Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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22. the past

Kirans pov
I saw Anoop coming towards us so I acted as if I gave in, and was gunna let him rape me, but she gave me a nod and then punched him square in the jaw. That little ass thought I was gunna let him rape me. " WHO THE HELL ARE YOU" yelled jake, but not at Anoop, he knew her. There was another shawdoly forgive beside her. " your worst nightmare" oh great lord. I could recognize that Bradford accent anywhere, it was zayn. He came running up to me, " babe are u alright?" He asked as if he cared. " yea I'm fine, and don't call me babe" I said coldly. " and thanks but I could have handled him myself" I said back. Zayn gave Anoop a nod and she walked back home knowing that he probably wanted to talk to me alone. " ARE YOU CRAZY?!?HE COULD HAVE RAPED YOU, HE COULD HAVE KILLED YOU, BUT NOOOO YOU COULD HANDLE IT YOURSELF HUH?!?!" He grabbed my wrist and we were face to face. Wow I've never seen him that mad, his face was as red as a tomato.
" can u let go of my wrist, and call the cops to come get him?" I said through gritted teeth. Soon after the cops arrived, and apparently before he came to me the police had found that he murdered 4 other people. So now he has been sentenced to his whole life in prison. Once the police were gone, I started walking back home, with zayn hot on my heels. He grabbed my arm and spun me around so yet again we were chest to chest. My heart was pounding, and I had freaking butterflies In my stomach, I hate what this boy does to me. " who was he?" He asked calmly. " none of your business" I answered back. " tell me now!" I knew he wasn't going to give up. " ugh fine he was my ex" he slightly chuckled. " can't believe ur standards are that low" he said. Ouch that hurt, um I need to fight back, think Kiran think, " oh yea atleast he used to be sweet, at least he was caring enough, not to cheat on me with some slut, atleast he was an amazing person at first, just cuz he's parents got murdered he resorted to violence, but he is a wonderful person at heart, better than you will ever be. I can't believe I was going to forgive like 2 seconds ago, but thank you, now you made me realize that you really are an ass" and with that said I walked away.

Liam pov
We got home from management and it was along ride. During the ride Harry kept quiet the whole time and gave death glares to Niall. Poor Niall it's nit his fault that he's suppose to date anoop. Anyways were home now, I got a reply from danellie.

To Liam

Hey baby! It's good here but I miss u tons! And guess what ! Am coming home today and I'll be able to come and watch u guys perform! Heheh can't wait miss u! Also can't wait to see Kiran and anoop heard they are big trouble ;) luv ya

Love dani

Gosh I am soo happy, I have't seen her in weeks ! I began cooking dinner when I heard the front door slam shut. I went to see what was happenin. " KIRAN! what happen to u!!" we all said in unison. " I kinda bumped into my ex and I really don't feel like talking about it so lets just forget about it... Gnight people." Kiran looked horrible, her clothes were torn, blood was dripping on her face. The lads looked shocked. To change the subject I told them dinner was ready and I went upstairs to aid Kiran.

Louis pov
Dinner was amazing! We ate like pigs and I could not help notice that anoop was not piggin out like the rest of  us. She just snuggled next to niall the whole time. Even after dinner when we watched spider man. " pshh snoop u ok?" I asked. She just nodded her head. Zayn then got up and whispered something to her and she nodded again.

Zayn pov
It was time to sleep so me and the guys went to bed. I stopped anoop cuz I really wanted to talk to her about Jake and my idea on how Kiran could forgive me.  We both went outside and sat on the edge of the pool watching the water and the moons reflection. I could't hold in my feeling and emotions anymore so I spoke to anoop. " Ok I called u out here cuz first thing is I want to know the full story on this Jake guy, could u please tell me?" It was quiet for a couple of second, u could only hear the door creak. Then anoop spoke, " Zayn it's a long story.. It's true what Kiran told u about him, yeh he was kind hearted, sweet but there was another reason why Kiran dumped him. Jake started doing drugs and almost every night he would call us up and threaten us if we did't give him money for getting more drugs. I don't know why cuz Kiran never told me but the main reason why was.."

Flash back... ( anoop pov )

"Kiran u look beautiful! I can't wait to see jakes face when he sees u!" i told Kiran and she blushed. " he should be here by now it's been almost 30mins" we both sat on the couch and watched the news. "ding !" the bell rang, Kiran went to answer and I was right behind her. There was a strong smell of alcohol coming forms jakes breath he was drunk again. " Kiran I am here today cuz... Um cuz.. I wanna break up with u!" he then grabbed hair and pulled her closer to his face. Jake smashed the beer bottle in his hand and held the broke glass near kirans  face. I could't watch so I ran toward him, but he just pushed me on the ground, then smashed Kirans head on agaist the wall. " KIRAN!" but I was to late, he motionless body was on the ground and blood was dripping from her head. " WHAT HAVE U DONE U MONSTER !" Jake just chuckled then said " to get her out of the way, so u and me could have some alone time together." he pulled my arm and dragged me toward the couch. ( I did't take karate then) he put himself on top of me and tried making out with me but I didn't give in. " KIRAN, KIRAN!" I was now yelling at the top of my lungs. She did't move, Jake started to yank at my shirt but I held on to it. " KIRAN! GET UP PLEASE!" I whimpered/ yelled, she finally gained con and walked behead him with a lamp in her hands. He did't notice her and she swung and knocked him out...

End of flash back

Anoop po
" and that's the whole Jake thing" I started to tear up alittle but thank god zayn did't notice. " wow I never knew that... I feel so sorry and I feel like killing  that   idiot! But let bygones be bygones." there was a silence again. " so zayn, let's change the subject. How are u gonna make Kiran forgive u?" " oh I was thinking that since were doing a concert here in England and were performing little things, I could call her up stage and sing my solo to her..." " OMG THAT'S SOO CUTE !! THATS A GOOD IDEA!" i yelled, "hey i also need to  invite perrie and like make her admit she kissed me herself by recording it on like a secret camera!" He said. i cant believe that bitch. "Yeah that's Better! Ugh I can't believe Pierre. Oh and kiss kiran near the end cuz I have a feeling she will give in. She loves u but is afraid to admit it and say it ." " good idea and anoop thanks for telling me and letting me share my feelings and everything." with that said zayn went inside while I sat near the pool looking at the water and recalling what had happen in my past. Man I wish I could somehow forget about it...

Harry pov
I came downstairs to get a drink of water when I overheard zayn and Anoops convo. I sat there listening to everything. I was quite in shock to know what Kiran had been though. After the two talked zayn came back in and saw me. " Harry what are u doing ?!" he asked " umm I kinda came here to drink but accidentally stayed back to hear ur convo..." he just shrugged " it's ok mate I trust that u won't tell anyone, night now" zayn went upstairs leaving me alone while I watched anoop from a distance. Why was't this girl coming inside ? I watched her more. She got up and went near the grill and took out something that looked like a..... Bag? She picked the locket of the storage room thing which she had no key to and went inside. What the hell is she doing! I had the urge to get up and see myself but I felt it was safe here. She came out seconds later in a one pice bathing suit with shorts. " she's crazy" I mumbled to myself and watched her jump into the pool and swim. After a few mins I decided I should go to her and ask why she is swimming 2am. " um.. Hey.." is all I could say. " hey.. What brings u here this fine mornin." she gave me that smile that melts my heart. " nothing just wondering why ur swimming?" " oh I honestly don't know but come join me ! It's fun!" she then pulled my in " WHAY THE HELL THAT'S NOT NICE !" she just chuckled and swam away. I swam to get Her and it just ended up as a long 2 hr swimming fight. Gosh it was fun, it also got my mind off how she is dating niall. We got out of the pool and Anoop went back into the room to change while I went back in my room to Change.

Anoop pov
I came back inside and got the buck of ice cream I hide from Niall so he would't eat it. I made myself comfy on the couch cuz I really don't wanna sleep on the bed tonight. While I was eating I was surprised that Harry came back downstairs. I thought he must have been tried and went to sleep but nope. He was just wearing his striped pj pants and was showing off his fine abs. On the other hand  there was me in my dads large shirt. " may I join u love?" he asked while givjng me a cheecky smile. " why ? And could't u wear a shirt? " I told him. He replied by saying " cuz Missy u seem so alone and look like u need someone right now cuz ur eyes are saying u have alot of stuff that is bothering u right now and u need to tell someone about it... Also why don't u wear any pants?" he came and sat beside me and I payed my head on his shoulder. " ur lucky am not in the mood to argue" I mummbled under my breath. I ate half of the bucket when I started shivering. Harry put a blanket on us and i layed my head on his lap while eating the remaining of the ice cream. I could hear his heart pound.. It was't beating at a normal pace. It was faster. Was I making him nervous? I felt very drowsy and I slowly fell asleep with the bucket on top of me and harry stroking my hair .l

Harry pov
i wish i could hold her in my arms like this forever. She truly is the perfect girl for me, whenever we talk it feels like its just me and her in this whole world, even though that sounds cheesy its what i actually feel. I am a cheesy flirt and i know it! I wish i could get Anoop to fall for me somehow, any how. I never actually had had feelings for Carloline, am only with her now is cause of publicity and cause Anoop told me to give her a second chance. Other wise i would have dumped her sorry ass. I know the boys don't like her and all so am probbaly gonna dump her sometime soon. Enough about that stupid Flack, i looked down and contiuned softly, stroking my not so darling, darling's hair. I wonder what would happen if she fell in love with me? we would be considered the " IT" couple. I looked over at the tele that was still on and i noticed it was 4:30 in the morning. * YAWN* i better get some shut eyes if i wanna look good for the ladies tomorrow at the concert. I slowly tried to get up but Anoop head was on my lap and she was snuggling herself closer to my stomach. Oh well guess i have to sleep here. I picked up her up and placed her on the couch then i layed right next to her. i slightly gave her a peck on the forehead and wraped my arms around her small body and fell into a peaceful sleep. But before i went to sleep fully I imagined how life would be if Anoop was like thoses normal girls who don't hit or punch a guy every two mins, who dress up pretty and will fall in love with me as easy as pie. I wonder if Anoop was like that, maybe just maybe we could be together forever and live a happy life. I really do wonder.................................

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