I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


30. Remember It All

*Nialls POV*

We looked everywhere. Out the open window was the place I didnt want to. I had to. She was lying there. Blood rushing from her body. I almost jumped too. Not to die, but to save her. It would have been the fastest way. Liam pushed me back. 911 was already on the phone. I ran down to where she was. And held her. Feeling her heart beat, knowing that she wasn't gone for good. It was the worst yet best thing i've ever felt. They pried her from me. Taking her away. Everyone was shaken. Either Harry or I where the worst. When we got to the hospital I didnt wait in a line to ask where she was. 


"Room number for Alex Styles"

"Sir you'll have to wait-" 

"Just give me the damn room number!" I shouted at the lady. Liam came over and moved me to the waiting area. I sat down and let the horrible image of her laying there replay over and over. 

Zayn came over and comforted me. Louis did the same to Harry. We sat there for what seemed like days. Finally

"Visitors for Alex Styles?" A voice rang out. i was the first one up. 

"Where is she, is she okay? Can we see her?" I threw at the doctor. 

"Follow me" she said with a smile in her voice. "Shes doing better, a minor concision and no brain injury." she stopped walking "Shes in a coma, she can hear everything but can see. We dont think she can move either. Shes a very lucky girl" 

"Are we allowed to see her?" Harry talked for the first time through it all.

"Yes, but before you go in I need to tell you something" She paused "You need to try and bring her back. Get her to move, to flutter her eyelids, squeeze your arm. Anything will work. We need to know that there is progress. Talk to her, have a conversation, sing to her. Anything you can that she might recognize. If she doesnt wake up in 3 days, im sorry, but we'll have to take her off life support " she finished and opened the door. leaving us to ourselves. 

I went over to her lifeless but life-full body. i started crying. harry sat on the other side of her.

"3 days?" I asked

I swallowed hard.

"Princess. 3 days. 3 days and i might lose you forever. You have wake up. Fight for me. Fight for Harry. Fight for your mum. Fight for Gemma. Fight for Zayn. Fight for Louis. Fight for Liam. fight for us princess. i know you can. Youre strong, youre stronger than death is. You can do this. you have to push through. Princess 3 days"

I looked over to see everyone was gone. I sat there.Next to her. Her hand in mine and i didnt move. The thought of lossing her.It just- I cant think about it.

The door opened.

"Niall come withme. Lets give Harry some time." I didnt protest. i got up kissing her leaving.

"it'll be okay." Liam said "I'll be okay"


*Harrys POV*

Again. Last time it was diffrent.


"Alex!" I called up to the stairs. No awnser. Mum and Gemma had left to go shopping. It was only a few days after Daniela died. " Alex lets go get Ice cream" I called up to her to get her to take her mind off of things. I'd only known her for 4 years, but we were best friends. Better than gemma and I. "Alex seriously." I said walking into her room.

I opened the door to find pills layin around her body on the bed.

"Oh my god!Alex" I shouted running over to her. I thought fast and grabbed her. I carried her bridal style to hosptial. it was 10 blocks away. I ran in with her. Everyone watching as i went up to the counter

"Help her!" I shouted

"Sir, calm down whats wrong?" the nurse said.

"She was laying on the bed with pills all around her. Help Her!"

They took her. I called Mum and Gemma. They got there and told me how brave i was. How proud they were of me. I didnt care. She would have done the same for me. I just wanted to see her.

Once i did she kept saying sorry.

I told her it was okay, and to never do it again. We made a promise.

*End flash back*

"We had a Promise Al. Honestly I dont care about it anymore. I just want you back. I you to be how you were before everything happened. I want to hear mum yell 'Alex and harry Styles stop using your sisters make up!' or 'Alex, Harry, you should have asked me before you went to the shop. I was worried sick' I want Christmas mornings back. I want our birthday partys back. I just want it all. I want everything to be normal again. Im so sorry Alex" I sobbed

I just sat in the chair. No one came in. No one bothered us. I eventually fell asleep.

*Next morning*

I woke up a mess. I had nightmares after nightmares last night.

I went over to Alex to make sure she was okay. I left real quick to go get the boys and go to the bathroom.

I went back into the room and the boys were all crying.

"Harry!" Niall ran up to me and hugged me "She moved, help us talk to her. Help us get her awake"

I went over "Al, its me Harry. Niall and Louis and Zayn and Liam are all here" Niall was sitting next to her holding her hand

"She squezed" He said

I sat down and held her other hand

"Al come on fight, I know you can make it." I said

She squezed harder. And she didnt let go. Her legs twitched. Her eye lids fluttered.

"Im so sorry" Were her first words


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