Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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6. Revenge is Sweet

 Chapter 6
 5 awkward mins later

 Anoop's pov
 "Kiran i'0m home" I yelled, the boys ran in while I locked the door. I heard a scream come from the kitchen where the boys were. I sprinted to the kitchen and saw Kiran in a bra and gym shorts. She had headphones in, and then pulled them out and started to yell at me while the boys stood there covering their eyes, except for Niall who had a smirk on his face. I saw Zayn's hand slowly creep up Niall's face and cover his eyes.

 Kiran's pov
 "Anoop what the hell is wrong with you!!" I blabbered on and then said to Anoop " i'll be in my room text me" I ran up and I changed into a green tee and left my shorts on. Anoop texted me and it read " me and the boys are coming over cuz someone stole our food" OMG! That was so embarrasing. She actually warned me but stupid phone was charging. Great another text from Anoop. " U have to come down eventually and can we go out for dinner cuz we don't really have enough for like 87 people, oh and I have to change so take the boys to Nando's" wow she wanted me to take them to Nando's, wonderful that's only a three hour drive. That's when I got struck by an idea for revenge, Anoop likes to walk around with nothin but her white smiley bathrobe ( open but sometimes closed) if I asked one of the boys to stay back and she didn't know, she would be walking around naked and they would see her. I know it wasn't her fault for what happened, but she didnt like them did she have to bring them home? Anyways the idea would be perfect, she would be so embarrassed. I walked back to the living room to find Anoop and the boys watching the news ( boring ).
 "hey guys since we don't have enough food for everyone why don't we go to that place what's it called Nando?
 "NANDO'S!!!" The boys screamed and headed out the door. Anoop headed to the bathroom to probably take a shower, I asked them if one of them could stay back to bring her to Nando's after and Harry quickly responded "YES!"

 Harry's pov
 When Kiran asked who wants to stay with Anoop I quickly said yes. I don't know why but something about her drives me crazy. I had this feeling before with many girls I guess I wanna just have a one night stand with her and then my feelings for her will go away. I bet the feelings showed on my face cause Louis was lookin at me, he said " I am gonna stay with my Hazza beause last time he was left alone he almost burned the house." So actually its me, Lou, and Anoop, but I can still try to make my move. I move over to the couch and think about what to do. I hear footsteps come out of the bathroom and I see a silhouette jumping around. Obviously it was Anoop, me and Louis get off the couch and walk towards her to tell her to hurry up. Louis stopped cause he had to go pee so he headed to the other bathroom. I thought she walked into her room so I followed just so I can tell her to hurry up but I was cut off from her screaming. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U?! DON't U KNOW HOW TO KNOCK AND GRRR U HAD TO COME IN WHEN I AM BEAR NAKED !" she threw her pillow at me and ran into the bathroom. " umm sorry ? But I have to say you looked hot dancin in nothing " I was about to leave when Louis came, and he went up to the other bathroom door where anoop was and asked what was wrong, she told Louis everything from inside the bathroom. Damn that girl was furious, " Imma get you styles" she yelled. " yea right in your dreams" I said to her.

 3 hours later at Nando's

 Liam's pov
 We all got to know Kiran better and apparently her and Anoop were 18. I was about to start talking, when Anoop burst into the restaurant with a pissed off look on her face. Louis and Harry were following behind with scared looks on their faces. Anoop walked up to Kiran and started yelling at her then 5 mins later she grabbed the chicken off Kiran's plate and stuffed it in her mouth and said " THIS IS MY CHICKEN!! nomnomnomn. " Kiran then grabbed some chicken off her plate and stuff it in her mouth and said "NO THIS IS MY CHICKEN!nomnomnom. "After the chicken scene they started laugh and forgave Kiran. I wonder what that was all about ?

 Niall's pov
 Wow the food was delicious! Once Anoop calmed down she started to order her food. When we were done a waitress came over with the bill in her hand and a banana cream pie. "Theres a special thing going on here, if you spend $100 or more you get a free pie." she said.

 Anoop's pov
 I grabbed the pie, whispered to the waitress to pack the leftovers and then I looked over at Harry who had a smirk on his face. He said " Wow that's my fav pie!", " you really want it ? " I leaned my head on his shoulder and asked him teasingly. I think Kiran knew what I was up to because she me a glare and I guess she was ok with it because then gave me a nod. " Do you really want it?" I asked again " of course I do, especially from your lovely hands " " okay if you say so" and I smacked the pie on his face. I got up from my seat to see the boys laughing and Harry shocked. Kiran walked over to Harry and started smack talking him " oh what, look what happened! Ahah when Anoop gets her revenge she gets it good trust me!" and then I grabbed her wrist and said " SHUT UP KIRAN, we have to go or else we'll get kicked out !" before we ran off Kiran kissed her index finger and smacked her ass, while making a sizzle sound. I turned around " hey Styles I told you i'll get you back" was the last thing I said before we took our doggy bags and ran off.


Hahaha thats hilarious I would love to throw a pie in a celebrities face! Do you think Harry is gunna wanna forget abou them or will he go after them? Hehehe and when Kiran sizzled that was really funny, but Zayn probably loved it. Anyways keep reading and Me and Anoop are really happy beacause we reached our goal we wanted 120 viewers by this month for this book on Wattpad and we got more then that so thank you to everyone who is reading and we still havent gotten any comments or emails so please do email at kiwisnoopy@hotmail.com.

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