Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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26. drunk

Harry's pov I woke up with a major hangover, what the hell happened last night? Whatever I went down the stairs and saw Kiran and zayn making pancakes, niall, and anoop watching tv, and Louis was probably still sleeping. "Hey u guys" I said in my morning voice. Niall said hi back but Anoop just glared at me, what was that about? " hey do guys know what happened last night?" I asked them. " i dont know we just drank that's it" replied Niall. I walked into the kitchen, " good morning wonderful chefs!" I greeted in a happy tone, " hiya" said zayn and Kiran just glared at me. " hi" she said with a fake smile. " Kiran can I talk to you?" She nodded and I pulled her to the side. " What the hell happened last night?And dont say u dont know cuz i know u do" i whisper/yelled. She slapped me across he face, I stood there is shock. " yesterday night Anoop came down to get a glass of water and u were there u bitched at her, and when she tried to talk back you slapped her twice!" She slapped me again " now were even" she was about to walk away but I grabbed her wrist " ok  so I was drunk I had no idea what I was doing help me get her trust back, please?" Kirans pov Last night i saw everything I heard the bottle break and I came down To check but I saw everything. I don't regret slapping haz he deserves it. Ok so now I'm very confused should I help him, or let him figure it out? Ugh, Harry did change a lot for Anoop, and she didn't change at all so just because of one mistake I don't think it's fair to leave him alone in this situation, god i never stop caring I'm like superwoman but too bad we already have a superman in this house. I hesitated alittle " fine Harry I will help you gain her trust, but that means no drinking, if u do then keep ur mouth shut, um and just be nice to her. Also if u really do like like her u kinda gotta dump Caroline, there's something bad that I sense about her." He looked disappointed but then when I mentions dumping Caroline he had a huge smile on his face. " thank god, I never liked Caroline Anoop wanted me to try going out with her so I did but she's so annoying, and as for the drinking I will still drink just not be drunk ok?" I gave him a nod. " so where do I dump Caroline somewhere that Anoop has to see?" I thought for a minute, " haz let's try it at the club, and u drink alittle and we can see if u can handle that too!" He gave me a big hug, "thank you so much for helping me I won't make any more mistakes" he said. " oh and Harry Anoop is like giving u the silent treatment so don't go hard on her" he nodded and walked away. " what were u guys talking about?" Asked zayn as soon as I got back to the kitchen, " nothing important" I said back, no one shall no about this plan its a top secret mission. He did the puppy pout, " zaynie poo that ain't gunna work on me u shud know that by now" I told him he crossed his arms across his chest and mumbled " I know" aww he looked so cute right now I wanted to squeeze him. Harry's pov Ok breathe Man U can do this just don't get drunk, I kept telling myself. " hey u guys wanna go clubbing today?" I asked as I waltzed into the living room. " YEA!" They all shouted and I noticed Louis also came down. " so we leave at 7" it was already 1:30pm wow we woke up late, probably because we all drank Last night. Kiran called everyone into the kitchen " BREAKFAST IS READY or in this case brunch ahah!" Of course Niall was the first one in there, " so what's the plan?" Kiran asked while giving me a wink. " Ou nothin just clubbing" said Louis. " hey you guys I'm guessing we will be going to the club alittle late but right now can we go to the beach it's really nice outside?" She asked, we all nodded in agreement. Once everyone was done eating us boys went to our house to get ready and the girls went up to shower and stuff. When we got home we all rushed into our showers, I came out and got in my swimming shorts and a baggy tshirt. When I came down the stairs all the boys were already there and they were wearing shorts and baggy shirts just like me! We walked back to the girls house and they were just coming out of the house. Anoop was looking as pretty as ever, she was wearin jean shorts and a blue tank. Kiran was wearing shorts too but was wearing a black tank. We all started walking to the beach, Liam, louis and me were walking in front behind them was Anoop and Niall then Kiran and Zayn. Zayns pov This morning when Kiran winked at Harry it got me all pissed, did they have something going on? No of course not Harry likes Anoop and anyways Kiran is too nice to cheat on me. Though it still bothers me why she did that, maybe I should ask, " hey Kiran what was that wink that u gave Harry this morning about?" " it was nothing you will find out soon" Is all she said. I definitely know she's not lying cause I can see it in her eyes, but again she is a good liar, what am i talking about shes my girlfriend and i Trust her.We finally arrived at the beach and the girls took off their clothes and they were wearing bikinis, and oh my did Kiran looks fit! " like what u see, Malik?" She asked me with a smirk and my face started to heat up, shit she noticed me staring. I took of my shirt even though I'm not going deep in the water since I can't swim. We all just did our own thing , kiran was lying down under the sun so I decided to make things alittle more fun. I walked over to her and lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder. " ZAYN MALIK!!PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" She yelled, " sorry no can do cupcake" and with that said I threw her into the water. She got out and had a huge grin on her face, " zaynie can I get a hug?" She chased me around and finally caught up, she hugged me and got me all wet, "oh shit look there's fans!" She said to me. I turned around and I felt a force, she pushed me onto the ground and started laughing, the sand was stuck to me. Smart girl I thought to myself that's why she wanted me wet.(no like that u dirty people!)   Anoops pov So yes I am still giving Harry the silent treatment. He tried to talk to me a couple times him just ignored him. I know it's mean by hey it's the price he pays for slapping me. I was lying down on my towel, I had my sunglasses on and was enjoying the sun. " Anoop I know ur mad at me, and u should be what I did was very wrong, but come on I was drunk I didn't know what I was saying or doing. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, I really do care about you, and I never meant any of those things I said to you, can u forgive me?" I wanted to forgive him, but I can't trust him he could do the same thing again. I just stayed quiet " fine be stubborn by I changed for u only you!" And he walked away. On the outside i was normal but in the inside i was full of mixed emotions, I know it was not his fault he did those things but hey if someone else was in my position i bet they would have acted the same. I was getting bored so i decided to go for a swim. I love how the sand feels in between my toes. I dove under water and i enjoyed the scenery. I spent most of the time swimming under water and having a splash fight with louis, liam and Niall! It was fun until Kiran called us out and told us we need to get ready to got to the club. Grrr i hope she does't make me dress up. Kiran's pov Ok so we got 30 mins to get ready and meet the boys at the club. We all know were to meet and Caroline is coming too as planned, Harry will be with her near the drinking area ready to break up with her while I tell Anoop to go greet Caroline and BAM she will witness Harry fighting and breaking up with Caroline to be with her! Man am great at these things, I should be like Cupids daughter or something. " KIRAN COME UPSTAIRS AND SEE IF THIS OUTFIT IS GOOD CAUSE I THINK IT IS!!!" i went upstairs and entered to see Anoop in bright green sweats, black tank, and a beanie. " umm Anoop you know am gonna make you change into something better cause you look horrible," " But kiran your not good at dressing up either and why do i have to dress up?" " You have to because we are going to have fun tonight and you need to look hot for the guys and am a great dresser!" she sat on the bed and i went to get the outfit harry had chosen at the shops while we were at the beach. I threw the clothes at her. " You got 5 mins to change into this and by the time your done i will be ready to." Anoop left to change and i changed to. I was wearing black ripped skinny jeans, cute floral top, my fav red heels and my hair curled just lightly. I quickly did my make up which was just eyeliner and lip gloss and went to check if Anoop was done. " So how do I look? I have to admit this is pretty, I was wrong about you not having style maybe zayn's style is rubbing off on you huh?" Anoop said and winked at me. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a strapless top that had a cool net design on the back and of course toms. I told her to leave her hair the way it was, which was curly. We left and met the boys inside the club. " HEYYYY GURLS YOU MADE IT!!!!" louis screamed from across the room. Wow he got drunk really quick, " Hi louis, hey el, what's up? Is everyone here and wheres my idiot of a boyfriend?" I asked, " hey kiran! Um everyone's here just scattered around and zayn is over there on the dance floor making a fool of himself, u should go join him but first you two have some vodka." el said " sorry el but we don't drink." " come on just have one for me please!!!" she was giving me a fail puppy dog face, maybe cuz she's half drunk. " ahahha ok el just for you, cheers" me and anoop took the vodka and chugged it down. I notcied niall was drunk to and the only ones not sober were dani and liam who just left the club. El gave me a wink and a shove towards zayn. I quickly drank another glass of vodka and anoop did the same. We both greeted the rest and I saw Harry giving me the signal that he was ready. " hey anoop caroline is here you wanna go say hi? " " sure she's really nice, where is she?" I pointed to the direction she was standing and anoop left. Harry pov " babe why are't you looking at me? Come on let's do something fun, cause now a days you always seem like your Lost in thought, babe?" I quickly came back to my senses when I heard carolines voice " sorry caroline, but I don't think this, our relationship will work out," she gave me a shocked look, and I saw anoop was right behind her. " what do you mean Harry? Were perfect together!" " No were not! Your to old for me! And besides I am in love with someone else!" " oh you mean that midget anoop, gosh Harry she is nothing compared to me! She won't give you the pleasure, attention, love like I give you and she does't even love you back-" I cut her off " DON'T EVEN SAY THAT ABOUT HER! I LOVE HER BUT -" " but what Harry? She's stupid and selfish, don't break up with me for that uncaring bitch," Caroline started to press herself on me but I shoved her gently off. " no caroline were through." with that said I walked into the dance floor and gave Kiran the signal. God that felt so good to say that to her. Now to look for anoop. I went to find her at the bar with Caroline drinking shots. She saw me and came stumbling towards me. " Haairballl, I saw you break up with my friend, why? She's sooo much better than me," anoop slurred at me , " anoop how much have you drank? And you know the reason, am in love with you and I'll do anything for you.--" she cut me off while stumbling over her own to feet on to me, " sorry for that, the floor is really shaky, and harrah..." anoop kept quiet and we both stared into each others eyes. She leaned in and we kissed, the fireworks exploded all over my body. We were kissing for what felt like hours but it was only a few mins. I pulled apart, " anoop do you truly forgive me ?", " while looks like some one made up? Anyways it's time to go!" Liam said in a happy tone, " NOOOO!!!" " quick Harry grab anoop before she escapes !" I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist and threw her over my shoulders. " LET ME GOO YOU MONSTER!!" I quietly chuckled to myself and met the guys outside. " looks like someone drank a little to much?" dani said while giggling as anoop used my curls to make a moustash on her self. " look dani am the monopoly guy! Har har har!" everyone bursted out laughing. Kiran also drank much. But told us a plan on how to go home " ok since we walked here I guess we'll have to call a taxi and since we all can't go together me, Niall and zayn will go in one, Louis, el, Liam and dani will go in another and Harry and miss monopoly here go together! Is it fine with u guys?" everyone nodded there heads and waited for their taxis. 10 mins had passed and everyone left, anoop had fallen asleep on the bench and I was standing waiting for the car. God it's taking long! Finally I saw the yellow cab pull up and I climbed in with anoop. " to hyland ave please. " the driver took off and I watched the buildings pass by. Whatever happened in the club was hectic, but I got to be honest my fav part was kissing anoop. It felt so magically, I looked over my shoulder to see her cuddling with my arm, we reached home and I gave the cab driver the money and a tip. I carried anoop inside and up the stairs, bridal style. Everyone was already home, I guess were the last ones. I placed her on the bed and layed next to her thinking what a wild day I had. 




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