The Luck of the Irish

Kailey and Ashlynn, cousins, have to spend the whole summer together in Ireland. They absolutely hate each other. When they found out they both liked One Direction, they became instant best friends. Then, they meet someone magical who grants them their one wish: to meet One Direction. But to have their wish come true, they find themselves in a near death experience and wake up to the best time of their life.

By MrsNiallHoran and MrsHarryStyles:)


6. The Accident

Kailey's P.O.V

Ashlynn drove us to the concert since I wasn't used to the roads here. Gosh, Ireland is beautiful. I wish I lived here. Maybe in the future I'll find an Irish man and settle down here. I smiled at the thought of getting married and having a family. I know I'm only 18 but it's nice to think about the future. Then, my thoughts led to Niall, the perfect Irish guy that I could only dream of marrying. His blonde hair was perfect and his smile was contagious.

BEEP BEEP! I was taken out of my thoughts as I heard the horn. Headlights shined in my face. My heart quickened as I saw a car heading straight towards us. I screamed and thoughts of dying came to my head. What the hell is that car doing on our side of the road? It was too late to stop and our car collided with the other one, sending Ashlynn and I forward. We were caught by the Airbag, but damage was still done. The windshield had broke and glass shards stuck into our skin, making our blood gush out of our bodies. The last thing I heard was sirens as I blacked out.

Harry's P.O.V.

"We rocked it tonight!" I yelled to the other boys right after we disappeared from the stage after singing our final song, "What Makes You Beautiful". I had so much adrenaline from being onstage, but there was one feeling that wasn't normal. For some reason I had the feeling that something very bad had just happened. I couldn't tell if it was just another affect of adrenaline or if it was real.

"Anybody else have a strange feeling in their stomach?" Niall asked. Everybody shook their heads up and down.

"Maybe we all ate something bad at that Irish pub." Liam joked, but none of us laughed.

I tried to ignore the feeling so I pulled out my phone and opened up the Twitter app. The tweets from our fans always cheered me up. But instead of happy tweets that I usually got, I kept reading about a car crash. Why were people tweeting me about an accident? I was curious, so I opened up a link that somebody tweeted me. It sent me to a website for a News television channel that looked reliable. "Two teenage girls," it read, "on their way to a One Direction concert, got in a terrible accident on the freeway. They were prepared for the best night of their lives, but unfortunately their luck turned around as their collided with another vehicle that appeared to be going in the wrong lane."

"Oh my god, guys listen to this." I exclaimed before reading the passage out loud to them. "Right now, the girls are located at a hospital, both unconscious. They are expected to wake up soon, but the loss of blood was almost critical."

"We have to help them! I mean, they're obviously big fans. Don't you think it'll cheer them up to pay a visit?" Zayn said, making us think about it.

"That's a great idea. They're going through a tough time right now and we could make it easier." Louis said excitedly.

"Paul! Paul!" We all yelled simultaneously. "We need you or somebody to track down the exact hospital and room number these girls are staying in." I said as a showed him the article. "They are fans so we want to visit them while they recover!"

"I'll see what I can do about it," said Paul.

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