Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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19. clubbing=terrible

Kiran's pov
Ahaha harry tried taking anoop to victorias secret, he should have thought twice before doing that. I heard the doorbell ring, and the little leprecaun got up to get it. I saw anoop burst through the doors, and stomp towards me. " I cant believe your were planning on getting me to wear a dresss, and not wear one yourself" oh crap who told? " how do you know?" I asked her. " Harry", oh great " thanks alot haz ill remember not to tell you anything next time". with that said anoop threw a dress at me " wear it tonight" she said. ugh i guess i have no choice, since I'm making her wear one she will do the same. Anoop can be really stubborn at times. Let's look on the bright side atleast the dress isn't ugly and it's my fav colour, BLUE!! It's around 7pm now and we are going to leave around 9 so we should start getting ready. Me and Anoop walked back home and we left ITS SO FLUFFY with the boys cuz Niall really wanted to keep it for awhile.i took out my keys and unlocked the door, we both ran upstairs. I stripped from my clothes and got in the shower, I got out with the towel wrapped around my chest. I slipped the dress on and went over to see how Anoop was doing. She already had her dress on and we both got together and started doing our makeup. We don't know much about make up and we don't like to cake it on our face either so we both just put on some eyeliner, mascara, and gloss. I curled my hair, and I needed to do something to tame anoops hair. It was a mess, it looked like she had sex hair. I needed help and ASAP, I called the boys and the only one who was done getti g ready was Louis. After 10 minutes I heard the doorbell ring, and it was Louis. I called him over and as soon as be saw anoops hair he burst out laughing. " Don't worry I get sex hair a lot too" he said. This time it was mine turn to laugh, ahaha he though Anoop just had IT. " shut all Louis my hair is always like this I did t have sex!" She snapped at him. After about 45 minutes we tamed her hair, and left it how it was because she has natural curls.

Anoop's pov
There sparying random hot ugl stuff in my hair!! But it smells yummy.. Finally there done yes! Ok so me, louis and Kiran went downstairs and saw that the boys were waitin for us in a huge limo!!! I got in first and sat across from Harry, Kiran obviously sat next to zayn and Louis sat beside Harry. Me and Kiran are't really lady like cuz we don't wear dress or those kinda crap so we sat like men. Kiran lead forward and had her elbows on her knee while I leaned back and had my arms on my head. During the ride Kiran kept shooting me these weird glares and I looked around and saw Harry smriking at me. What the he'll was wrong with this boy? " ding!" my phone got a text and I checked that it was from Kiran.

To anoop

Yo man sit properly! Even if ur dress is covering u know what Harry is still looking there!

From: Kiran

Oh shit that's why that dirty ass is look at me, Imma gonna slap him for that . I sat more lady like until we reached the club.

Harry's pov
Woah man I never knew anoop was a girl! Jk I knew it's just since I met her she really does't dress up like today. She looked cute/hot with the white strapless dress. It fit her chest pretty good and showed her curves well. Gosh when she sat in the car I could't help but stare at the way she was sitting. I mean it's tempting when a girl sits like that but I still should have not stared. We reached the club and man there was a lot of paparazzi waiting for us. " Kiran zayn when have u guys started dating?" " Harry are u and caroline getting back together?" " who's that chick with Niall are they dating!" man we finally made it in and I saw Caroline standing in the far end of
The club signaling all of us to meet her there.

Caroline's pov
I saw the boys entering so I signaled them and man my Harry looked so hot, anoop was the first one who actually said hi and hugged me, the rest just nodded. " Caroline I am so glad u came and Harry wants to know if u want to hang out like on a date later this week!" anoop asked. I looked over and Harry who was giving death glares to her but onces he saw me he leaned closer and whispered " kids these day huh,  so is it a yes or no?" I just nodded my head. Yes I finally get the chance to get back with harry and ruin his life the way he did after he dumped me.

Liam's pov
" hey Liam just saying but me and anoop don't drink so we'll help u out when the boys get drink!" Kiran said. Yay I have a helper this time! Kiran, anoop and I sat at a table and watched the boys dance, they were't drinking this time just actin high. Ahahhahah man they need to learn how to really dance. " Yo Kiran u wanna dance and show those guys our moves?!" anoop yelled over the music so Kiran could hear. They both got up and headed for the compittion dance floor. Oooo this is gonna be good !

Kiran's pov
Anoop dragged me on to the dance floor and we were being watched by like alot of people. " k u ready ?" anoop whispered. Yep here goes, " YO DJ LAY US SOME SPICEY FUN TRACKS!" the music blared out of the speakers and I started dancing, the crowd started scream then I pointed to anoop and she danced. I was having so much fun, maybe cuz the dance floor is were I let my body take over and I feel free also I joined alot of dance schools and even got a scholarship to. " WOOOOO!"

30mins later

Anoop's pov
" YEAH MAN! THAT WAS SOO FUN GOOD JOB KIWI!" I gave her a high five and a bro hug. I left her after cuz zayn wanted to danced with her. I started searching for Harry and I did't find him instead I found caroline sitting at the bar. " hey how's things with u and Harry so far?" I had to ask. " oh were doing great and we like made out twice! Ahahhahah would u like a drink? Here have some crush since Liam told me u don't drink." she handed me the drink. That's sweet I wonder how the boys and Harry see that she has changed cuz she loves harry. After knowing each other a little more and taking sips of my drink I started to feel dizzy and it started to taste weird yet addicting  so I went to Kiran and asked her what was wrong with my drink. She took a sip then chuged half of it. " there's nothing wrong with it and it taste good give me some!" she told me. " NOO!" and I drank the rest and felt a weird sensation gojn through my brain.

3 hrs later.

Liam's pov
Man were is everyone? It's getting late and we need to head home. I found Niall near the bofa and thank god he was not drunk! Harry was with him and he seemed normal to, we went to get Louis and zayn who were having a blast at the dance floor with anoop and Kiran. They seem to act so different ? " Kiran and it's time to go" " NO were gain so much fun!" anoop slured at me while Kiran was tripping over her own feet. " ZAYN LOUIS WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CLUB NOW CUZ I THINK SOMEONE DRUGED THESE GURLS!" " WHAT?! I THOUGHT THY DON'T DRINK?!" zayn asked. While dragging a drunk Kiran off the dance floor into the car. " WEEE LOOK LIAM LOUIS IS MAKING ME FLY!" Louis had anoop over his shoulders and headed into the car. Thank god we took the door that the paparazzi don't know about.

Harry's pov
Gosh Kiran was so funny when she was drunk, she acts so stupid. " Omg I got a great idea ! When we get home me and anoop should like entertain u guys !" ahahhahah I don't believe that cuz I know Kiran is not that stupid to do thoses thing until I heard anoop say " holy snap Kiran that is a great idea !"  oh great I have a feeling that anoop is gonna do something really stupid. She got out of the car and dragged Kiran into the house while falling on top of each other and went upstairs. Me and the rest of the boys followed and sat on the couch. To be honest I was pretty excited to see what kind of entertainment I was going to get, if u know what I mean. We all sat down and Kiran approached us. " well hello boys u ready to get entertained ?" she said in a very seducted voice ten continued " you guys better get comfy cuz here comes anoop." anoop walked in and she was wearing zayns sweats and my shirt. She slowly teasingly lowered her sweats down and I seriously thought she was gonna strip in front of us and I guess the boys thought the same because their faces were shocked. As she was doing so I felt my body heat up just lookin at her, anoop then stopped and Kiran threw a SnapBack at her and she said " YO LOOK AM THE BRADFORD BAD BOY !" we all bursted out laughing and zayn had a flush of embrassement, " I don't do that anymore!" ahha anoop then continued " so like how low my pants are huh zayn? This is how low u keep yours right? Oh look I am a bad boy with ma pants all low and I look cool!" Kiran then spoke up " YO man" she bro hugged anoop " look at me with ma stupid curly hair that can make anyone fall in love with me," Oh no she didn't. " hey my hair is not stupid, most girls find my hair sexy" I yelled back alittle too defensive. " nu uh zayns hair looks sexier than yours" she shouts back and then hides herface in her hands realizing eat she just said. I looked over to zayn and he was blushing a crimson red." kk now it's time to imitate Louis and nialler! " yelled anoop. " I'm the little leprechaun" sang Kiran, man these girls were full out drunk.

Niall's pov
Oh great kirans gunna imitate me, I wonder wat she's Gunna do. " look at me I'm a leprechaun, I'm Irish and I love to drink ay, I can eat anything u give me, and I don't have a fav food!" she said in a failed Irish accent, but man was that a good one, that is soooo me. " move out of the way little leppy" said anoop trying to imitate louis. " YO here's my little rap, ready?" and Kiran started beat boxing and yet again tuned out to be a fail, anoop continued " I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm full of sass, i walk by with a really round ass, it's bigger than your sister and her whole entire class OHHHHH!" man that rap was soo good and well described Louis ass.

Liam's pov
They were out of control, " girls let's go upstairs u need sleep" I told them. " I don't think so daddy directioner" said anoop or shall I say Louis. " I am kinda sleep" said Kiran while slowly shutting her eyes, " BUT WE DO HAVE TWO MORE PLAYERS!!!!!!!" she yelled in my face, ahhhh that scared me, so unexpected. Well clearly they are not going to stop till they are done. " now snoop dog here is hazzy boo, and I'm li-am" said Kiran while pointing her index finger.

Kiran's pov
" hey Harry can't be your hazzy boo cuz I'm your boobear" said louis. I drunkly walked over to him and put my finger under his chin " aw it's ok Lou ur still my boobear" I said as seductively as possible. " hey I'm ur boyfriend"  said zayn hurt. I walked over to him and kissed him, rouh yet passionate. Omg i know I'm drunk but that was amazing, I walked back to anoop and looked back to see zayn all shocked.

Harry's pov
Hum I wish that was Anoop kissing me, instead of Kiran and zayn. Both the girls continued being high and imitated everyone in the room. " ugh I'm so tired!" Said Anoop and she jumped onto my lap with her chest against my chest and her legs wrapped around my hips. I know she's drunk and doesn't know what she's doing but honestly I'm really enjoying this. " I love ur dimples" she whispered seductivly in my ear. " I love even more how u blush" she whispered yet again. I can believe I was blushing no girl can make Harry styles blush, but right now Anoop was. " u know what I love the most?" She asked me. " w-what?" I asked someway scared she would hurt me. But I didn't feel any pain, she had slammed her lips onto mine, our tongues more in sync. I pulled her even closed to me and placed my hands on her hip, she tangled her hands in my hair, and we were having a full on make out session. Something pulled me apart, I looked over and saw Louis pulling Anoop away. " maybe we should take then upstairs" said Liam. I looked over to Kiran who was fast asleep in Zayns arms.

Louis' pov
Ewwwww, how could Harry? He's taking advantage of her drunkness. I lifted Anoop up and took her to the guest bedroom, I guess her and Kiran have to sleep here to tonight. I made my way to the guest room and saw zayn carrying Kiran, and Liam coming up the stairs. " what are h guys doing? They can't sleep alone! They could get sick at night because of the drug!" Yelled Liam. Zayn took Kiran to his room, and Liam told me to take anoops to Harry's room but that ain't gunna happen. So my little sis is gunna sleep with me. She was already half asleep when I put her on the bed, " night Anoop" I said. " goodnight Kiran" she said yawning back. I laughed at how she couldn't even recognize my voice she was that drunk.

Zayn's pov
I placed Kiran on my bed, and I quickly climbed in after I changed my clothes. She snuggled into my chest, and I saw the moonlight from the window shine on her beautiful face. I liked being with someone other than Pierre and the boys, but I have to admit me and Pierre did have a lot of fun together. She was just alittle to pushy and had trust issues. Kiran is more outgoing, and she trusts me, she is my type of girl, she's nothin like those good girls I have met she's somewhat a badass. But I really do miss Pierre. Snap out of it zayn you can only fall for one girl. I met Pierre today at the club, and we started dancing, and she kissed me and I kissed back, and then it turned into snogging. I didn't new to but Kiran was drunk and Pierre came up to me and I just couldn't help myself. BEEP, I got a text from Pierre.

To  Zayn

We really shud hang out I miss US

From Pierre xxx

What am I supposed to say ugh I'll txt her back in the morning.

The Next Morning................

Harry's pov
I wake up to the sound of the   damn niebihors dog barking, urgh i wish it was a cat then i would have enjoyed it. I got off my bed and the first thought that came to me was the kiss with Anoop, Man it was so passionate and wild, i never felt that many sparks go in my body. I mean i do get sparks when i am kissing Caroline but not as wild as Anoop's kiss. I have to admit it to my self that i Harry Styles am fallin for that no good she devil, good kisser Anoop. I was in a deep thought when i heard a loud sneeze. What the heck was that? i went to Louis's room and saw Anoop lying on the bed, Louis rubbing her hand, Kiran sitting on the side with a red nose and Zayn's arm around Kiran's shoulder. " Hey what happen to you Rudulph?" " Shut up styles i ain't in the mood for your crap." Kiran replyed well blowing her nose into a tissue. " Sorry Zayn you might wanna move your arm." i sat on the bed next to Anoop and said with a smrik on my face " sooo Anoop i loved the entertainment you gave us last night, and i never knew you were a good kisser!" she looked at me all confused then her face turned a bright shade of red and she yelled " HAIRBALL I DON'T BELIVE U, i mean i don't even know what happened last night and i know that you lying." " Um Anoop Harry is not lying because u and Kiran both entertained us not in the dirty way but more on the comedian way and u kissed Harry in front of everyone." Louis spoke up. " see told you," " I still don't believe u hairball," anoop said while adjusting herself on the bed. " anoop I kinda remember what had happen and these two are telling the truth so accept it and be friends already with Harry ! I mean can't u see he is slowly changing his personality for u! He's even given that bitch Cara- something a second chance!" Kiran kinda yelled at anoop. Gosh sometimes I love how Kiran can just tell anoop things with getting yelled back. There was a awkward silence,  well not really the whole house was very noisy  itself. " hey zayn can you please drop me home it's to noisy here and it hurts my head, please?" Kiran asked, " sure" zayn said then carried her bridal style towards the door until the devil said " HEY Kiran can I come to!?" " No u need to stay  here cuz I don't want u to germifi the kitchen cuz I know when ur sick u eat alot." " she's right anoop u have to stay with us" Louis replied. " that's not fair and Lou why are u always taking her side?" " cuz she's my bro! And ur my special unicorn." he told her while tuckin her into the bed.

Niall's pov
I was making Kiran and anoop some soup when I saw zayn carrying Kiran downstairs. " hey were are u two love birds going?" I chuckled to myself. " Kiran's head hurts here and  were going back to her house so I can take care of my angel here." zayn said while kissing the top of her forehead. They left and after a few mins I went upstairs with the soup. " here have some chicken soup." " thanks" anoop took the soup and ate it then. " hey Liam and I are going out cuz el and danielle want to hang out so u and Harry here have to take care of this sick child." with that said Lou left with Liam and I took Harry outside the room to talk. " Harry we all know that you like anoop and not Caroline, why don't u try telling her that?" " I know I know Niall that I have feelings for her, but I honestly don't know how to tell her. Do u think she likes me back? I am falling for her nialler." wow I could tell Harry was't lying cuz his eyes were tellin the truth.

Anoop's pov
Did I really kiss Harry ? That was the first thought that came into my mind when Lou and Kiran told me about last night. Honestly I wish I could remeber. I would like to see how it felt when his lips were presse against mine. Kirans words about Harry changing is truth and I think I might have to accept the fact that I may be falling for that hairball. WAIT NO I AM NOT!. " I really need to talk to him..." I mumbled to myself but I guess Harry heard while he and Niall came in. " nothing !" I said a bit to quickly. Niall came over and sat beside me, he rubbed my back and I suddenly felt so sick, I felt a burning sensation coming from my thort then next thing u know it niall was covered in albet soup and I think carrots.

 This chapter was hard to write cause we kept laughing :)

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