Niall Stole My Heart

A girl named Jocelyn,is tired of being her dads slave so then one day she runs away when her dad is busy at work and Jocelyn wanders off through the city to see if someone can help her.


9. The Date

Niall was SUPER excitd for tonight. When Zayn and Jocelyn got home,Niall said"oooooo what's in the bag".Jocelyn said"no,no,no.This is for tonight and it's going to be a surprise.:)" Niall said"is it cute?" Jocelyn said"you'll find out tonight.:)" Niall smiled."Alright well i'm going to get ready,it's already 6:00 P.M. and i have to be ready by 7:00P.M." Jocelyn said. She ran up to the bedroom and started to take a shower. When she got out of the shower she put on her dress,heels,and bracelets.She went to the bedroom again and then she connected her curling iron that she bought at Claire's. she curled her hair and went down stairs. It was already 6:55P.M. just when Niall came out from his room and said" you look beautiful Jocelyn". Jocelyn blushed and said"you also look beautiful,Niall."

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