I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


22. Why Me

*Alex POV*

I Had fallen asleep once Niall left. I woke up hearing the boys, El, and Dani talking in the sitting room. I guess they fell asleep there.

"She'll be okay Harry, Shes just confused" Els voice said

"No Eleanor!" He screamed "You dont get it! This has never happened before! Not even when Daniela died!" 

He said it. He would have to tell them now. I sat on my bed, feeling the tears come again.

"Who was Daniela?" Liam asked.

"She was Alex's friend. She killed herself when she was 14" He spoke quietly. "You guys shouldnt know that." 

"Why not mate?" Zayn asked slowly

"She doesnt want anyone to know" He said "She doesnt want anyone to know what happened to her."

"Harry what happened?" Danielle asked very concerned 

He started crying. "S-she tried to.." He stopped "She tried to do the same thing." He finally got out

I Don't know how I felt. Upset, Mad, Hurt, Betrayed. But why did any of that matter? Im not the one who died, even though I should have been

"Is that what she met by taking her to the hospital?" Louis asked

"And keeping a secret?" Zayn added on.

"Yes." He spoke. "Shes going to kill me." 

"No she wont." Niall spoke. "She trusts all of us. Alex doesnt want people who she doesnt trust to know. She knows we wont go around telling everyone."

I decided to walk out. Pretending like I didnt hear anything.

As I walked out I could feel all eyes on me. I waked over to the fride, grabbed a glass, and poured a little bit of water in it. Then I walked over to the microwave where I kept my meds so I wouldnt forget in the morning.

"Hey Alex." Danielle said.

I swallowed my pills and started heading back to my bed. Harry stood in front of me. Tears in his eyes.

"Alex." He said holding my shoulders. I stared at him "Please dont go mute on me. On us. We need you." His tears flowed over "What are you afraid of? Everything will be okay." He said

I started at him not knowing if I should talk. I opened my mouth. Reluctantly words started to flow out.

"Harry Im worried about everything! My mom was a criminal, my dad was a criminal, does that make me a criminal? I was born in jail, so how long had my mom been in jail with me? Did she even love my dad? Did the police know my dad was a criminal when they put me with him? Who killed my dad?  who am I? Is Alex even my real name? What if they changed it? Am I in witness protection? Where am I from? Do I have any siblings?"

He started crying. Niall came over and ushered us both to sit down. 

"I cant answer those" Harry said simply

"What do you mean you cant answer them? You answered my other ones why not these?"

"I dont want to hurt you." 

"Harry, youre not going to hurt me, its not like you did these things."

"Alright then." He said "You're not a criminal. Your mom was with you in jail for five months. She said she did, but I'll never know. The police didnt know. He owed debt to someone, and thats who killed him. You're Alex Styles. Alex is your real name. They didnt change it. You're not in witness protection, because they caught everyone involved in your dads death, and took down the whole drug cooperation. You're from Dover, England. You have no siblings." He  finished

"Thank you." I said going back to my room ignoring the calls after me. Ignoring the bangs on the door. Ignoring the world around me. Just thinking in my mind

Why me. I questioned myself over and over. Why me?

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