kiran can you please pass me some shorts and i'll text you later don't come looking for me..." she threw me some shorts and i left. Leaving all of the boys shocked and kiran worried about where i would be gone.

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