Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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11. Grannies

Kiran's pov
Zayn came yelling " Hey guys we can't go shopping too many fans and paparazzi outside" ugh I needed to get out of the house so I had an idea. I have too admit it was a pretty good idea but not my best. I went upstairs and came back with my arms full of old lady clothes, wigs and jewelry. " Here guys wear this and don't give me no for an answer!" they all gave me weird looks then all walked in the washroom. " So we gonna make them into old lady's ? " Anoop asked. "yep" I said popping the p. " So ladies how do we look?" Niall asked while wearing a dress. "You women look beautiful, but all we need is a little make up which we're guessing you guys can do yourself cause we have no clue, I can do eyeshadow and Anoop can do lipstick but your doing the rest." We all put on make up and headed out. I can't believe it, no one recognized them. Louis started jumping up and down and asked me "Ok Kiran who's the best looking women out of all of us?" before I could reply an old man came up to Louis and said " Man babe you look the best " then he stuffs his number in LOU's bra. " ah you ill-mannered man," Louis said while slapping his face and walking away. Such a sassy person he is . Louis asked me again who's the best looking. " Louis your the best but I think the worst is Zayn, I can't believe no fans recognized him" Louis hugged me while Zayn made a puppy dog face.

At the mall......

 Niall's pov

 We are still dressed as women and damn I look hot, If I was a dude I would give myself my number. To be honest a couple of men did come up and give their numbers too is. I am hungry. We walk in the mall and a scrumshis scent hit me. "FOOOD !!" everyone was staring at me like I was a crazy women, wait I am one! "Ok guys let's spilt up into group and if we get lost we can meet up at the beach around the corner." Liam said. " OK" we all said unison. Zayn quickly ran up to Kiran and said " I'm with her!" then suddenly I find myself with clench fists. Harry then casually walked up to Anoop and grabbed her hand while saying " I am with her!" Anoop face turns red with angry " BLOODY HIM, YOU PEOPLE THINK I MUST BE CRAZY TO GO SHOPPING WITH HIM," Kiran then spoke up saying " Anoop's right, and besides we didn't get a say in this and also I kinda want to have some bonding time with her before the week sleepover." " fine whatever," Harry and Zayn mumbled. AHAHAHAH Zayn got rejected by MY GIRL... Wait why did I say that? She doesn't like me like that I can tell by her chocolate brown eyes. She liked Zayn, but just doesn't want to accept it. I zoned out and then was playfully hit by Liam. " Mate you all right? We have the groups done, your shopping with me and Zayn, then it's Harry and Louis, last but not less Anoop and Kiran.

40 mins of shopping

 Louis pov

 After we went to like millions of shops we ended up going into Zellers, uh I hate it here it smell so bad why did Haz even bring me here. I followed Haz and we heard a few girls screaming. I looked down to see if my cantaloupes were in place and good thing they were. But when I saw Harry he had taken his costume off and started flirting with some girl. She seemed to be like 20. Yuck. I heard a couple of more screams heading our way so I pulled curly here and we ran. I texted the boys and told them to meet me near the bathrooms and quick. Within three minutes we were all there. " Is everyone here?" asked Liam. I looked around "oh shit we forgot about Kiran and Anoop" I yelled. Harry and Zayn volunteered to go find them, Zayn said he saw them coming out of Urban Planet. " Ok guys go look for them then meet us at the beach." I said.

Anoop's pov
We just can out of Urban Planet, it was getting late and we already bought lots of stuff, maybe we should get going. Right when we were gonna enter Sports Check, Kiran noticed two guys running towards us. " HEY HAIRBALL WHAT UP?!" I said. " Not now we got papparazzi and fans chasing after us," with that said Zayn grabbed Kiran's arm and she slapped his hand away " Don't touch me." she said through gritted teeth. " Why you don't like to be touched by the Bradford bad boi?" he asked wiggling his eyebrow. "hell no so let's go !" with that Harry put his hands around my waist and I slapped him and said " let's just get out of here." We all ran towards the east exit but there was a split way. One left the other right. We just went where our feet took us, unfortunatey we spilt up. Me and Harry. Yuck. And Kiran and Zayn. Awwwwwww I hope Kiran or Zayn make a move cause I know they like each other.

Zayn's pov
 " I guess Anoop and Harry ran the other way, I don't think Anoop was too fond of the idea." I said " yeh your right" Kiran replied. YES! Some alone time with Kiran! Maybe I should ask her out, but what if she thinks of me as a friend and nothing more. We're still running and Kiran grabbed my hand and led me to the double decker buses. It was only me and her at the top, man I get sparks when she just holds my hand, imagine what would happen if we kissed. Kiran let go of my hand and walked over to the front of the bus and she just stood there looking around while the wind was blowing in her hair. She looked beautiful, with her brown hair flying around. I walked up behind her.


OOOOOOOO cliffhanger. What do you guys think will happen next? Will something interesting happen between Harry and Anoop? We need you huys to give us advice on our book, we need to know if we should write a sequel so leave comment and like! We will try to post the next chapter soon.

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