Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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18. Dresses and more dresses

Kiran's pov
We arrived home and i walked in and bumped into a short mermaid! wait nevermind thats anoop. Why is she all soaked? My question was answered when harry walked in and he was also wet. I threw the dress at her. " EWWW whats this?" she asked. " Its a dress anoop." answered niall as if she was stupid, oh wait she is! mwahahahah! i am kidding. " why did u give me this slutty thing, i ain't wear nothing like this!" she threw the dress back at me, " were going clubbing soon so put it on." " uhh fine but i think its missing something..." she took the dress out of my hand and said " I am gonna go get some milk." she left with a evil smile on her face. Yes she's going to ruin the dress, honestly i could be her other half. I then looked at Harry who was in very wet/tight boxers. " um haz what happened to you guys while were were gone?" Liam asked." well we sat in a fort in the living room," he said while pointing to a cool fort, then continued " then we played 20 questions and anoop told me I was week so I threw her in the pool but she tricked me in thinking She could't swim so I jumped in and tried to help her but just got wet for no reason" wow anoop, sometimes I think she really should not be stubborn or blind and actually notice the fact that Harry is changing his aditude slowly just for her and she is just the same old person.

Niall's pov
Gosh that walk in the park made me hungry and Liam to. We headed into the kitchen and saw the refrigerator wide open and several sauce bottles in Anoops hand as she poured it all over her dress, " ANOO DON'T WASTE THE SAUCES I NEED IT FOR MY FOOD!" I yelled at her and  she replied " the dress was missing abit of a side of me so I thought I would add that see." her eyes glimmered as she showed her creation. The dress now looked horrible, " still anoop that is a waste of food and u should not do that again, also the dress was expensive." Liam told her in that parent sort of tone. I made myself a hotdog while Liam lectured about not spoiling the dress and stuff. After their lecture we went back where the rest of the guys were with the dress. Once we entered and Kiran saw the dress she put on a acting face, " OMG why did u do that!?" " I did't like the-" Kiran cut her off by saying " NO Anoop that was not good and the dress was expense, now what will u wear at the club? Wait don't answer that, u will not go in sweats. In fact I am gonna make u go dress shopping now with....Harry ! And both of u will not say no." she then walked out and headed into the kitchen. This plan was on a roll now.

Zayn's pov
I followed Kiran into the kitchen and we both bursted out laughing at what just happened. " good acting babe, " I wraped my arms around her and snuggled my face into her neck. " I know my acting skills are the best." she replied. While I was resting my head on her shoulder and we both were talking about clubbing Harry came in with some sort of emotion on his face which I could't quiet read " Kiran I know ur guys plan and why do I have to go shopping with her! I mean u know she does't like me yet still u guys always some how end up making me do something with her." wow, Kiran then spoke " Harry were only doing this for ur sake and I wanna show her that ur changing yourself for her and she should appreciate that. So no arguing and go now cuz the mall will close in about 2 hours! Now shoo!" with that i threw harry his car keys and  he walked into the leaving room to drag anoop into the car. " get up anoop I am not gonna drag u all the way to the car!" she was fully laying on the ground with her arms wraped around harrys leg. " I don't wanna wear a dress and go shopping." she said in a baby tone. We all laughed out loud then I looked at Harry to see him annoyed at the way anoop wad acting so he picked her up and left.

Anoop's pov
Dammit we been in like 20 billion shops and could'nt find a dam dress, I mean would why the hell would wanna wear such regid clothes. " Hairball there is no good clothing stores so i guess we can go home!" " UH kiran is gonna murder me if i don't get u a dress." " no she wou- never mind your too weak and ur probbly gonna die" as we made small talk we headed into yet another dress shop and harry threw a bunch of random dresses at me. I tried on the black dress he gave me first, he told me to come out and show him and i did. " EWWWW THIS LOOKS SOOO SLUTTY! how can u chosse this oh wait you dated many sluts in the past." i smriked at him then he gave me a glare and replied " Watch your mouth missy" " ahahah u just did not call me missy," " ooo but i did my love" " eww what you talkin about willis" " ur soo weird" " i know" and with that i went back into the change rooms and started trying on the rest of the dresses. None of them seem to be right, until i saw the perfect one. Eww i can't belive i just thought that but i did. I tried the dress on and it looked amazing. It was a plain white dress, knee lenght and it just had a little beaded design on the bottom left. WOW for once i looked pretty angelic and a like a girl. " Yo styles i found the dress" " great let me see!" he says sounding like a 5 year old. " ok here!" i threw the dress over the change room door. " I meant on you!" " ahahah how cute u think u will see me in that!" " oh but i will my love" " stop with the whole love thing!" " but i won't my love!" " urgh stop!" and i quickly put on my clothes and walked out. " this is a really nice dress to bad kiran is not gonna wear one" " Wait WHAT! Oh Hell she is!" and i quickly picked out a random knee lenght blue dress for her. " here pay for this and i will pay u back the money soon."

Harry's pov
Wow that black dress looked fine on Anoop! Anyways it like took 38mins just for her to pick a dress and like 2 seconds for her to get kirans. We were heading to the west exit of the mall when i saw the store Victoria Serects. Hmm i think Anoop might need some matching lingire for her dress. So i grabbed her hand and dragged her inside the shop. Man the face she was making was so priceless, she looked like she never been here. " Here take this and try them on." i threw her some bra's that seemed to be her size. " why do i have to try this... and how do u know my bra size!" she asked me. " I just know and u need a matching bra for your dress" i told her while pushing her inside the changing rooms. " I am not trying these!" " Oh u will or i am gonna come in" she kept quite. My phone vibrated and i saw that i had another message from Caroline. i walked to the seating area and read what she texted.

To Harry

I am sorry if i upset u, its just I would love if we could maybe start over and maybe hang out soon also tell anoop i am sorry the other day at the club....

From Caroline xxx

Wow i can't belive this came from Caroline but it did. Maybe i should give her a second chance, like anoop told me everyone in life deserves a second chance, she gave me one and maybe i should give Caroline one. I just hope she really has changed.

To Caroline

Its ok and i will, also i will give you a second chance because someone told me in life everyone deserves a second chance. So would you like to go clubbing with me and the gang tonight around 8pm ish at Jen St.?

From Harry xxx

i put my phone back in my pocket and had not realized how fast time had flyed. About 20mins to be exact. Hmm whats taking Anoop so long. " Anoop u done yet?" i asked and there was no answer. " Anoop answer me!" still no answer. I walked up to the change room she was in knocked on it, no answer then i crawled underneath and found that she had escaped! Shit were could she have gone and how! man if i tell the guys i lost her in Victoria Sercets their gonna freck out! MAN WHAT SHOULD I DO?! i paced the room when the idea hit me, I should call Kiran. "Hey where are you guys? Are you done?" she asked me. " Um not really, i kinda lost anoop in  victorias secret. any idea where she could be?" i asked as calmly as i could. " She probably seeked out of the air vent or something, and check like Sports Mart, or Sports Check." I hung up, and went check that store Sports Check first. The store was large, and had many sections, i walked around till i came to the area where they kept their equipment, and i saw anoop bouncing around a basket ball. She looked like she was enjoying herself. I engulfed her in one of my special Hazza Hugs, " Where were you babe?" i asked her. " EWWWWWW! Since when am i your babe?" i just grabbed her by the wrist and took her back to the car without answering her question. How can Kiran handle this chick? Wait nevermind shes crazy too. Do I have feelings for anoop?

Anoop's pov
5 minutes into the ride Cher Lyod's I want U back came on. I started humming the song I want u back want u back w-w-want u want u back UGH! At that part i did a hipthrust in my seat. Harry gave me a What-the-hell-are-you-doing look. "Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do" and with that i continued humming. The same line came again and i looked over to harry and did a hipthrust, and he did one too at the same time. We both burst out laughing " Hey a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do" and we continued laughing. This was actually really nice, for once we werent planning on killing each other. I then again look over to harry who was still laughing, awww his dimples are showing, he looks so cute. What the hell am i saying, i slapped myself, and harry gave me a questioning look. "Um...There..was.. a..um...fly on my forehead" i am so stupid at times.

Sorry for not updating, we also posted the book on wattpad so we forget about this one. We tried posting this chapter but something happened and we had to repost it so we didnt have time for errors. For being such crappy authors and to make up for that we are gunna post up till chapter 24. We will most likely have chapter 25 done by Saturday, and also we want atleast 10 comments by saturday, because we think you guys dont like this book. And now if we dont get the comments then we will just end the book, and there will not be a sequel. so yea, it would also be nice to just know how you guys think this book is so enjoy the next chapters! Comment and vote!!!!!!!!!!

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