Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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17. PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiran pov
I woke up early in the morning just to attack Anoop, by jumping on her in her sleep. I snuck into her room, and I saw her phone lying on the ground. I was gunna step on it if I didn't look down, I picked it up and heard a ding. A message from Haz popped up on the screen. Man there were like a hundred more, I read through all of them knowing Anoop wudnt care, I'm her bro. Some of them were kinda nasty and if Anoop read them she wud rip Harry's balls off. I deleted them and made sure Anoop didn't know. I started laughing at the thought that haz thought that Anoop was with some guy. And I guess the laughter woke her up, great there goes my attack. We went downstairs and i made us pancakes, they were sooo good. I thought that we should go to the boys' house since Anoop was back. I told Anoop to get ready and she didn't refuse she got up and went to her bathroom. I also went up to my bathroom, I stripped off my clothes and hopped in the shower. Once I got out I put on white skinny jeans, and a back tank top. I tied my hair up into a hair ponytail, and put a headband on. I went back downstairs and checked the time, it was 1:00pm so me and Anoop headed off to their house.

Harry pov
The boys and I were just chilling on the couch when we heard the bell ring. " I'll get it! Its probably kiran!" I ran towards the door and saw kiran and gave her a hug. Then moved to the side for her to meet the rest of the boys and give her bf a slight peck on lips. Anoop then came running in with a small puppy and started saying while gigglig " it's so fluffy come here! Don't break anything and oh watch put for Nialls legs!" but it was to late the small guy crashed into Nialls legs and look so confused, but then started licking Niall and we all gathered around the small guy and started playing with him. " he's soo cute Liam can we keep him?" Niall asked " no Niall we can't" Liam replied. " actually u can cuz this little guy needs a good home but for now he's gonna stay with me!" anoop said while hugging the puppy. " hey little guy come here" I knelt down and was gonna pet the guy until anoop smacked my hand. " IT'S SO FLUFFY" she yelled.

Kirans pov
I need to get Anoop and haz alone so they can talk, but how? God Kiran use your devious, twisted mind. I GOT IT! I'll tell Anoop to two ITS SO FLUFFY to their backyard, and zayn and me say we want to go get something to eat, and Niall and Liam can say they need to go talk to management. AHA PERFECT, oh crap wat about Louis. Um can just go where ever he pleases. Then we will all leave and when Anoop comes back in it will be only her and Harry. Ok so the guys need to know of this, I can take zayn to the kitchen and tell him, and then he can tell the other guys. Everyone was still playing with the puppy, so I elbowed zayn, and mouthed 'kitchen' he knew exactly what I was talking about. He knows me too well, I got up and walked to the kitchen and asked anyone if they want anything to eat, just so it doesn't look mysterious. Of course Niall wanted a sandwich, but nothing for anyone else. I walked into the kitchen and took out the things for the sandwich.

Zayns pov
I walked into the kitchen to see Kiran making a sandwich, for none other than Niall. She didn't notice me coming in so I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I rested my head on her shoulder, after giving her a slobbery, wet kiss on the cheek. She wiped her cheek and spun around, she leaned in closer, and closer. I closed my eyes waiting for a passionate kiss on the lips, but all I felt was her tongue on my cheek. WAIT, WHAT?!? I opened my eyes to see a big smirk on her face. I gave her a disgusted look, she the leaned in closer to my ear and whispered seductively " oh don't act like u didn't like that, cuz I know u loved it" and to be honest i kinda did, but I wud have liked a kiss more. " aw of course I loved it" I said giving her a cheeky grin, and she just rolls her eyes. " so what did u wanna talk about?" I asked her. " oh yea, um we have to get haz and Anoop alone so they can make up, and I got a plan but I need her help" she told me. I listened to the entire plan, and she had a evil mind, which I liked. We walked out of the kitchen, and she gave the sandwich to Niall. Harry obvious had something else in mind cuz he looked up at me and winked, he's such a perv. We sat down and talked about what Anoop did when she was away. It was about 2pm now and I had used my ninja skills and told all the boys the plan without has and Anoop knowing.
Louis pov

ZAYN came over and told me the plan kiran had made and I am really surprise that she has the courage to pull something like that to anoop and not be scared. Anyways I was playing with its so fluffy when kiran walked in " hey anoop can u take the little guy out for a walk its making weird noisees" " sure kiran and ur right maybe it needs to go poop so I'll be back in like 15?" and with that anoop left with it's so fluffy. Harry had gone upstairs to take a shower," um kiran u sure about ur idea?" Niall asked " yeep and u guys know the plan? Me and ZAYN are going now and u guys meet up near the park Kay?" with that said she grabbed ZAYNS hand and dragged him out the door. Liam and Niall actully had to go to the studio to record our new song. " hey boo bear where's everyone?" Harry had come down in his boxers and looked so confused. What should I tell him? " um kiran and ZAYN went for another date, snoops walking the puppy and Liam and Niall are gone to the studio also I have to go cuz el just called and she wants to meet up so see u later" I quickly got up to run towards the door but Harry stopes me " Lou can I come I don't wanna stay home alone" he gave me the puppy eyes but I have to say no cuz even tho I hate this stupid plan I do want these two to stop fighting, "no haz u need to stay here cuz anoop does't know where everyone went sp stay" he cursed under his breath but listened and went into the kitchen while I went out. Hope everything goes well.

Harry pov

I made myself something to eat and headed for the couch. Nothings really coming on tv. As I sat on the couch eating I felt my phone vibrate and saw that I had yet again another text from caroline.

To harry

Hey babe I miss u! Why don't u text back I know u miss me and the fun times we used to have ;)

Caroline xxxx

Ugh why can't she just leave me alone! This is like the 100 th text from her I got this whole day! I threw my phone lightly on the counter and started watching the tele. 2:30 and there's nothing coming on. I then suddenly heard laughter coming from the door then snoops voice.

Anoop pov

" SNOOP DAWG IN THE HOUSE!" I opened the door and ran inside to find myself facing a rather bored Harry giving me a weird glare. " YO u high or something cuz no one has this much energy after walking a puppy" " NO and it's seems sp dead here so I thought of getting everyone in a party mood! By the way where is everyone?" I looked around while siting next to Harry and taking his food. " there all gone out which means it's just u and me home," wow for once he was't hitting on me, but I guess I thought to soon cuz he placed his huge hands on my little one and gave them a kiss " soo u like my abs ?" he asked while givinge a cheeky grin. " AHAHHAHAHHA! um sorry and sure I guess so" they did look pretty good. He leaned on me closer, I was now almost lying on the couch with him on top of me. I did't feel like dealing with him now but I was't gonna wasted such a perfect opertuitied, hmm should I play along? Or just kick him? I know I am gonna play along then kick him and tell him not to mess with me, yeh that sounds good! I was now fully laying on the couch with him on top of me, his lips cms way from mine, I looked into those gleamering green eyes and something about them drew me closer.

Harry pov

Anoop leaned in closer, I could smell her napoleon ice cream lips. I can't believe she was actully letin me about to kiss her! Then again it could be a trick but I'll take my chances. We stared into each others eyes for a while, when suddenly anoop lightly started stroking my cheek with her soft, small hands. I felt the butterflies in my stomach being released, she then slowly moved her hands near my hair and slowly started playing with it. She then pulled me closer and put her lips near my ear and whispered " Harry u enjoying this ?" " very.." she lightly chuckled then out of a sudden I felt a  burning sensation on my head. "OUCH ANOOP WHY DID U PULL MY HAIR!" " AHAHHAHAHHA sorry but that's what u get for thinking u could get me " she replyed in between giggles. " grr I knew it was a trap, but I had to try and get hurt," I watched her laugh her ass off thinking that this was funny, but I have to admit it kinda is. I found myself laughing to. After about a good 5 min laugh my phone had rung and anoop answered it " hello? Oh it's u, sure, hey HAIRBALL it's ur girlfriend." she handed me the phone. " hello ? Caroline I told u I don't wannna hang out with u! No I am not in love with u, just leave me alone- wait hold on" I got up and went into the kitchen and continued talkin to caroline. " No I am not going out with her and I don't carry about u!" man this chick is crazy! Nearly 20 mins had past and I finally told her bye, I walked back into the livin room and saw anoop laugh her ass off again. " u think this is funny?" " well duh u should have seen ur face and ur voice ahahah it's soo funny! And man caroline really has a think for u maybe u guys should go out, I mean everyone deserves a second chance?" she was right and maybe I should but I don't think Caroline changed one bit.

Liam pov

Gosh that was fun! Me and Niall just left the studio and were heading toward the park to see everyone there and kiran with some sort of party bag with her. Maybe they both went shopping or something? " hey mates, how's everyone? And kiran what's in the bag?" " it's a dress for anoop," Louis, Niall and I were shocked, I mean anoop and dress together, that's impossible! " that's impossible she won't wear that and why would she anyways?" Niall asked. " don't worry Niall I know her ever move and one move is that once I show her this dress she will wreck it and then I will make her go buy another one with Harry ! But if she asks one of u guys to go with her u have to say no" wow kiran really planed this plan good. Hope everything works tho.

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