This is a story a mbout a small town girl who meet one, no more like gmfive of the most famous people in the teenage girl world.


1. My story

This is the story of the small town girl named Michelle, me, and the famous boy band One Direction. First I'm going tell you alittle bit about myself, my mane is Michelle, I'm 12 years old and I'm turning 13 tomorrow. Yes tomorrow the day of the One Direction concert that I will be goin to and I have meet and greet tickets to im gonna meet them. Trust me I'm not going alone but I'm not going with my parent etheir. My dad died of drinking to much and my mom remarried so I left to live with a friend. My mom didn't believe me when I said that Sam was touching me. So. I left. I live with my grinds family now, by the way my criend is like 18 and so she is taking me to the concert and not her uptight parents. But what happens next well it was totally unexpected.
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