I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


4. Packing

I woke up in the same clothes i had been wearing yesterday. I went out to the living room and everyone was there, which is not what i was expecting to see.
"Hello" they boys said
"Hey guys!" i yawned as i went to sit next to Harry
"Hey Harryyyyy" I whined
"I need to go home and change pleaseee" I asked
"Sure" he smiled "Do you want to hang out with us today?"
"Well, I dont really know" i joked.
"YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO" Louis screamed
"what is with it and you yelling?!"
"Thats just MEEE!" he replied. I just laughed
"Sure i'll hang out with you today, as long as you let me change"
"Okay lets Go!" Harry said getting up with the others following
"Why are you guys coming?" i said "I mean not that i dont want you to coome but.." i trailed off hoping they knew what i met
"We're going to help you pack." Liam said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world
"Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, Last night after you went to bed we got a phone call that we're actually leaving in 2 days" Harry said
"WHAT?!" I yelled
"Its not a big deal, Alex" Niall said calmly. His smooth accent always calmed me. Wait no! I cant like him!
"We'll just go pack now, then, you can stay with us tonight and we'll leave tomorrow"
"Oh Okay." i said as we all piled into the car.
I was about to sit next to Harry in the front when Louis jumped in front of me and screamed "oh no you dont!" I sighed.
The seating was Harry driving, with Louis in the front. Zayn and Liam, then Niall and I. The car ride was pretty much silent. And it would have been nice, but i was nervous sitting next to Niall. When we finally arrived I jumped out. 
"You told mom, right?" i ask Harry, he just nodded.
I pulled out the spare key from the place in the plant and yelled "We're HOMEEE!"
"Hey baby!" mom said to me. "How do you like the boys?" she smiled weakly. "they are nice" i said, copying her weak smile. "great" she smile.
"Ah Hello Boys!" she said giving each one a hug as they muttered there Hellos. I was guessing that since she didnt make a big deal about Harry being back, they had already seen each other.
"Well, I guess we should go help you pack" Harry said
"Okay, ill bring you snacks in a little" Mom said as we walked up the stairs
As i walked in they boys all jumped on my bed. 
"alright, i need to go change, so you guys stay here and dont touch ANYTHING!" I said
I came back out a few minutes later in this: [polyvore] and happy to find that the boys are still sitting where they where before.
"Okay" i said as i went to my closet and pulled down 1 Suit case
"Bloody Hell Alex, How are you only taking 1 suit cases?!" Zayn asked
"We'll i dont want to take up a lot of room.." I trailed off
"Alex, you're packing your whole wardrobe!" Zayn said, so i got down 5 more.
"Okay! Lets pack!"
I packed all of my makeup, hair things, and tolitrees in a whole suitcase! in the rest of them i packed all my clothes and shoes. And 2 of them they guys had to sit on. I still wanted to pack pictures and other things like that.i asked the boys to leave so i could 'remember everything' but that wasnt the real reason. I went over to my computer desk and opened my fake book. I stared at the blades and knife that laid inside of them. I knew i'd probably be needing them so i put the book inside my duffel bag, along with my laptop, some pictures, and my phone chargers. This will be good. I thought. Hopefully.I opened the doors and started downstairs with 2 of my suitcases and my duffel bag. I immediately had 5 boys running to me grabbing everything and going upstairs to get the rest. Oh those boys. I convinced them to let me carry a suitcase and my duffel bag.

When we got back to they boys flat they told me not to unpack, since we'd be leaving tomorrow, which made sense. The rest of the day i pretty much spent helping the boys pack.
I couldnt go to sleep because i was so exited! I cant wait

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