I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


12. Two Tattoos

A/N I just want to say RIP to all of the fallen in 9/11 ~


*Alex's POV*

I woke up to 2 texts. One from Niall and one from Zayn.

From: Nialler<3

"Good morning Beautiful :)"

I responded

 "Oh no. What do you want(;"

I laughed at myself. Im so stupid. Next I read the one from Zayn. 


"Hey, Do you want to hang out today?"

I laughed at his name. It looked like Louis had put it in. Then i responded

"Sure, I need to talk to you too, Ill be over in 20 minutes?"

I set my phone down and went to get ready, Being very careful to not wake EL and Dani.

I canged into this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=58637337

Before i walked over to the boys bus i left a note for Dani and El saying that I was spending the day with Zayn. When i got over to the other bus Niall picked me up. 

"NIALL PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed.

"Sorry Love" He said as he put me down on my feet gently, wrapping me in his arms, and kissing my cheek. 

"So i hear you're leaving me for Zayn" He joked

"Yes" I played along.

"Well I will always love you!" He said dramatically, but horribly at the same time

"Good thing you stuck to singing Horan" I joked. just as Niall leaned down to kiss my neck Zayn came out. 

"No shes mine!" He shouted. Giving me a huge bear hug. I laughed.

"Ready?" He said.

"Yup!" I smiled "Bye Niall I love you."

"Love you more" He said, as we walked out.

"Zayn?" I asked once we where far enough away. 

"Yes?" He said, still continuing to walk.

"I want a tattoo" I said.

He smiled like an idiot. "I knew it!" He laughed

"Is it really that obvious, Do you think Niall will get mad?" I asked worried

"Id be more worried about Harry love" He said, walking into a coffee shop.

"Why?" I asked concerned

"Because when he heard we where going out today, he said one Dont try anything funny and two dont let her do anything stupid like get a tattoo."

"Harry's So stupid!" I shouted. "He has tattoos!" 

"Thats what i said"

"So youre not going to let me get it are you?" I sighed.

"Alex, its your body not his, you can do anything you want. So if you want a tattoo, you'll get one" He smiled

"Have i mentioned i love you?" I said hugging him. 

"Im pretty sure you have shorty" He smiled. 

After we ordered and sat down we started having little conversations.

"Alex, you okay?" He asked "You seem withdrawn from the conversations"

"Ehh, Im just kinda nervous, to be truthful" 

"Its nothing to worry about! I promise. How many do you want?"

"Well in total seven, but not all today" I said

"Okay, then lets go get one!" He said hoping up as i followed. As we started walking again we found a parlor. 

"Ready?" He smiled 

"Yup!" I said walking in.

After i picked out what i wanted i sat in the chair. It honestly hurt. Really bad. But it was worth it. I got these http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=58641804(A breast cancer sign on my wrist and 3 birds flying away on my lower ankle)

It was 6 When we finished so we decided to go back. When we walked in, i was really nervous.

"Hey!" Niall said 

"Heyyyy" I replied obviously nervous.

"What did you guys do today?" Harry asked

"Well, umm." I looked at Zayn for help.

"Alex got to tattoos!" He said. I looked at Harry. His face dropped. Niall looked fine though.

"Thats awesome babe!" He smiled "Lets see-"

"What The Hell?!" Harry yelled. "I specifically said to not let her do something stupid, like get tattoos and what do you do, get two tattoos!" He yelled at me and Zayn.

"Harry im-" Zayn started

"NO!" i yelled back. "Harry, are you stupid?! You have tattoos, just because im a girl means i cant have them? For god sakes, I can make my own decisions. My 18th birthday is in less than 2 weeks! You always say you want me happy, but when i do something that actually makes me happy for once in my god damn life, its like its the worst thing in the world. Do you not see this makes me happy! These people make me happy! Not a lot of things make me happy Harry. You of all god damn people should know that. I have no clue what happened to my mom or my dad. I never got to meet my mom and im pretty sure my dads death wasn't an accident. My bestfriend committed suicide when we where 14. I tried to do the same thing at the same thing. 4 years later the only thing thats changed is ive met these people. Im still suicidal, i still cut, and not a lot of things make me happy. So Harry if this makes me fucking happy, I have to clue whats wrong with it!" I exploded. By now every one was in the sitting room starting at me. Harry just looked madder. 

"Alex, Harry." Zayn said taking a step in between us. 

"No! Zayn, back off" Harry shouted. "I want to make you happy Alex. I was so exited to have another sister when mum told me. I couldnt wait to meet you, I felt like we where gonna be bestfriends. And i was right. All ive ever wanted is to protect you! And i can never seem to do my job right"


"Ever think its because its not your job Harry!" I spat 

"It is my job Alex!" He continued "Ive always tried to protect ever since we where 10 and i met you. Why cant you understand that it isnt my fault you dont know your birth parents. That its not my fault your bestfriend committed suicide! But it is my fault that i let you try, that you cut youself! Its my fault, I could have protected you from that, I could have made you happy but i didnt!"

"You tried all you could Harry!" I said still shouting "Nothing and no one could have made me happy, I had a lot going on, if you didnt realize! No one could have done anything to help me! You did help me by not telling anyone! By keeping a secret! By taking me to the hospital! By accepting me! You did everything you could. So did mum and Gemma, But No one else did because i didnt have anyone else. Everyone hated me. A person needs more that 3 people Harry! And ive finally found them! You should just be happy that I have something to make me happy, besides cutting myself, Because im sure anyone that cares about me would rather me get tattoos than hurt myself!" I yelled back, walking out the door, to go for a walk. 

"Alex" I heard Harry call 

"Fuck off" I said as i walked away

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