Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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13. The girl who cried RAPE

Louis' pov
So we sat in our car after the whole drama scene, tho she wasn't wrong when she called him a Bradford bad boi yo. We sat in the car and it was me, Anoop in the middle, and Harry in one car and Kiran, Liam, Niall, Zayn in the other. The trip was quite long about 10 mins into the ride Anoop fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. Aw they look so cute together, but I don't want hazza to break Anoop's heart even tho I think of her as a sister and I have a lot of them to. As about 30mins past, and Harry was looking out the window while suddenly Anoop started cuddling with him. Aw she's a cuddler aw that's so cute and Harry didn't mind which I thought was weird. I heard him mummble under his breathe as a smirk grew on his face. He then leaned down and pressed his lips agaist her forehead. Oi oh no he did't! if she was awake she would smack the crap out of him. We made it home and I offered to take my little sister inside but Harry denied the offer . Everyone was in the rooms and Kiran was the only one downstairs she had her knees pulled up in her stomach and I went over and put my arm around her shoulder. " Are u okay love?" " yeh I am fine just thinking and where are Harry and Anoop? Don't tell me u left them in the car alone did u?" she asked " um Harry is just carrying her in and don't worry nothings gonna happen he won't rape her" while I slightly chuckled to myself. " ok why don't we go to sleep, it's quite late now so good night !" and we both headed upstairs in diferent room. I jumped into my bed and laid there staring at my red ceiling. Weird thoughts kept coming into my head which would't allow me to fall asleep. Harry would't do anything stupid with her would he?

Harry's pov
I went up the stairs and put her on my bed. I thought she would like it here cuz she seemed to cuddle with me a lot so I put her down and was gonna go down to watch movies but she grabbed on to me. I assumed she thought I was a teddy bear so I just laid down next to her, she then snuggled with me more resting her head on my chest. I kept watching her while she was sleeping and it was 3am and dang I was creepin on her this whole night. I striped down to my black boxers and it would't be considere rape if she liked it right? Anyways I reach over and I slowly started to unbutton her plaid shirt and she suddenly screamed. "NOOO GET AWAY FROM ME! AHHH!" she was having a nightmare so I woke her up. " Anoop wake up" I whispered while shakin her. Her head then shot up and she was sweating " thank god that was over" I went to the kitchen and grabbed her some water. I came back and handed it to her while sitting down next to her and rubbed her back. " Anoop what was ur nightmare about ?" " it was something about Kiran and my pas- oh and thanks for the water" she was fully facing me now with her small body, she seemed quite shocked " HARRY WHY ARE IN UR BOXERS ! " " umm it's cuz.." she cut me off by slapping me then she scanned her self and was quiet. " Harry were u trying to....... " she seemed to have trouble breathing and looked like she was about tear up, my guess was right, she let a few tear drop and then she asked " Harry were u trying to.... Do it with me?" I couldn't answer my mind was all of a sudden numb, Then I took the glass of water from the night table and threw it against the wall, it shattered all over the ground. I turned towards Anoop and pressed lips on to hers. It felt so right yet so wrong at the same time. Her lips tasted like napoleon ice cream, it was a addicting taste, she did't kiss back maybe cuz she was shocked but I mean she will cuz who can't resist me . I try deepen the kiss by bittin her lower lip but she just push me back and I fell off the bed but luckly I was safe from all the glass. Anoop let out a whimper and ran out of the room leaving BLOODLY foot prints all over the hard wood. I felt so bad geez what have I become, I tried to force her to do it with me and I guess I am not use to a girl rejecting having some passion time with me. I should apologize tomorrow in the morning.

Zayn's pov

I can't BELIVE she said that, I wish she had't but I can't change the fact that she fancied Niall to. Why oh why did this happen to me I felt so good from the pass 24 hrs with Kiran and suddenly I feel broken hearted. When I pressed my ears against the door which Anoop and Kiran were behind and talkin, I felt my heart sink, so I ran out of the hut and into the car. I sat there hoping she would be in the other car. Soon after she came in the car door and kept apolozin and what not. Then I am assuming Niall pushed her in and she fell on my lap. I can find a better girl than her but it's so hard to forget all the fun times we had even if it was for a while. I guess I shouldn't have shoved her off but I did and she looked like she was gonna cry. Smooth Malik smooth, she hated me before she knew me and I bet she hates me even more. Psh i am such a dumbass, when I came home I ran up to my room without sayin a word. Now here I am being all depressed and everything, I laid back and just thought about everything, after 10mins I heard foot steps stomp down the stairs and I assumed it was Louis sleep walking again, so I slowly dozed off.

Anoop's pov

I felt dizzy and my feet were throbbing, my eyes were blurring my vision and I had a slight headache from the fans. I stopped running and just roamed around the house. Man it was huge! I found a large walk in closet, it had towels on the selves and had lots of bathroom products. I walked over toward the part were there were large blankets and suddenly I felt the room spinning. I held on to the ledge of the shelf. My hands got numb and my arms got weak. Black out..

Louis' pov

I woke up and looked over at my alarm clock 9 am, woah what the hell is wrong with me that is too early! Oh we'll at less I get all the hot water woot woot! I ran downstairs not making any noise and walked into the supply closet. I did't bother turn on the lights cuz I already were everything is. I walked over to the self where we kept the towels. But I tripped over a shadowly figure, I got back up and turned on the lights, I should be smarter next time. "AH!!" I screamed, while who wouldn't have if there was an unconscious girl lying in the middle of the closet. "ANOOP!" I ran over to her motionless body and shaked her, slapped her and anything I could to wake her up. I then ran to the kitten and filled a bucket of water which was under the sink. Wosshhh ! The water spilt over her cute little face, " WHAT THE HELL !" She looked over to me " LOUIS ! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" I looked over to her still bleeding feet and back up to her face. " you were unconscious and what was I supposed to do...? And how long have u been bleeding for?" She tried to stand up showin me she was fine but stumbled onto me. " here lets carry u upstairs to my room and bandage it feet." I lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder, dang she was light, when we got to the room I examined her feet. I went over to my nightstand and took the first aid kit out, I then rubbed the alcohol on her wounds and listened to her hiss in pain. " Sorry," I kept repeating and when I was done she spoke " It's ok Louis, it not he fault?" " them who's is it?" She kept quiet and tears slowly started welling in her streling grey eyes. Anoop's eyes did't have the spark in them anymore. " Anoop who's fault was it? Who did this?" I asked again. Still no reply. " it's... Just forget about.. Can I sleep here I am alittle tried and I did 't sleep while last night" she said dryly. " sure but were gonna talk about this later." And I left the room. I walked back to the closet to grab a towel when I saw a dried pool of blood where I found Anoop, then I saw her foot prints leading a trail. I should follow this! Maybe I can see how her feet started bleeding, it's a good Idea. I took out my fake mustache from my pj pocket and put it on. " hmmmm wonder where these foots prints lead." The prints lead me up the stairs and they were slowly starting to fade, I followed them and they lead up to a door, hey I know this door! It's HAZZA BOO! God damit I hope she just walked past his room and didn't go in. " it's 9:42 in the morning and my first suspect is Harry, I feel like I am in blues clues! Ok I have to go in but act all sneeky" I opened the door and saw Harry lying on the bed.......................... NAKED! I walked towards him when I felt something prick my foot. " ow my lord o carrots" I looked down and saw my foot bleeding and then I saw shattered glass all over the floor and dry puddles of blood. What had happened here last night? I carefully approached haz, and woke him up. " huh go away,. Leave me alone to die in sluber," " what the hell are you talkin about Harry? Why is there glass and blood all over your floor? Did u do it woth Anoop? Is she good at it? Wait don't answer that... Why haz was she in you room, why?!"

Harry's pov

" Louis leave me alone, it so early in the morning." I said while trying to tone him out by burryin my face into my pillow. It did't work instead Louis took my pillow and smacked me with it. " Harry Edward Styles you answer my questions right now and tell me why there is blood all over your floor?!" wait WHAT! Blood over my floor? Last night when I tried making Anoop do it with me. All the memories came rushing back from last night, I can't believe my lust for her took control. I can't tell Louis what happened, it will just seem wrong. I know i'll just get away from here for awhile, no one will notice and it's so early in the morning, yeh thats what I'll do. I pushed Louis butt off me and headed for my drawer. " Haz u still did't answer me! Tell me what ha-" i'll just tone him out, I took out and wore my Jake Willis hoodie and my blue jeans. There all ready, I exited my room slamming the door on Louis face. I did't mean to but boo bear can get very annoying at times and I just need to clear my head from the past couple of days. I grabbed my car keys but I did't head towards my car instead I found myself walking toward the old club near Jen. St. Perfect my get away from all these issues. Especially from Anoop, ever since I met her my life seems to be going haywire. I let my self in and sniffed the alchoic air, nice now it's time to get a little drunk and find myself a hot babe.

5-7 shots later

" WOO HOOO!" I yelled over the blasted music, I might have had to many drinks but I don't give a shit. I was enjoying myself and found my self a lovely older womon. She seemed very familiar, her shoulder length dirty blond hair, her tallest, her sense of style, just something about her seemed familiar but I could't quite remember. " so Harry I knew you'll crawl back to me someday huh?" her voice made me shiver, but I don't care I replid back by giving her a passionate kiss on the lips "have I met you before? Ah who cares! Hey why don't we go over to the the booth their." I made my self comfortable and signaled her to sit on my laps. She did and then started to play with my curls, I played with her hair then pulled her in for another dangerous kiss, it felt good her lips kinda syncing with mine, but it was't like anoop's. Her lips fit mine so perfectly and the taste was so addicting... Harry get a hold of yourself! Don't think of that girl she's useless u found a better girl right here! I then deepen the kiss with the women who was now moanin and bitting my lower lip. God this was great.

Louis' pov

Harry, my hazza just slammed the door on my face and did't tell me a single thing about last night?! I know he's hiding something and it's not like him not telling me, I mean he tells me everything, we don't have any secrets but yet he's keeping this one from me? My blood was boiling as i marched back to my room . I have to ask Anoop what happened but I doubt she's ever tell me but it's worth a try. I entered my room to find Anoop staring out the window. " Anoop can we talk?" I sat on the bed and faced her. Her eyes still did't sparkling but she did have a smile on her face. Her curl jet black hair was all messed. " ok Lou I am ready to tell you what happened last night, even if I really don't want to I'll tell you." wow I can't believe she's gonna tell, that was easy. " ok snoopy I am ready and don't worry I won't get mad at you."

An hour later )

Liam's pov

" I CAN'T BELIVE HIM!" THUMP! I woke up to something slam against my wall. What on earth is happening in louis's room? Why is he slamming stuff? I got out of bed and decide to take a shower first. I striped my clothes off and took a quick hot shower and put on a nice shirt and jeans. Oh it must be 5pm were danille is , I am gonna text her and she how work is for her.

To Danille

Good afternoon beautiful, I just woke up and saw the sun and it reminded me of you, I really miss you and can't wait to see you again!

Love Liam xxx

Hope she has enough time to reply back, anyways I better go to see if Louis is ok. Daddy directioners to the rescue !

An hour back

Anoop's pov

Here I go, " ok this is what happened Louis, I guess when we left the beach I fell asleep in the car and I don't know how I ended up in Harry's room? Maybe I was carried there? Anyways I was having another nightmare which is now my 5th one this week." I paused then spoke again " Harry woke me up and gave me a glass of water, I drank it and then realized he was in just his boxers, so I slapped him then..." I broke down in tears, I can't finish, my breath slowly started to shorten and I could't breath. I looked into Louis blue eyes and they were full of concern, he gave me a bottle to drink from and comfort me. " sorry about that it's just.. It reminded me of something in my past... Anyways I then realized my shirt was unbutton and you could see my bra. I guess Harry wanted to do it with me and thought if he started I would love to keep goin. I then asked him why he wanted to have it with me and I guess he could't think or something and he threw the glass against the wall and it shattered. He then...... Forced himself on me and kissed me, I did't kiss back so he tried deepen it but I pushed him off and I could' t stay there any longer so I ran away and I guess I steped on the glass on my way out.... yeh so yeh" It was quiet for sometime. The only think heard was my small whimpers. I guess Louis was trying to absorb what info I told him by the way he was looking at me. I knew it was a bad Idea to tell him but I just could't hold it anymore. I watched Louis more than he got up and started yelling " I CAN'T BELIVE HIM!" he threw a pot across the room. " LOUIS U SAID U WON'T GET MAD!" "BUT HAZZA , I CLEARLY TOLD HIM NO BUT NOO HE HAS TO DO WHAT HE WANTS AND I CAN'T BELIVE HOW LOW HE COULD GO" Louis then grabbed another item this time a couple of feet away from and was about to throw it when I got up and tried walking towards him to stop him. I heard the pot drop when I felt my head feel light and Louis voice getting fainter and fainter, till I blacked out again.

Kiran's pov

I heard a splash of water and then Anoop scream, what the hell is going on there? I logged off twitter and slammed my laptop screen shut and ran over to nialls room next door. Aw little leppy looks so cute when he's sleeping, time to destroy his beauty sleep mwahahah! I jumped on top of Niall and shook him violently and said " NIALL U AWAKE YET?". " what is it god I need my sleep...". " foods ready " " I am up" I got off of him as he quickly sat up, " hey Niall do you know what's going on in Louis bedroom?" he then said " I did't hear anything I was sleeping and was havin a wonderful dream about food," " uh Niall just get up and come with me," I dragged niall to zayns room and knocked on the door. Zayn opened the door and stuck his head out. He did't say anything but I could tell he was in alot of pain from last night. " What do u want?" he said with a pissed of face. Great I can't BELIVE I was falling for him and to to think I thought he was nice but Noooo his is a total ass. " they both and look at me and say in unison " what?" " nothing me and Niall came over to ask if you knew what was going on in Louis' bedroom?" zayn just shrugged his shoulder and said " hey Niall wanna go check it out?" " sure" wow he just complete ignore me, great, now I really now he hates me, I don't care. We then approached Louis door and saw him, Liam and Anoop arguing over something. I walked over and said " what the hell is going on? Anoop why are u all wet and ur feet bandaged ? Why is Liam here and why are u in louis's bed?" I started rambling on then Anoop cut me " kiran I am wet because of this idiot here and yeh." I walked over toward the bed and sat next to Louis. " Louis what happened? Why is this place a mess and tell me the true," he was quiet then he said " it's better if you hear it from anoop" " WHAT no I am not gonna tell everyone! I don't want to and you can't make me!" Anoop said while burying her face into the blanket. " love you'll have to tell them soon or they will find out by them self " liam said while rubbing her back. " ok here's what happened...." I sat down and listened to every word she said and I can't belove the little bastard tried and make Anoop do it with him! " WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HARRY I'll MAKE SURE I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!" i said while pacing the room back and forth. " WHERE IS HE? " I ask Louis. " He ran out when I was following snoops tracks, I guess we have to look for him." great just great. " why don't we all get ready and meet downstairs for breakfast and discuss what we should do?" liam said. So we all headed out the room and quickly changed.

Niall's pov

I came downstairs and started preparing my special dish for everyone. Coco pops with milk. I place all 6 bowls and began to eat, Liam and zayn joined me. Zayn kept giving me death glares which were actually scary and he has every right to but it's not my fault kiran likes both of us, I mean he should man up cuz he did ask her to be his gf and now he's acting all sissy and stuff. Kiran came down and took her seat between Liam and zayn. She was wearing gray sweats and a tank top, her straight chocolate brown hair was in a high ponytail and she looked beautiful. She caught me staring and just gave me alittle smile which started the butterflies in my stomach. We all ate in slience when we heard Louis coming with Anoop on his back, she was getting a piggyback ride! Hey I want one too!!! " hey Louis you never give me a ride! I want one!" everyone birders into little giggles. " niall I promise i'll give you one soon but right now Anoop will be the cowgirl cuz she can't walk," aww still I can'y wait to have one. " sooo lads how are we gonna look for Harry?" zayn asked. " we will all spilt in groups, me and Niall, Louis and Anoop and you and kiran, and when we find him we need to bring him back here and I will talk to him not any one else is that clear?" Liam said " yep" everyone said in unison. We all headed out the door in different direction, I wonder where Harry is and I hope me and Liam find him before kiran cause if she does first I doubt he will even live to see tomorrow.

Zayn's pov

Everyone went in opposite directions and me and Kiran were walking down the park road. As time passed by we did't say a word to each other, I wanted to talk to her so badly and fix this problem I had of her liking Niall, but I just didn't know how to start. Maybe I could ask how she likes the weather? It's worth a try, " so Kiran how do you like the weather?" smooth I sound so boring, she replied " the weather is gloomy since it's the middle of September and Zayn why are u asking me about the weather?" " it just a good conversation starter?" " no it isn't I mean we can talk about more things besides the weather like why you have been ignoring me for the past few days? I know it's cause you heard me say I like Niall to and I know he won't break my heart..." I stopped in my tracks and just looked at her. She just said what I wanted to tell her, " kiran I know I might have been a bit rude and looked like I was on a man period or something but I am not, it's just I just came out of a relationship with Perrie and whenever I am with you I have these weird things tickling me in my stomach which I never had before. I think I am falling for you but I just don't want to..." she stared at me then she replied " Zayn I feel the same way with you too and I just don't want my heart broken again, I have trust issues and it's just hard to find the right guy these days since all of them want a girl for her looks and sex, how do I know your the one?" the wind was blowing her hair everywhere, I took the strand that was in her face and tucked it behind her ear. I gently stroked her cheek and told her " I promise I won't break your heart, I just want you to love me for me and I really like you cuz you make me feel like I use to before I even became famous. I love how your so easy to talk to and BELIEVE me when I say this, I am glad Harry got drunk that day cause if he didn't I would't be able to meet such a wonderful person like you, I like you Kiran forever and always." and with that I gently kissed her lips and brought her close to me showing that she is mine and never will be anyone else's. After we kissed Kiran broke away and said " zayn that was the most romantic and thoughtful thing I have ever heard and don't worry i will only like u but u still need to prove that your the one..SHIT! we totally forgot about looking for Harry! We better find him and when we do your gonna help be beat him up ok?" she said while dragging me down the path. " yes sir! " and we laughed the way down, I am glad we sorted this out I really do like Kiran.

Anoop's pov

" weeeeee go faster Louis ! Ahahahahah!" me and Louis just came out of the mall and were heading back to the house. Louis was being so kind for giving me a piggyback everywhere. It was getting dark and I guess Louis was getting tried to but just did't want to admit it so I told him to stop at the bench near the bus stop. " hey Anoop I am really really sorry for what Harry tried to do I guess he kinda fancies u but doesn't know how to control his emotions, he has a hard time telling someone that he likes them," I was shocked, did Harry really fancy me ? No its impossible, he probably just going through a phases or something, he probably will forget me once this bet is over, till then I am gonna try and avoid him as much as possible. " Louis it's ok and don't lie to me I know Harry doesn't like me, I am just a normal girl who has problems in life, not some hot, pretty model who's kisses people would love to have. Just tell Harry he can find a better girl than me..... And are you sure we checked everywhere?" Louis looked shocked from my answer I wonder what he's thinking? But oh well. He then answered " ok whatever then and I think there is one place where we didn't check I dunno if u wanna go see but it's the club near Jen St. " " I'll go with you and umm i'll take this long branch to help me blance while we walk."since she was on my back, so we both got up and headed towards the club.

About 22mins later

" WOAH Louis it's soo cool here! I love the music? Is it wild ones thats playing omg I love it here!" I screamed near Louis ear. " Anoop claim down and yes it is wild ones and we need to find Harry!" "ok!!" we then searched the place and then Louis went abit farther than me so I slowly followed him while enjoying the music.

Louis' pov

I walked up the stairs and towards the booth, I knew Harry would be in one of the booths because whenever we go clubbing he always hooks up with some girl and brings her here. I looked through booth number 1-5 and I just need to look at 6. When I approach it I saw something I did't BELIEVE I would see in a long time or never. I saw Harry snogging with a girl and they seemed so into it that they did't even noticed me. Anoop then came beside me and her mouth dropped. We both stood there quietly and watched the two snog each other, the girl was wearing a mini shirt which u could all most see her underwear and a v neck that was way to small for her body. Anoop placed her hand on my shoulder and pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear " Louis who is Harry making out with?" I could't make the words out to tell her. The woman then saw me and gave me a wicked glare while blocking Harry's view of us, she smiled and then kissed Harry more and made him groan. Yuck, I then faced Anoop, looking into her sterling grey eyes. " Anoop the person is...."

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