Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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12. love or hate

Kiran's pov
I was looking over at the view outside and it was amaZayn. AHAHA see what I did there. Anyways I was by around when I felt a pair of strong arms around my waist. " I've been wanting to ask you this since the day I met you. I know that you probably don't feel the same," he whisphered in my ear, while turning me around. blah blah blah I kinda toned him out. Is he trying to say he likes me, he probably doesn't. I was looking in his eyes, and I looked down to his lips, man they look so good. I have to kiss him, but I shouldn't. I didn't even realize it, but I leaned in closer and we kissed. God I was waiting for this for such a long time, first he didn't kiss back cause he was shocked and then when he did our lips moved in sync. I pulled away, oh shit why did I kiss him? He had a smirk on his face. "So is that a yes, will you go out with me?" Omg he was asking me out "ya sure" I said and he screeched. "haha what was that?" I asked him. " Nothing" he said while trying to sound  manly. "awww your trying to sound manly how cute" I ended up saying that out loud, god what the hell is wrong with me today. " babe I am manly" he said back. He called me babe, I hate it when people call me babe, but when he said it I melted. He leaned in alittle closer for a kiss, but I put a finger in his lips and said " first catch me" and then I ran around the bus. He finanally caught me, my back was facing the outside and my face was facing him. " caught to now pucker up" he said while leaning in. I rested my hands on his neck and he rested his on my waist . I'm guessing he's been wanted to kiss me for a long time because he pulled me closer, so we were chest to chest, and his grip on me grew tighter.

Anoop's pov
"Harry why are we going this way, you douche Zayn and Kiran are going the other?" I said. "It will give us some romantic time together" he said. " EWWW what the hell, you and be will never be" I said. " That sounds like it came from the back of a cereal box" he replied. " ugh I would never like you, I like guys who are manly. And manly guys have chest hair even though I don't like it, but I know they do" I yelled. " I have chest hair wanna see?" he asked me. " hell no!" I screamed while breathing quickly as we were running. " oh so you wanna see the hair down lower?" " what? " I asked. " down on the dairy air" he replied while pointing to his lower region. " EWWWW " " whatever" we ran in silence for a couple of mins. Wow don't those girls get tried o screaming? While we were running I saw a little alley. I pushed Harry to the side and we both quickly caught our breathe. " So Snoopy you wanna do it here? " his body was pressing against mine cuz he pushed me up against the fence of the alley. " your such a perv, how dare you think I would ever do it with you?" I said, I noticed he was in a deep trance, " are you imagining me naked?" I asked as my voice was rising. " how could you tell babe?" he asked me. " it shows in your eyes and by the way they are really pretty... Nevermind" I said while I looked away. " you look cute when you do that" he told me. " do what?" I questioned him. " blush" he replied. " nice try Styles I don't blush" " Yes u do, if I put a mirror in front of ur face u'll notice" i kept quite. I don't blush! I never blush then why I am? My face felt hot I and could tell i was blushing. To distract him I heard a motercycle pull up. Then I heard a scream. Shit one of the fans must have seen Harry. I looked towards the man with the motercycle. He was still there so I grabbed Harry's large hands and dragged him towards the bulk man. I got on the motercycle and Harry handed him 10 grand and his number. What a guy.. Shit as I started the cycle I remebered my left arm was still not fully heal, and I guess styles doesn't know how to drive. " hey hairball do u know how to drive this?" " um noo" he said. What guy doesn't know how to drive a motercycle. I gonna have to drive it but my arm.. Stupid arm.

Harry pov

" um haz" she said while rubbing the back of her neck. " your gonna  have to hold the other handle " " so that means I can slither my hand around ur waist to grab the handle?" " um yeh and don't do anything pervertedl" while I hoped on. While we were riding the notorcycle I enjoyed myself, but I was scared to death by the way Anoop was driving. We came to a stop light, and I started yelling to her to slow down. All she did was slap me across the face and she told me not to tell her what to do when she was driving, so I shut up. After like 3 minutes, because we were speeding, we made it to the beach. We walked to a hut which was are meet up spot, and I  saw Anoop's face drop. " OMFG since when are you guys a thing?" she said while grabbing Kiran and taking her to another room in the hut. Finally the other boys arrived and we all pressed our ears against the door of the room they were in. 

Kiran's pov
" Um since now, and we're not a 'THING' were just dating" I said while quoting 'thing'. " But you really like him yea?" she asked. To be honest I really didn't know, sure I like him, but I don't know how he feels about me. " I really don't know, I like Zayn but I also kinda like Niall, what do I do, you know everything between me and u know who also zayn seems to be a bad boy type what if he breaks my heart? And Niall seems so sweet and I bet he can't even hurt a fly , what should I do wise one!?" Anoop kept quiet then she spoke " time will show the way my dear," " what is that suppose to mean?" " I guess whoever truly likes you and stands by your side no matter what the issues is" " wow since when did u become so wise?" " I am just a cool cat " then we opened the door and saw 4 boys fall to our feet. " uh where's Zayn?" Liam then spoke up " Zayn um kinda heard what you said and just went and sat in the car that Paul brough" OMFG I can't believe he heard what I said I ran towards the first car and opened the door and saw Zayn with his hands in his face . Omg I never thought he would take this so seriously, I thought I was another doll for him. " Zayn I am sorry I didn't mean it, it was just something about my pas- never mind." then he replied " your saying something about your past I am I right ?" " umm nope " " Kiran babe I been dating you for less than 24hrs and I already know your lying " no it's nothing!" I never realized my voice was rising. Before I could say anything else I felt someone push my butt in and I felt onto Zayn lap and shoved me off. Pshhh I can't believe I am dating this jerk. " is everything ok cause you kinda grred in front of us " Niall said. " oops" so we took our seats and the car ride was quiet.

Hey people no one left any comments, come on we have no idea if we should write a sequel. We might not cuz we think you guys dont like the book and thats the reason your not commenting, if we dont get comments soon we will not be writing the sequel. So plzz comment cuz we have great ideas.

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