Niall Stole My Heart

A girl named Jocelyn,is tired of being her dads slave so then one day she runs away when her dad is busy at work and Jocelyn wanders off through the city to see if someone can help her.


2. Noticing him

She thought that she'd seen him before but she just couldn't remember where."Hi i'm Niall,and you are?" "I'm Jocelyn" she said shyly. Niall said "you look tired". She nodded. Niall said " why don't i take you home with me and you could stay there as much as you need to stay". Jocelyn said " sorry,its too much to ask but thanks anyway." She started to go and Niall said" wait do you even know where your going?" Jocelyn said " no,but i'll figure out where i can go." Niall said" come on,you look very tired." Jocelyn said " okay, thank you."

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