I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


15. You Shouldn't Do That

*Alex's POV*

"W-what happened to him?" I mannaged to get out.

"Why are you so worried its no big deal!" Lou laughed.

"Lou hes my boyfriend, tell me what happned"

"Oh, erm, this is a big promblem then."

"Lou, What is it?" Dani spoke for me.

"H-he. This girl came, she said she knew you and met you the other day, and They started kissing, and Niall didnt back down. And.." She trailed off, as i started crying "Alex im sorry, if i would have known i would have.." She trailed off.

"And he didnt say anything about me after it happened?" I managed

"After he said that it wasnt his fault and that he didnt mean it, but.."

"What did the boys do?"

"Harry was happy for him, but the rest of the boys where mad."

"HARRY WAS WHAT?!" I shouted

"Happy, i mean he was like cheering him on."

"Oh." Was all i could say.

"Im going to get the boys!" El said as she stormed off as Dani lead me to the couch to sit down. I could feel the tears coming.

"Alex!" Zayn said coming over to sit by me. I started crying hystericly.

"Al! Whats wrong?" Harry asked rushing over.

"Get away from me!" I yelled

"Al, its me Harry." He said


"Mate lets go." Liam said calmly leading him to another room. Louis came over to sit beside me. El was probably still with the other boys. Dani left to go talk to Harry.

"W-wwhy did he do that?" I manadged to get out.

"Well, we figured out that Harry doesnt remember whats happened the past few days. He has some amnesia" Louis said

"So he doesnt remember that you and Niall are dating." Zayn finished

"No need reminding him. We're done. Im not going through this again." I muttered.

"Alex." Zayn started "Its not what you think it is. At all."

"Its exactly what I think it is Zayn! He cheated on me, with someone who is better. If her really loved me like i love him, he would have never done that."

"Alex" Zayn said firmly "Its not what you think it is."

"Then what the hell is it?!" I spat

"Niall said you met a girl named Bre the other day."

"Are you fucking kidding me! I should have known she didnt want to be my friend! She just wanted you."

"Alex, It wasnt her." Zayn continued. "Anyway, Niall said you met her and gave her two VIP passes and tickets."

"yeah" I confirmed

"We think that one of her friends took them. And came early. Niall said you have her number?" I shook my head. "Call her. Ask her what happened."

"Im still not hearing the part in this story about how this isnt Nialls fault."

"Alex, Just call her." Louis said.

So i picked up my phone and dialled her number.

"Alex!" She yelled. It sounded like she was crying.

"Bre. Is everything okay?"

"No! One of my so called friends stole the tickets from me. She Just texted me and told me what happened! Im so sorry."

"Bre. Calm down. I need you to tell me what she told you." I said trying to be calm myself.

"Okay" After a little bit of fuzziness she started reading. "She said 'Bre! Thanks so much for the One Direction passes! You'll never guess what happened! I got there before anyone else, they where still rehearsing. They let me in, since its kinda cold outside. When i walked in Niall was waiting there. He said 'Hey babe, i missed you.' I smiled and i went to kiss him and he kissed me back! Like tounge and everything.' And Alex im so sorry. Because i figured out you where dating, and, im so sorry." She finished.

"Bre." I said trying not to cry. "Its not your fault, she stole the tickets, I want you to come to the show tonight. Come the back way. If anyone questions you have them call me. But right now i have to go and deal with this okay?"

"Okay, and Alex, please let me know what happens. I care about you. Promise?" She asked

"Promise." I said hanning up

"So when she came in here, Niall said 'Hey babe, i missed you'." I asked?

"Yeah Alex. She looks exactly like you." Zayn said.

"we all thought it was you" Louis added.

"How'd you figure out it wasn't?"

"El and Dani werent with you." Louis said

"Did Niall realize, you know what he did wrong?"

"After it happened, yeah." Zayn said

"What did he do?"

"He started crying. Saying how you'd never forgive him, how he never wanted to be the reason for those scars and how now he probably would be, How he lost his princess, and.." Louis trailed off

"..And how he's exactly like Tyler." Zayn finished.

"He's nothing like him." I wispered I put my hand in my head. "I'm going to forgive him, it'll just take some time, He's never going to be the reason for my scars, He hasnt lost me, and he's absolutly nothing, not even in the smallest way, like Tyler." I finished.

I looked up to see Niall and Dani standing there. His cheeks where red, and his eyes where glassy

"im so sorry." He said


*Nialls POV*

I knew i'd done it. I lost everything in the world. When i saw the fake Alex walk in i thought it was her so when she kissed me i kissed back. They boys seemed happy Harry was just cheering me on,so where the rest of the boys. Then we realized it wasnt Alex. Harry didnt seem to mind. He was like 'Whats the big deal'. The doctor said he might have some amnisia so we figured it was that.

I was talking to Dani telling her the whole story. Then i walked in to apologize to Alex, even though it would probably be usless.

"I'm going to forgive him, itll just take some time, He's never going to be the reason for my scars, He hasnt lost me, and He's absolutly nothing, not even in the smallest way, like Tyler" I heard he faint voice say.

When she looked up she looked straight at me. I was so sorry, tears where treating to spill over again. I was never stong in situations like this.

"Im so sorry." Was all i could manage to say.

She got up, to walk away. But instead she came over and hugged me. At first i didnt know what happened. But i hugged back. When she pulled away she said

"Niall, I forgive you."

"You shouldnt do that." I said.I never wanted to hurt her again.

"But i am. Because i love you, and when you love someone you'll do anything to keep them. I couldn't even imagine my life with out you. And if anything this just makes us stronger." She smiled "But i guess now you'll have to ask me a question every time before we kiss" She laughed. I laughed too.

"Thank you" I said "Ill never hurt you again" She smiled. I was about to kiss her when i rememberd the 'rule' so i decided to have fun. Oh the things Alex does for me "Whats your middle name?" i whispered

She chuckled "Im pretty sure its Eve"

"I think you can find that out online!" Danielle said. We all laughed.

"Okay then, Why where you named Eve for your middle name?"

She smiled "i Believe after my mum"

"Okay, I believe its you" I smiled as i went to kiss her.
Im so so so so so so glad shes in my life


*Alexs POV*


I knew i did the right thing by forgiving him.

When we pulled away from our kiss Harry was there, with Liam and El.

"Harry im sorry." I said "I shouldnt have blown up on you like that"

"Its okay Alex, you didnt know, Im just glad you and NIall are okay" he smiled

"So El and Liam got you caught up on whats happened and you remember?"

"Yup! And i want to make a pact for no more drama for  a long long time!" He shouted.

"That sounds nice!" Everyone siad at the same time.

"I love you guys, now go finish getting ready!" I laughed as they left

I dont know what id do with out these people.

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