I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


3. Meeting the Boys

I hid behind Harry as he knocked on the door. Words can't describe how nervous I am. The door opened and a boy wearing stripes appeared "HAZZA!" The boy gave Harry a similar hug i had received when Harry arrived. Soon 3 other boys arrived in the door way. A boy wearing plaid with brown hair ushered us in. I stayed behind Harry the whole time. I was terrified. "Alex"  Harry said I looked up from where i was standing. "These are the lads" He said ushering to the boys who where now sitting. "This is Louis" He said pointing to the one hugging him earlier. "Liam" He continued to the one in a plaid shirt. "Zayn" He said ushering to the one with Black hair "And Niall" he ushered to the blonde one munching on a bag of chips "HII" Louis shouted. I jumped and clung to Harry. "Alex, its okay" He pushed me forward. "Hello love" The boy i knew as Liam said. "Sorry if Louis scared you." I smiled "hello" Niall and Zayn chorused.
"Umm..Hi i stuttered" By now, i was the only one standing.
"Why dont you come sit down,love" Niall (i think) said to me, as he patted the seat next to me.
I looked at Harry nervously as if to ask 'is it okay' or 'is it safe' He simply shook his head.
Nervously i went to sit down next to Niall.
"How are you?" he asked me.
"Umm.. just fine" i said "thanks and you?"
"Lovely" He smile at me. I felt a feeling in my stomach i hadn't felt for a long time. 'No Alex!' i told myself. You CAN'T get feelings for anyone. Not after last time.
By this point all of the lads where looking at me.
"Y..Yess?" I stuttered
"Lets play a game!" Louis shouted.
I looked at Harry and he simply nodded.
"What game would you like to play Alex?" Zayn asked
"Umm.. I don't really care"
"Ohh come on choose for us!"
"Umm..Okay." i smiled for the first time since ive been here. "How about truth or dare?!" I said excitedly. I admit i don't play games a lot. And i usually would object, but i think i'll like them, so why not?
"OHH I LIKE YOU ALREADY" Louis shouted as he came over and attacked me.
"GROUP HUG!" Zayn screamed. All the boys piled on top of me.
"Umm..Guys, I can't breath" i gasped for air.
"Sorry" Niall said
i chuckled "it's okay. Now how about we play that game?" i smiled.

We've been playing for about 1/2 an hour. And only Liam has picked truth. There where some crazy dares.
"Alex, truth or dare?" Zayn asked me
"umm..lets go truth." I smiled.
"Ohh okay.. umm.. Have you ever been cheated on?"
I felt my face drop. My stomach did somersaults.Was I ready to tell them. I haven't even told Harry.
"yy..yes." i finally spit.
I started crying. Harry who was sitting next to me, in the circle, pulled me over. He wiped me tears and strocked my face. "Shh..Shhh. Its okay. Its okay." He said
"umm.. i dont mean to be rude but.. What happened?" Louis asked.
I could feel people glaring at him.
"You don't have to answer that Alex" Harry whispered.
"No, Its okay" I crawled out of his lap "I want to"
I breathed in.
"It was about 2 weeks after you went to the X-Factor" i paused trying to not cry again. "I.. I got a boyfriend. His name was Tyler" My tears dared to spill over at his name. "We where dating for a while, about 3 weeks. He would always tell me that i was amazing, beautiful, priceless. And i believed him." I pulled my knees to my chest. "One day when i was walking home, and i saw his brown fluffy hair. He was walking hand in hand with a girl with pure blonde hair. I was about to go into a store when he turned around. I didnt think it was actually him, but when he turned around he looked at me dead in the eyes, as if to say 'Im sorry' but i can read people. i know what he really met 'she's better'. Later that day he kept texting me Telling me he was sorry. After about an hour of not responding he finally said what he met 'I'm sorry that you had to find out, but she's so much better. You're a slut, and no one cares about you.' I knew it was true except for the slut part, So i texted him back and simply said 'Like that girl, wasnt'. After that i dont know what happened. I deleted his number and haven't gotten a text since."I finished.
I looked up. I could see the hurt and anger flashing though everyone of there eyes.
"Sorry i asked" Zayn said
i walked over to him and gave him a big hug. "Its okay. Im glad you did. I finally got it out and it feels good" I said
I got up and pulled out my phone "Bloody hell! Its already 12! Harry i hope you told mom!" i said. The boys seemed to relax
"I did i did, chill. You can stay here if you want. Lou and i have a guest room." He smiled
"Okay!" I said "But wait! I dont have any clothes for tomorrow"
"Well, thats something I wanted to talk to you about." Harry said. I looked around to get hints, But the boys where just smiling like dorks. Oh I love them already.
"Yess.." I slowly responded
"Well We just finished our tour of the UK" Harry started.
"Wait." I was really confused "I thought you got back from the X-factor."
"Well i mean when we did we only had about a week and you and mom where in New York, remember?" he said
I smiled at the memory "Oh yeah"
"Anyway" he continued "I, i mean, we are going back on tour in about 2 weeks to the United States"
 "Oh." i said my face dropped
"But!" Niall said "we want to know"
"If you'll go on tour with us!" They all finished
I was shocked. ecstatic.
"Oh my gosh yes!!!!" I jumped "Im going on tour with my favorite people" i danced
Wait did i just say favorite people? Yeah i guess i did. Because, well they are! I've only known them for a night, but theres something different about them. Epically Niall

~ A/N Hello guys i hope you're enjoying it. xx~M

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