I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


17. What Makes You Cry?

*Alex's POV*

I woke up and Niall was gone. When i walked out to the sitting room Dani and El where there.

"Where'd he go?" I yawned.

"To the boy bus to change. He litteraly just left." Dani said

"Okayy." I whined "Im changing and then going over there i have to talk to Harry. You guys wanna come?" i asked

"Sure! I'll text Louis and tell him we're coming over, so Niall wont come back." El said.

We all got ready and i changed into this; [polyvore]

"Lets go!" I said walking to the boys bus.

"Alexx!" Niall shouted

"Hey babe" i chuckled "HARRYYYYY!" i yelled

"Hey Al!" He said coming out

"I have to talk to youuuu."

"Okay! Lets go back there"  he said

"okay." when we walked back there we sat on his bed.

"Whats up Al?" He said

"Nialls birthday is in less than a week, and i have no clue what to get him and no clue what to do for his birthday"

He chuckled "Well we already have it figured out actually"

"What?" I asked shocked

"We already have it planned out, actually in 2 days we're leaving New York and going to the next city, it'll take us about 2 days to get there and then 2 days after that is his birthday." HE said

"So that day we're making you go out with him, like a ton of places. I mean like a ton, as in like go crazy have him out all day.

I wiggled my eyebrows "We'll go crazy" I joked

He sighed "Dont try anything, because that night he's sleeping over there, and El and Dani wont be there"

"Ohh Even better!" I clapped

He sighed "Im trusting you!" He said walking out of the door.

I giggled following after him

"ALEXXXXX!" Niall yelled before i even saw him

"NIALLLLLL!" I yelled back

"I missed you so much!"

"But I missed you more!" I cried 

"Yeah, yeah, shut up with the annoying couple stuff!" Zayn and Harry shouted

"Aww someones jealous" I said as i sat down with Niall. He leaned over and kissed me. 

"So what are we doing today?" I said when we broke away

"Well before you two have a snogging fest all day we wanted to go into the city." Harry said

"All of us?" I started

"Im one place at one time?" El said

"This will not end well" Dani muttered.

"Then we can always have a movie day!" Louis shouted

"Fineeee!" Litterally everyone said at the same times

"Okay what movie?" Liam said getting up from his spot on the couch next to Dani

"Can we watch the titanic?" I asked after it was silent for a few minuites.

"No not a chick flick!" Harry shouted.

"Harry, stop acting like you dont enjoy them!" I sai as everyone laughed.

"I think we should watch it!" Niall said. 

I smiled at him. as Liam put the movie in.

"Im going to make some popcorn!" Niall anounced getting up.

"When you come back you're being my pillow!" I complained

"Come with me." He whispered sending chills down my spine. I got up and followed him. When i got in the kitchen he was standing there and came over to me and surrounded me in his arms. 
"I love you so much!" I whispered. Kissing me. His arms where around me, my hands where in his hair. Everything felt so right. His tongue licked my lip, wanting access. I allowed. Everything was perfect. I love him. I will marry him some day. At least I hope.

Everything was perfect until Harry walked in.

"Bloody Hell! I leave you two alone for five minutes and your half way down each others throats" He yelled. As we broke apart grasping for air.

"Come on, the moives about to start" He muttered leaving. NIall grabbed my hand before we left.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time." He whispered

"Me too." I whispered back.

"Congratulations!" Louis shouted as we walked in the room "Youre the first person NIall has given up food for!" I chuckled as niall sat down and i layed across him.

When the boat started sinking in the movie I started crying. Everyone was laughing at me.

"Why are you crying?" Niall Managed

"B-because. The little children. A-aand they are all going to die!" I said burying my head into his chest

"Shh it okay, its only a movie." He soothed

"No its not!" I sobbed

"Add this to the list of this that will make Alex cry!" Harry said.

I looked up "And what would that list be?" I countered

"Moments, Some Ed songs, Heights, Tractor Trailers, Birds, This movie, Horses, Marley and me, and when i left for the x-factor, which is my personal favorite." He smiled

"Youre an ass Harry." I said

"Wait!" Louis chocked "Youre afraid of tractor trailers?" 

"Yes!" I said defensively 

"Why?" He laughed harder.

I looked at him. I decided to only tell part of the truth. "I had a reoccurring dream when i was younger" 

"Okay so and birds?"

"They are scary!" Niall and i said at the same time.

"And Horses?" Zayn asked

"Yes!" I sighed "It doesnt matter everyone crys about something!"

"Alright, Alright" Liam said. "Lets pick another movie!"

After that the day went by in a blur. But we had kept our promise! No drama for several days! 


A/N Sorry i havent updated guys, and sorry that this was sort of a filler ill make it up!


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