Niall Stole My Heart

A girl named Jocelyn,is tired of being her dads slave so then one day she runs away when her dad is busy at work and Jocelyn wanders off through the city to see if someone can help her.


6. Weeks After

Weeks had passed and Jocelyn got to know the guys much more better now and had felt that she was at home. Later that day, Niall asked Jocelyn if she wanted to go out on a date and Jocelyn said"i would love to go on a date with you."Jocelyn was super excited about this date.When Zayn found out,he was heart broken but he had to deal with it. When Jocelyn saw Zayn upset about going out with Niall she sat down with him in the couch and said"Zayn,i know how you feel and i also know that you like me but we can be really close friends." Zayn said"how did you know?" Jocelyn said" i can tell by the way that you are always looking and talking at me." Jocelyn got up from the couch and said " now you wanna go to the mall and help me pick out a dress?" Zayn said" okay just me and you?" Jocelyn said" yeah,just me and you."

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