Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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10. Pranks by who?

Chapter 10
Zayn's pov
 After the whole bet that we won, we helped the girls bring the mattress' down. That's where we were all gonna sleep because there were not enough rooms. We all chose a movie to watch which was the "LION KING." Me and Liam sat on the beanbags and Anoop, Harry, and Louis sat on the 3 seater couch and Louis sat in the middle. Last was Niall and Kiran they sat on a smaller couch together. I don't know why but I was so jealous. Instead of watching the movie I was watching Kiran the whole time and the way she laughed when something funny happened. She got a little cold so I was gunna give her a blanket but Niall put his arms around her. God I was gunna kill him, he's my best mate and he knows I have a little crush on her.

 Niall's pov
Damn Zayn's gunna kill me and she's about to fall asleep. I know Zayn likes her but whenever me and Kiran touch an electrical charge goes through my body. God she's falling asleep what do I do. I let a fart out and man it was loud. She jumped off the couch and said " EWWW NIALL THAT'S DISGUSTING, Im gunna go sleep upstairs in my room." But Louis stopped her, he said it wouldn't be a real sleepover if everyone didn't sleep together. "but you guys don't even like us!" she yelled, then Harry spoke up " who said we don't and I really like someone in this room" he said while looking over at Anoop. " yea go make out with Louis I know you really like him" said Anoop while sticking her tongue out. After that we decided on the sleeping. 

Kiran's pov

Anoop slept on the small couch. Lou and Haz slept on a mattress together, no one else would cuz Harry sleeps naked. Liam and Niall slept together on the other mattress, which left me and Zayn and there were no more mattress'. Lou wouldn't let us sleep in my room so we had to sleep on the big couch. It's not very easy, there wasn't much room so we were chest to chest. He wrapped his strong arms around me and we snuggled together. I didn't mind sleeping with Zayn, he was really sweet and a great guy. I think I kinda like him but to be honest I don't want to, I was hoping I never talk to them again after this bet is over, but I don't think their gunna let us go this easily.

 Anoop's pov
 I'm sooo good I woke up before everyone just to pull a few pranks. For Niall I moved the food from our fridge to the mini fridges in our rooms. For Liam I stuck a spoon on his nose. For Louis I put some carrots into two plastic cups and stuck them on his chest to make it look like boobs. For Kiran I drew a heart that says z+k on the palm of her hand. I drew it with. For Zayn I shaved Kiran's name onto his leg, man he was a heavy sleeper. Before I got to Harry I made whipped cream beards on everyone's faces. Last but definitely least was Harold. I closed my eyes and threw ice down at him ( I closed my eyes cuz he was naked) then I locked myself in the bathroom so I could hide. I heard Harry scream and I couldn't help but burst into fits of laughter.

 Liam's pov
I woke up to Harry's screaming. I got up and everyone woke up at the same time as me. I looked over to Kiran who seemed grossed out by Harry running around naked. Zayn quickly got up and covered her eyes, and Harry went to put his clothes on. I looked over at everyone and started laughing, they looked at me like I was crazy. " Look at yourselfs!" I said. Kiran said " at least I don't have a spoon hanging from my nose!" omg I was starting to freak out, I ran around like Harry until the spoon fell of, I think it was taped. Once that THING was off, I noticed that Anoop was gone so she was the one that must have done these pranks. We all checked and found her hiding in the bathroom, giggling.

 Louis' pov
 We finally got Anoop out, guess she realized she couldn't hide any longer. " hey Niall can yoo please go make breakfast?" she asked. " of course I will love" he replied. We made our way down and heard yet another scream. We went to the kitchen and saw the fridge empty. It was yet another prank from Anoop, she casually went up and got the food out of her mini fridge and came back down.

 Zayn's pov
 We got Harry to make the food because everyone else needed to get ready. I came down in shorts and a white tee and everyone was already down before me. Kiran looked at me shocked " what did you do to your leg?" she asked with a smirk on her face. I looked down at my leg and almost had a heart attack. Surely this was something Anoop had done, " it wasn't me it was Anoop I swear" I said and she starting laughing so much that she was holding on to her stomach. "oops" I heard Anoop say. I asked the guys what they wanted to do and they all agreed on going shopping. I looked out the window to see how the weather was, when I realized that there were like hundreds of fans outside the little house. Damn how did they know where to find us? We need disguises and good ones too.


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