Niall Stole My Heart

A girl named Jocelyn,is tired of being her dads slave so then one day she runs away when her dad is busy at work and Jocelyn wanders off through the city to see if someone can help her.


4. Staying with Niall

After Jocelyn and Niall went up to the room,Jocelyn looked into his eyes thanking him for what he has done. They were about to kiss until Jocelyn said" so why don't we go see the room?" Niall said" alright,let's go." Jocelyn looked at Niall and looked back at the room. Jocelyn said" this is amazing! was this your brother's room?" Niall said"yeah but he has his own house now so we can give this room to you now. "Thank You sooooo much Niall." said Jocelyn.

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