The Luck of the Irish

Kailey and Ashlynn, cousins, have to spend the whole summer together in Ireland. They absolutely hate each other. When they found out they both liked One Direction, they became instant best friends. Then, they meet someone magical who grants them their one wish: to meet One Direction. But to have their wish come true, they find themselves in a near death experience and wake up to the best time of their life.

By MrsNiallHoran and MrsHarryStyles:)


3. Cheater


Kailey's P.O.V.
     I woke up thinking I was back home in my own bed. I remembered everything that happened yesterday but thought it was just a dream. It was to perfect. But then I noticed that I was in Ashlynn's room. It was true. Ashlynn and I actually had something in common, just like Claire said.  Damn, that girl was always right.
     I noticed Ashlynn had just gotten up too. We got ready together and decided to eat breakfast at Starbucks, which was just down the street. Starbucks is the only place that I ever eat breakfast. I can't go a day without coffee. I was surprised when Ashlynn told me she never drinks coffee.
     "How come? There's a Starbucks so close to you! I would be in heaven if I lived that close to one!"
     "I guess I just haven't really found a coffee I liked yet."
     "Don't worry, I'll help you!" I said excitedly.
     "Okay!" Ashlynn laughed.

Ashlynn's P.O.V.
     Kailey's obsession with Starbucks reminded me of Nick. He's always getting pastries and breakfast sandwiches from there. I tried calling him to see if he wanted to come with us, but he didn't answer. That's weird, I thought, he usually picks up no matter what he's doing. Maybe he"s still sleeping.  I tried calling again but it went straight to voicemail. Now I know he's awake because he just turned off his phone. Whatever, I'll ask him about it later.
     Kailey and I began to walk to Starbucks. During the walk, I told her about what just happened with Nick. She told me I shouldn't worry about it. I took her advice and stopped thinking about him. "Why did we start hating each other years ago?" I asked. I honestly didn't even remember.
"I don't remember actually. Probably something really stupid." she said while laughing.
     We arrived at Starbucks. The walk only took five minutes! Kailey went to order the drinks while I found a place to sit. I looked around and saw a girl from my school, Angela. She was sitting with a guy but I couldn't see his face and he had a hat on. They were leaning in to kiss and Angela spotted me. Her face turned white as if she'd seen a ghost. The guy turned his head around in my direction and had the same reaction. Then, I noticed who it was. I ran up and smacked his face (I know, not the smartest thing to do but I was so mad I couldn't think straight). I ran and grabbed Kailey who was in the middle of ordering our coffee. I ran with her far away from there. I had to stop halfway to my house because I was bawling and couldn't catch my breath. "What's going on?" Kailey kept asking.
     " Starbucks...with Angela...they almost kissed...he cheated on me!" I managed to say in between sobs. Now it all made sense. He didn't want to answer his phone because he was with some other girl!



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