I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


20. Interview

*Alexs POV*

The past few days have been really good. Me and Niall have been better than ever, along with everyone else. But today I didnt feel good. Not phycically, but emoionaly and mentaly. El and Dani went over with the boys about 10 minuites ago and i was suppose to be there soon. I picked up my phone to call Harry. After a couple of rings he answered.

"Hey whats up?" He asked

"I dont feel good." I said.

"Its okay, just take some advil and go to sleep."

"Not like that Harry."

"Hold on." He said. I could hear the noise drop. "Al, whats up"

"I feel like I did when Daniela died." Daniela was my bestfriend

"Al, Have you been taking your meds." He asked really concerned

"Erm, I dont know, I think I ran out yesterday."

"Al, You should have told me. You know i care about you more than anyone else. Everyones gonna come over there to make sure you dont hurt yourself okay? Im going to go out and get you some meds. Okay"

"Okay. I love you."

"Love you too. We'll be over soon." He said hanning up

I had a pounding headache, and before I knew it Everyone was over.

"Hey babe you alright?" Niall asked genuinally concerned

"Yeah, I guess."

"Im going out to get your meds, and then ill come back and you can take them okay? Ill see you in a little bit." Harry said

"Okay." I said faintly as he left.

"Maybe you should get some sleep" Liam offered.

"Okay" I said laying down on my bed.

Before I knew it I drifted off.

I was awoken by Harry gentally shaking me.

"Here Al" He said handing me depression meds and a little glass of water

"Thanks Harry" I said after I swollowed them.

"Anytime Al. So tonight we have a concert. Do you want to come?" He smiled

"Um Harry?" I asked


"Why wouldnt I come?" I laughed

"You are so.."

"So what Harry?" I laughed

"Youre so Alex!" He finally said

I laughed standing up. "What time is it?"

"Around 11, we have to leave soon, so get changed alright?" He smiled

"Okay" I smiled

I changed into this; [Polyvore]

I walked out to the sitting room and everyone was there

"Yay! She's Better!" Louis said

"Yeah, Yeah, yeah, No big deal" I said trying to not be the center of attention "You guys ready for the concert?"

"Yup! Speaking of which we have to go"  Liam said as he stood up, the rest of the boys followed.

"Lets go!" Louis shouted

We all pilled into the car.

"So Alexxxxx" Louis said "Harry told me that your birthday is in a couple of days" He smiled.

"erm yeah, I guess it is" I muttered flipping my hair back off my shoulder.

"We're gonna celebrate it good babe" Niall whispered in my hair causing me to blush

"How do you want to celebrate?" Zayn said, obviously not hearing what Niall said

"Nothing big." I said

"Why not thats the fun part!" El laughed

"If it was up to her she wouldnt even celebrate it." harry scofffed

"Why not?" Louis asked

I shrugged "I jusy dont think you should celebrate being older, besides what so much better about me that theres a day just for me, when there are plenly of other people.." I said, realizing that it didnt make much sence

"Alex, Dont say that. Your birthday deserves to celebrated and thats whats going to happen" Dani smiled

"What ever." I muttered

"Alright we're here" Paul called from the front of the van

After we all piled out and got into the hall Lou gave them outfits.

"You guys have an interveiw, they want the girls there" Paul siad

"wait what?" I practically screamed

"20 minuites" He said walking away

"Ohmygodwhatdoido?!" i yelled to no one

"Its okay babe, just be yourself" Niall smiled coming over to hug me.

"Your outfits will be fine, you look beautiful as always" Lou smiled

After all the boys came out dressed and Lou got everything ready for them it was time to go. I was shaking like a dog.

"It'll be okay babe" Niall came over hugging me once more.

There where people everywhere setting up cameras and lights.

"Alrigh everyone in postiton." A woman yelled. Harry started laughing

"Shut up!" Zayn slapped him

Dani and El came over "Just be yourself, youll do fine." They smiled

As we went to go sit down we sat so it was Niall, me, Harry, and Zayn on a coucch. Then Dani, Liam, El, and Louis on stools behind us.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1" Someone counted down

"Hello and welcome back to the show! We're her now with One Direction, There girl friends, and Harrys addopted sister! Hello guys!"

There was a mixture of Hi's and Hello's

"So Let me make sure I have all your names right." She said "You're Danielle" She shook her head "Liam, Eleanor and Louis?"

"Yup" El smiled

"So then Niall, Alex, Harry, and Zayn" he finished"

"Yes." Harry smiled

"Execllent. Alright so I have to ask." She said "Any romances besides Eleanor and Louis, and Danielle and Liam? Alex, Niall, Harry, Zayn" She smiled

I looked oveer at Niall and he was smiling then I looked over at Harry who shook his head

"Well actually Alex and I" Niall said entertwining our hands and pulling them up.

"We've been going out for about 2 and a half weeks, so around when the tour started" I finished smiling

"Thats wonerful!" She beamed "So How has the tour been so far?" She asked the boys

"Pretty good!" Liam said

"Thats great!" She said. She was way to happy for my taste. "So Alex, I want to talk to you." She said turning her attention twords me. I smiled. "we know youre addopted by the styles, which makes you Harrys addopted sister, So tell me, Do you know anything about your birth partents?"

My stomach did a flip. "Erm, No, actually I dont. I know that my mom died during child birth, and my dad was killed, but thats all I know." I finished

"Oh, Im sorry. Do You remember anything about before you where addopted?" She asked

"Well, actually no. I really just remember the day I was addopted." I said, being completly true.

"Im sorry." She said

"Its okay, not your fault" I smiled

After that the rest of the interview she just asked a bunch of random questions. I didnt follow them I was wondering. Wondering about my parents.

"Alright well we are out of time!" The lady yelling snapped me out of my thoughts "Have a lovley concert tonight and we hope to be able to see you again!" She said

I just sat there daised. Questions running through my head about my addoption. There had to be more. What was I not remembering. There was more. I knew it.

"Alex, lets go." Niall said. As I got up to go sit down on the other couch. I still didnt feel like I was in reality, just there. There was the numb that came over my whole body. I didnt know anything. I want to know about my birth parents. I need to.

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