Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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20. Sorry doesnt fix it

Nialls pov
EWWWWW WHAT DA FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! " Oh my god I'm sooooooo sorry nialler I didn't me-" with that said Anoop ran off, while covering her mouth with her right hand. I hope she lies it to the bathroom. We don't want more vomit around the house, I think my face is enough. Ugh good thing we have more than one bathroom. I went into my room and washed the puke off of my face, I am so getting Anoop back even though its not her fault. Anyways I better get going, need more food from the store, so that means Anoop and has will be home alone

Zayns pov
Gosh I feel so bad for Kiran and Anoop they really are sick, what person I the right mind would drug their drinks. I got a call from Niall saying that Anoop already threw up and in his face too, ahah that's gotta be funny. Good thing Kiran didn't throw up yet, though she is in a lot of pain.

The next day

Kirans pov
I feel so much better, I'm so full of energy and I don't wanna stay home I'm in the mood to go shopping, I need more sweats and some more tees. I got up of the bed and walked into the living room and as zayn lying down on the couch, awww I feel so bad for him he slept on the couch all night. I thought the least I could do is make him breakfast, so I walked to the kitchen and made waffles, and a yummy smoothie. " zayn, wake up, psst zayn wake up. Ugh ZAYN GET UR LAZY ASS OFF THE COUCH!" I yelled. " huh wa-" and he fell of the couch. " hehe sorry didn't mean for that to happen but come on I made us breakfast" I said while dragging him to the kitchen. " thanks babe but you didn't have to and how are u feeling now?" He asked. " I wanted to and yes so much better." We ate our food, and we went to watch tv, but zayn got a text. " hey I the boys wan us over at their place and they said bring some of anoops clothes." I got up and went to my bathroom, and took a quick shower. I slipped on some sweats and a tank and trapped shorts and a tank for Anoop. I walked back out to zayn. " I'm ready" I said. " uh yea lets um go" he said while avoiding eye contact. What the hell just happened. We got into my car and the whole ride he didn't say word. Igot out And liam opened the front door for us. " hey wadup Liam" I asked " did u get anoops clothes" he asked me. " mhmm" zayn just pushed past me and went up to his room. " wats going on with him?" Asked Liam. I just shrugged my shoulders. Anoops got ready and agreed to go shopping with me, the boys wanted to go to except zayn he said he was tired and wanted to stay home. Anoop wanted to to go home and change into something else, like sweats. So I took her home. I started to look for something to eat and found her fast asleep on the couch. I woke her up and told her that Imma go to McDonald's and she better get ready and meet me at the mall. The boys were gunna take their own car cuz they had someplace to go after. Anoop could take her Harley Davidson motorcycle and I could take my Porsche. Yea I know our families our quite wealthy. I got my keys and sat in my car. ' It will rain' by Bruno Mars was  on. " I LOVE THIS SONG" I yelled even though no one was with me. I started singing alone sine I could never sing in from for anyone I sing when I'm alone, though I suck terribly it makes me feel good. I reached McDonald's and got a text from Anoop.

To Kiran

To I'm done getting ready! Get ur ass out of McDonald's and make ur way to the mall! Hehe love ya

From Anoop xxx

Ugh I quickly ordered a McChicken, and a medium coke. I got back in my car and ate my burger while driving to the mall.

Anoops pov
I got to the mall alittle after texting Kiran. I saw the boys cars and pulled up next to them. I got out of the car and walked over to them. " hey u guys where should we wait for Kiran?" I asked them. " we can stay in the car she will probably recognize it, and we bought Paul along with us so we don't have to worry about them, even though most teenage girls are at school. " said Liam. Me and Kiran might have been in university at this time but we have a break. I saw kirans car pull up and all the boys immediately jumped out of the van car thing and started to admire kirans ride. " can I take it for a spin please?" Harry begged like a child. " you crazy rite? She would never let anyone use her car, it means everything to her" I said, " sorry haz but no can do maybe some time later" she said to him. He tried to give her the puppy pout but that doesn't work with her unless I do it. We walked into the mall, and it was really empty, we stuck together and went into random stores.

A couple hours later...
I bought some sweats, a couple of tees and a pair of jeans. Kiran bought some tanks, sweats and shorts. We all decided the we were done shopping. We went in to the parking lot, and he boys went of to some meeting with management, I guess they told Simon that zayn was sick. " hey Anoop I tried calling zayn a couple times, and same with Niall, but he doesn't answer do think he's alright?" She asked me with concern written all over her face. Him I remember how she used hate and now she cares so much. " let's go check up on him" I told her and she nodded her head. She took her car and and me with my motorcycle.

Kirans pov
I knew these boys never bother to look the door, but I knocked lightly and there was no reply so I got scared. What of zayn got hurt? Anoop just karate kicked the door open and we saw zayn and some blonde chick have a full on snog session. Most girls in this position would run up crying but me? NEVER. I never cry or show how sad or depressed I am. They pulled apart " Kiran it's no-" I cut him off by slapping him hard across the face " We're done" I simply told him , And saw Anoop come up beside me and pull the chicks hair, and we walked out. I could hear zayn calling after me and the girl say " zayn who was that?" And zayn saying " um Pierre that was uh my um girlfriend" "oh ok" oh so this was his ex pierre wat a bitch she was alright with making out with him knowing he has a girlfriend. I drove back home, singing my lungs out to 'give me love' by Ed sheeran. He has such a wonderful, soothing voice. I went straight into this kitchen, I eat when I am happy, mad or sad, so basically I eat all the time. I took out a bucket of anoops ice cream, and turned on the radio. She came in and got another spoon, after ten minutes the whole bucket was done. " I'm sorry Kiran I never knew he was gunna do that" she said. " Snoop don't be sorry I'm glad u took me there I got to see wat a real ass he is" I said back. She walked per to the radio and turned it on full blast, and we both yelled " DANCE PARTY!!!" At the same time. We called the boys, except zayn obviously, and asked if hey could come over. They said they were done their meeting and would be over in ten minutes. Till then me and Anoop watched Spongebob Squarepants. I heard the doorbell ring and ran up to get it. We old hem everything that happened " that little arse" said Louis in an angry tone. " whatever Lou I'm over it, we're done now can we just have a dance party?" I asked him. " what do u mean ur over it? He cheated on u! Why aren't u crying?" Asked Niall. " I NEVER cry and besides I don't focus on one thing for so long" I replied. Then I turned up the music yet again and we all started dancing and making random videos. We ordered some pizza since it was around dinner time, and we watched Toy Story. Hehe I love that movie, I was sitting beside Niall, Louis and Liam beside each other on the ground, and Harry and Anoop on he other couch. Anoop drifted off throughout half he movie. Harry was stroking her hair and eh snuggled in closer to him in her sleep. Soon enough he fell asleep too, and they looked like a couple, I got my phone, and Niall gave me a weird look. I took a picture, and he nodded his head, Liam was to busy in he movie, and Louis was sprawled out on the floor asleep. I felt my eyes slowly shut, and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up basically lying down on he couch with Niall hugging me tightly, how the hell did we get in that position. I just layed there admiring how cute he looks when he sleeps, he looked like a 2 year old, I wanted to pinch his cheeks. I heard the front door slam shut, and I  fell off the couch. " who's that?" I whisper yelled, not wanting to wake the others up, I'm surprised though how they were still sleeping. I go up off the ground and saw zayn standing there with his arms crossed. he grabbed my hand and dragged me into he kitchen. " what the hell were u doing sleeping with Niall?!" He whisper yelled. " Dumbass I was sleeping, we're just friends, and why the Fuck would u even care, you seemed to be enjoying ur time wih Pierre" I fought back. " listen Kiran, it's not wat it looked like I mean Pierre was a total mistake" he defended. " I'm sorry but I knew this would happen; that's why I didn't want a boyfriend, were done zayn, after what you did I dont feel anything towards you anymore" I told him. " fine them tell me u don't feel anything now" he said and pulled me towards him, and smashed his lips onto mine. I wanted to kiss back so bad, but I can't, I don't want my weak side to show, I pulled apart and said " I felt absolutely nothing" and I walked away. I noticed a smirk was playing on my lips, happy that he believe that, I should be an actress he believed that I didn't feel anything. The truth is that it felt amazing.

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