I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


16. The Date

*Alex's POV*


The boys did good at there concert. The twitquestions where funny as always, one of them asked the boys to dougie. Lets just say Harry deffinanlty cant pull that off. I had fun with Bre, when i saw her. She was so thankful. Im prettty sure we'll always be friends.

Where on our back to the busses and i was sitting next to Niall.

"Tomorrow, is going to be really special babe" He whispered

"And why's that?"

"Im taking you on a date." He said getting out of the car, helping me.

"Niall you dont have to"

"But i want to."

"Fine, You just have to let me go shopping for a dress."

"Youll look fine no matter what you wear." He said dropping me off at the bus.

"Love you goodnight"

"Love you too babe" He said kissing me.

As I walked on the bus I closed the door and ran over to Danielle and Eleanor.

"Tomorrow! We. Have. To. Go. Shopping!" I said

"Why?" Dani asked

"Nialls taking me on a date and i need the perfect out fit!"

"Okay!" El said. "Im always in the mood for shopping!"

"You know what we should do?!" Dani asked

"What?!" El and i yelled

"We should go on a triple date one time, and tomorrow we should all get matching out fits"

"That sounds brilliant!" El said.

"Im in!" I laughed

That night when i was in my bed i couldnt sleep i was so exited. I love Niall so much.


I woke up to Dani shaking me.



"If you want to make it back in time to have a couple of hours to get ready for your date we have to leave in an hour."

"Okayyyy" I yawned getting out of bed. I went and changed into this; [Polyvore]

When we got to the mall we went to find my dress first. It took a lot of stores but i finally found the dress.

After words we went and found a dress for all of us, so we could match and we got this; [polyvore]

It was around 4 so we decided to go back and get ready for my date. On the way back Niall called me and told me to be ready at 7. We had just enough time, because it would take about a half an hour to get home.

When we go to the bus we saw Harry standing at the door. With green hands. We all burst out laughing.

"Niall wanted to know if he can have his underwear back." He said mad.

"Yeah, give me a second!" I laughed walking in to the bus. I grabbed 1 underwear and gave it to Harry and shut the door, going to get my curler.

"Did you see his face!" El laughed

"Yes! I wonder when Niall will figure out the shampoo is glued down!" Dani chuckled

"He was so mad! Its so funny!" I laughed handing the curling iorn to dani so she could do my hair.

"Wait no body talk, Louis calling and I want to put him on speaker!" EL shouted


"Hey babe!" She answered the phone.

"Eleanor!" He shouted "Niall cant get his shampoo off the counter, his hands are green and hes kinda freaking out!"

She laughed "Im sorry babe, that sounds like a problem for him!"

"Let me talk to Alex!" He shouted.

I shook my head.

"No babe" El said "Shes getting ready, she cant talk"

"Eleanor!" he said "Im giving the phone to Niall!"

"Ohh Im so scared!" She said while the phone was being hannded over.

"Eleanor!" Niall said "How am i suposse to show up to a date with green hands and unconditioned hair!"

She chuckled "You sound like Zayn!"

El wanted to get off the phone she mouthed 'Help me!' While Niall was talking about something i yelled

"El, Hurry I need you! I spilled the nail polish all over the place!"

"Oh im sorry Niall, I have to go! Alex needs help! Try rubbing alchol to get the food coloring off! Bye"

"We dont have rubbing alchol!" He shouted

"Bye!" El said hanning up


"Oh my god! That was priceless!" I laughed

"How much you want to bet one of them will be over here in less than 3 seconds!" Dani said right as there was a knock at the door

"5 US dollars says its Harry!" I shouted

"I bet its Liam!" Dani said

"Your on!" I said as El opened the door

"Its Harry!" She said.

"HA!" I laughed

"Damn it!" Dani said

"Can we please borrow some rubbing alchol." He seethed

"Let me go get it!" El said all cheery

"Alex ill get you back!" Harry called from the door

"Sure you will!" I laughed then i turned to Dani and said "Tonight no one call fall asleep. He always tries to get you in the sleep. Dont leave either."

"Gotcha!" She laughed

"Here you go Harry, Now leave!" She said handing him alchol

"Tell Niall I love him!" I shouted.

"No! You two are not aloud to have any contact before your date." Dani El and Harry all shouted.

"Woah! Okay!" I said

"Make her give you her phone!" Harry said

"Really Harry I hate you!" I said handing Dani my phone

"Love you too. Bye!"

"Alright! Lets go! We only have an hour and a half!"


An hour an a half later i was dressed in this: [polyvore]

"You look stunning!" El said

"Agreed!" Dani said

"Thank you guys so much!" I said "I might crash over there or Niall might crash over here, is that ok?"

"Of course! Just dont get pregnant!" Dani said

I laughed "I wont! Trust me!"

There was a knock at the door

"Its time!" El said exitedly going to get the door.

"Alex, Come here!" El yelled.

I walked over to the door with Dani.

"Wow." Niall said "You look stunning"

i blushed "You too."

"Awwee!" Dani cooded.

"Alright, you two get up here so we can get a picture!" El said as we walked on the bus. "One, Two, Three!" She said taking a picture with my phone and hers, and Dani took the picture with hers and Niall.

"Alright, You two go have fun!" El said

"And have her back by 11!"

"Okay, bye guys!" I said


"So where are we going?" I asked

"You'll just have to wait and see." He smiled. "I like your clutch by the way" He smiled

"Thanks, it was my mums" I smiled "I like you"

"Well, im pretty sure i like you more!"

"Not possible, end of story!"

"I would argue, but we're here" He said.

I looked up to see a glass building.

"Its Italian, and Harry said you love pasta."

"Its wonderful Niall!" I said hugging him

"Glad you like it"

While we ate we had small talk. And before we knew it, it was 9;30.

"I guess we better go." He smiled

"Okay." i said

When we got out side i took off my shoes.

"Its so beautiful here." I said

"Just like you."

I yawned.

"Someones tired" He chucked.

"I woke up really early!" I whined

"Can i carry you?" He asked. I was tired and it was Niall. I trust him

"Sure" I said as he picked me up bridal style.

"Let me know if im to heavy." i said

"Babe, you weigh like nothing!" He chuckled

"Okay." I said, and fell asleep in his chest.

"Alex, we're here." Niall said waking me up

"Okay" i said getting down and opening the door.

"Do you want to stay here?"  i asked

"Sure." he said.

We both crawled into my bed and fell asleep. Today was the best day ever.



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