I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


14. What Happened?

*Alex's POV*

I woke up to beeping. Fusses of blurriness filled my eyes, as the light was slowly starting to poor in. I blinked to see three boys and two girls waiting there.

"Where is he?" I asked

"Alex, thank god you're okay"

"Where is he?!" I demanded."What happened."

"Alex, we where going back to the bus and i started to tell you about Harry" Tears threatened to spill over at his name. "You broke out into a sprint and tripped. A nail stapped you."

"Where is he."

They looked at me.

"Harry erm, he got a concution"


They  all looked at me with wide eyes

"God damn it, Why?!" I yelled.

"Harry got into a fight, with Zayn, and lets just say it didnt end well."

"Wheres Zayn?"

"In the waiting room. He didnt know if you'd want to see him after what happened."

I had such a massive headache i couldnt even tell who was talking.

"Bring him in." I said

"Alex you should really rest"

"Bring him in" I seethed

They all left and Zayn came it.

"Thank you." I said to him

"You're not mad?" He asked

"Well, a little that he got hurt, but he, in way deserved it. But i deserved it more."

"Im sorry" He whispered.

"Its okay, just help me up so we can go to the bus. I want to see Harry."

He chuckled "Youre somthing diffrent, you know that straighty."

"What?" I asked very confused.

"Well, You know how we call Harry curly, because he has curly hair?" I nodded "Well, you have straight hair so i tried to call you straighty, but it didnt really work."

I laughed "No, No it did not"

After 5 hours of waiting to get out of the hospital we finally got to the bus, or as i call it sometimes home. They all wanted me to go to bed. But i refused. I wanted to see Harry.

When i walked on the bus I saw Harry laying there.

"Hey, Bud, How you feeling?" I asked as i set down a glass of water for him. Surprisingly it didnt hurt to walk. But i was very glad.

"I have a massive headache, but more importantly, How are you?" He asked back

"Very, very, very sorry for starting this all"

"Its my fault. Dont be sorry."

"Harry, Its both of our faults"

"Very true, but Al, go get some rest."

"Same for you Bud, Je'Tiame"

"Te Amo"


"Night" He said as i was leaving with El and Dani.

"What was with the different languages in there?" El chuckled.

"Its always been our thing" I smiled at the memories.

"Well i dont know about you,  but for me its been a long day, so lets get our sleppy butts to sleep  so we can go shopping tomorrow!" Dani said exitledly. 

"Agrreedd!" I sang

"I second that" El yawned.

As we all went on the bus and got changed and climed into bed, i pulled out my phone to go on twitter. I followed Bre and then tweeted her.

"@Breloves1D had an aweome time today, lovely to meet you. Cant wait to see you soon love! xx"

And with that i went to bed.


As i woke up i felt a sharp pain in my side.Advil, thats what i need. As i was trying to get up Dani came to me with water and some Advil

"Mind reader" I muttered

She smiled "El's getting ready now, I already picked out an outfit for you, so when she's done if youre up for it you can get ready!" She smiled

"Yes!" I smiled "I need some new belts!"

She laughed as El came out

"Your turn!" She said

I went to go find my outfit which was this: http://www.polyvore.com/shopping_with_el_dani/set?id=57884608#stream_box

They both had such good taste, i couldnt wait to go shopping with them!

"Alright!" El said when i walked out "We've planned to go to 2 different malls"

"Here" Dani said handing me Advil "Youll need these"

"Thanks" I smiled putting them in to my purse.


When we got to the first mall we went to litterally every store ever made.

And same ith the second mall.

Heres what i got:  http://www.polyvore.com/malls_later_with_el_dani/set?id=58849619#stream_box

When we finally got home, 13 hours later, we all fell asleep.

Today was the first good day in a whie, hopefully it'll last


*Alex's POV*

When i woke up i went out to the sitting room to find Dani and El talking.

"Hey!" They said looking up

I just smiled.

"So Alex, the boys have a show today, so do you want to go shopping for some decorations for in here, sinice its so boring?" El asked

"I was thinking it looked broing! But! I need to pull a prank" I smiled

"Why?" Dani asked exited

"So they know not to mess with me"

After I told them the plan, and got changed into this: [polyvore]  it was time to put everything in action. As Harry says I am the queen of pranks. We waited unitl the boys had to go to the concert. we'd have 4 hours to pull this off.

We left before they did and acted like we where shopping.  Once we knew the boys gone we went back to there bus. First Dani put salt on all of there tooth brushes. Second We put food coloring in the soap. Then we Took all of there shampoo bottles and glued them shut.

I wasnt done yet though. I took all of Nialls underwear, Just because i could and i knew he'd want then back. Finally i took all Every drink in the frige and glued them down.

Then we went 'shopping'.

"Wont the boys just love us?" Dani laughed.

"Yes, yes they will Dani" El and i said at the same time.


After we got done putting everything away we went down to the main concert hall.

When we got there the boys where practining.

"Hey Lou!" I hugged her"How are you?"

"Pretty good, you know your brother is amazing with babies?" She chuckled

"Ive been told" I smiled back.

"So did Harry tell you what happened with Niall?" She asked.

I think my heart stopped.


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