The Luck of the Irish

Kailey and Ashlynn, cousins, have to spend the whole summer together in Ireland. They absolutely hate each other. When they found out they both liked One Direction, they became instant best friends. Then, they meet someone magical who grants them their one wish: to meet One Direction. But to have their wish come true, they find themselves in a near death experience and wake up to the best time of their life.

By MrsNiallHoran and MrsHarryStyles:)


4. The Leprechaun


Chapter 4:

Kailey's P.O.V.

     I didn't know what to do. Ashlynn was crying for the whole day! "Think...think..." I told myself. "I know!" I walked over to my boom box and turned on the Up All Night album. Ashlynn looked at me and smiled through her tears. "How did you know?" she asked. 

     "Know what?"

     "That One Direction always makes me feel better."

     "I didn't. They make me happy too so I just kinda hoped it would work"

     "I'm so sorry for crying." Ashlynn apologized. "I shouldn’t be making you sad while you’re on vacation. You know what? I'm over him. Let's go to the park! I'm always happy when I'm there."

    "Okay!" I said excitedly.  We walked to her car and starting driving to the park.


Ashlynn's P.O.V.

     I showed Kailey my favorite part of the park. Me and my friends found this place when we were 10. It was a hidden meadow surrounded by trees from the woods. Nobody else was ever here, which was a plus and it was beautiful here. I looked at Kailey and her mouth was open. "Ireland is so beautiful! I wish I lived here!"

     We walked around for about half an hour just talking. I haven't been to this place in a while so it felt good to be back. 

     "Hello! Somebody help me! I'm trapped!" a deep voice with a thick Irish accent called out. I looked around. I didn't see anybody. Kailey and I looked at each other.  We were both startled and confused. "Help! I'm in the woods!" 

    "Let's follow his voice!" Kailey said.

    "Are you sure that's a good idea?" 

    "Yeah! We can't let somebody suffer!"

    We followed his voice, "You two girls! Please help me! Look down!"  we looked everywhere but couldn't find anybody. When he said to look down, we immediately found him. My jaw fell. I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this real? The man noticed our surprised expressions and told us to calm down. "You're...a...a..." I stammered. 

     "Yes, yes, a leprechaun. We exist you know. Now come help me out of this trap!" he said. He was about a foot tall with red hair and, of course, green clothes. He was trapped under some type of hunting trap. Kailey and I quickly took off the netting that was containing him. "Thank you! I'm freeeeee!" he said while running in circles. Okay...this guy was a little weird. 

     "Did you know that Leprechaun's can grant wishes?" The man said.


     "Well we do! You guys saved my life so I'll give you one wish.  Close your eyes and say what you desire the most."

     "I wish to meet One Direction!" Kailey and I said at the same exact time. When we opened our eyes, the leprechaun was gone and we were in a totally different place-My bedroom. We were laying in my king-sized bed. I looked at the clock, six in the morning. Kailey looked like she just woke up too. 

     "I just had the weirdest dream" she murmured, still waking up.

     "Me too!" 

     "Probably not as weird as mine. I dreamt of saving a leprechaun..."

     My mouth dropped. This was really weird. "What? I told you it was weird." Kailey asked.

     "I had that same exact dream!"

     "No you're lying."

     "I'm not!"

     "Prove it."

     "We went to my favorite park, heard a leprechaun calling for help, saved him, and then wished to meet One Direction." Ashlynn said.

     "Ok that's really creepy.  What if that was true though? We would meet the hottest guys on the planet Earth." Kailey said dreamily. 

     "Ha. Like that's ever gonna happen."


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