This is a story a mbout a small town girl who meet one, no more like gmfive of the most famous people in the teenage girl world.


2. Concert

Finally it was the day of the concert. Me and Cat where getting dressed. I was whereing a blue, mid-thigh, strapless dress. Yes a dress. You'd think I'm crazy cause it would be crazy hot at the concert but I live in Texas, I'm used to extreme heat.

"Michelle hurry up, we're gonna be late!" Cat yelled from downstairs. "Shut up, I'm going!" I yelled back." I'll be in the car!" Cat yells.

I walk down stairs and there I see my best friend Ricky. He turns around to look at me and his eyes widen. I turn really red.

"You. Look. Amazing."he said.

I turn an even brighter red. Them he makes that stupid grin that he always makes whenever he makes me blush. Then my face went pale cause of that grin. His grin turned into a sad face and I burst into laughter.

"Haha. I love it when you but on your sad face after making that stupid grin!" I say still laughing a bit."Hey. Why are you always so mean to me." he said innocently.

I checked the time and decided it was time to leave. I kiss Ricky on the check and say god bye and when I walk out the door turn around one more time and he's blushing like crazy. I just laugh to my self.

Finally at the concert:

We finally arrived and thank god we weren't late. Finally we get Ina wait backstage for the meet and greet to start. I took forever but the boys finally got to us.

"Hi!"they said at the same time. "Hi, I'm Catherine but the call me Cat." "Hi, I'm Michelle but my friend call me Micky." "Hi Cat. Hi Micky."Liam replyed with a smile. "Why are you dressed like that?" asked Harry "Oh we are going to a party after this." Michelle replyed. "Cool!" Niall exclaimed.

I see Harry staring at Cats boobs and I'm like 'that's so Harry'. I turn to look at cat and don't think she even noticed.

"Harry stop looking at Cats boobs!" I yell out making the boys burst into laughter and making both Harry and Cat blush. Cat was blushing cause she had a total crush on Harry. And Harry blushed, well,because I noticed and said aloud that he was looking at Cats boobs.

"Hey how come you got made at me and not Niall!? Couldn't you see him looking at your boobs?! Harry yells out his question.

I turned super red at the facted that Niall had be looking at my boobs. But Cat got super mad at Niall.

"Dude you shouldn't be looking at her like that she's still only 12!"she yells at Niall with an extremely angry voice.

Niall and the boys eyes grow really wide. It's probably cause I'm 12 and I look older than that.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have been looking at her." Niall apologizes. "It's ok. Guys have done more than just look at me in the past." I say nerveusly.

When I told them that memories came rushing back and my eyes started watering up. Cat knew what was wrong and I knew the boys where gonna want and expanashion. All the memories where rush back so fast I couldn't proses them. After a while everything went black.
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