Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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7. I'll never love you

 Chapter 7

 Harry's pov
 I can't believe her she smacked a pie on my face and ran away, why did my favorite pie have to go to waste? I felt blood rise. I looked over at the boys and they were laughing their asses off. " COME ON MATES, WERE GUNNA GO CRASH THEIR HOUSE DOWN, AND GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!" Niall starts to complain " Harry we didn't even finish eating!" daddy directioner than speaks up " Mate we can't crash their house down that's just rude and Niall you ate like everything on the menu twice!" as Liam and Niall argue over food Louis whispers in my ear " Don't hurt a hair on their little heads Hazza I am startin to really like them as sisters and if you do I am gonna hit u in the balls" while he used his finger and swiped some pie of my face " yum baby you taste good" "shut up! I say" and I walk over the door, but I heard the guys yell in unison " WE KNOW U REALLY LKE HER HAZZA WHETHER IT'S DEEP INSIDE, UR FALLING FOR HER!"
 " TO BLOODLY HELL WITH HER." and I barged out the door with the boys hot on my heels.

 3 hours later

 Kiran's pov
 Since the boys picked us up, we had to take the bus home. When we got their me and Anoop took a shower,( not together but in our own showers) we both wear only a baggy tshirt, cause girls need to hang loose too. We turned on the stereo and started to jump around on the couch, to celebrate her accomplishment of throwing a pie in a celebrities face. We sat down and put the movie Bambi in the DVD Player, I walked over to the kitchen to make some buttery popcorn. While I put it in the microwave I heard the door ring so I jumped across the living room and shouted out " I'll get it !" when I opened the door I saw a pissed off Harry, but as he slowly looked down he grew grin on his face, " hey babe you look hot," said Harry and I knew this was my moment to spazz, I'm not the bossy type but when someone says something like that, I just lose it " WHO THE SHIT DO U THINK YOU ARE BOY?!?!?" I noticed Zayn giving me smirk while looking at me from head to toe.

 Zayn's pov
 As I listened to Kiran spazz at Harry I looked at what she was wearing, which was a baggy blue shirt above knee length. I guess she caught me staring, or in this case, checking her out. She seemed to give me a glare but quiet down. " Sorry I never knew all the boys were here, come in" She said with a fake smile plastered on her face. When we walk in I see Anoop jumping around on the couch " Hey Kiran did you give her some hyper pills?" " AHAH no!" she says with sarcasm in her voice.

 Harry's pov
 Kiran walked over to the stereo and turned off the music, I'm assuming Anoop didn't know cuz she's like" HEY WHY THE FUCK DID U TURN IT OFF!" and then she looked over at us " hey peoples, and pie face hope you enjoyed the prank oh and sorry for the bad lauguage" she said while a huge smirk grew on her face. I noticed what she was wearing and dang it was sexy, she was wearing a orange baggy t shirt, with a Nike sign in the middle and it was knee length. But to be honest I wish it was shorter. Anoop gives me a death glare and then slowly looks down at what she's wearing.

 Anoop's pov
 Dammit I wish I knew they were coming then I would have put some pants on. I looked over at Kiran and said " hey Kiran are you gonna put some pants on?" she turned bright red and replied " you should puts some on too!" and we booked it up the stairs. After we came down Harry was completey staring at Kiran and I guess Zayn likes her cuz he kept pinching Harry, but Haz did not look away even once, he finally spoke " hey Kiran so you decided not to put on pants for me huh?" and I saw that he had that weird lust look in his eyes. " oh shutap hazza!" then she lifts up her shirt to reveal her gym shorts, and I looked over at Harry who's face turned bright red in embarrassment.

 Kiran's pov
 EWWW Harry's such a flirt! God and he should know I like Zayn, I couldn't make it any more obvious. Anyways screw Harry, I asked the boys if they wanted sandwiches cuz I was starving. Everyone followed me into the kitchen, and told me what to make. Anoop and Harry stayed back, I'm assuming Anoop was to lazy to walk over to the kitchen and hazza probably wasn't hungry.

 10 minutes later

 I heard a scream and a slap and I knew something was wrong, the boys were out of the kitchen before me.

 10 minutes ago before the scream

 Anoop's pov

 Kiran left to make me a sandwich and all the boys followed her expect Harry. He was just staring at me. I ignored him and walked towards the book self to find my fav book I was reading which was Mocking jay. I saw it and it was on the top shelf, I couldn't reach it , but soon I felt a pair of hands against mine, I knew it was Harry so I didn't mind him helping, but the thing was he couldn't reach it either, so the next thing I knew was he wrapped his strong arms around my waist and picked me up. " WHAT THE HECK! LET GO OF ME!" I tried squirming around but his grip grew tighter, I grabbed my book and he put me down and he turned me around and now our faces were just inches apart. He leaned in closer, our lips brushed against each other. " Harry stop this nonsense I hate you and you know it, so stop-" I was cut off by him saying " shh let our lips do the talking and I know once we kiss you'll fall for me like every other girl in the world."

 Harry's pov

 This was my moment, I could finally get the weird urge I had for her. Maybe from this kiss we will head for the next level, I smirked from the thought of her naked, then I leaned closer pushing my body into hers and was going to kiss until she burped right on my face. " EWWW what do u think your doing?! I tried to make this moment romantic but you ruined it by the burp and I this was my moment for making you fall for me!" Anoop was shocked but giggled then said " ahahahah u should have seen your face! And you know I hate you, I am never gonna fall for you, maybe you'll fall for me but one thing I know is I am never gonna fall for you styles. oh and your soo cheesy, is that line like from twilight or something?" I felt my blood boil, Man this girl was so ugh! I have to step up my charm for her. " hello earth to styles?"
" huh ? Sorry were were we?" I grabed her waist and pulled her even closer than before. " UGHHHH you sickoitz here we go again" all of a sudden I felt some pain again in my balls. I literally screamed in pain.

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