Niall Stole My Heart

A girl named Jocelyn,is tired of being her dads slave so then one day she runs away when her dad is busy at work and Jocelyn wanders off through the city to see if someone can help her.


12. Out to dinner

Niall was about to open the door for Jocelyn until Zayn and the rest of the lads came in and started laughing,but Zayn was laughing just a bit because he had feelings for Jocelyn. Zayn stopped and so did the rest of thelads. Zayn said " can we take a picture of you guys?" Niall and Jocelyn said"sure.why not". Niall asked Jocelyn if he looked good and Jocelyn said" you look beautiful,Niall". Niall blushed a bit,and so did Jocelyn because she was going to say " yes to Niall" but she just spilled it out. The lads all went"ooooo Jocelyn and Niall sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage,then comes Jocelyn with the baby carriage:D". Niall and Jocelyn blushed.

Sorry for the short and crappy chapter:( i have to work a bit on the project by MYSELF!:( well i will be writing soon:) BYE:'(-Xx Adriana:)

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