I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


31. Im So Sorry

*Nialls POV*

"Im so sorry" She said shaking.I just held her close, tears streaming diwn my face.

"Im so sorry" she said again

"Shut up Alex" Harry said "Youre with us now thats all that matters.

"Sorry" she said again.

"Babe dont ever do that again. tomorrow i would have lost you.Its not worth it"I managed to say

"I wont" She said

"I wanna talk to you later" i whispered

She shook her head, as the nurse walked in.

"Ahh I see Ms. Styles is up" She smiled "How are you feeling?" she smiled weakly

"Honestly, fine" she smiled back

"Thats good, we're going to let you go, but there are rules" The doctor looked at the boys and I "You have to make sure this happens everyday because if this situation happens again Ms. Styles, You'll have to go to a corectional behavior hospital. We should have made you gone this time, but we're not going to"

"Oh Okay." She said

"So, Every morning you need to get up no later than 9 am. Its important  to keep your body healthy,on the weekends no later than 11 am. Now number two, take your medicince twice a day with breakfast and dinner, which brings me to the 3rd thing, to eat 3 meals a day. If you skip your stomach lining will start diapeering. you also need to start exersicing, really just a walk to start your body, and drink plently of water. think you can handel that?"

"Yeah" she shook her head

"Alright, then lets try to get you our of here" She smiled leaving.

"Okay well this is gonna talke a while so do you wanna go get me clothes?" Alex smiled

"I will"  Zayn smiled leaving

"hey will you guys leave for a couple of minuites?" I asked

"Sure" Liam smiled along with Louis and Harry leaving.

"i missed you" I said after the door closed.

"It was hard" She whispered "Deciding for the second time that this is the way to go. I just feel like, im going to die from suicide, i feel like my life doesnt end any other way"

"yeah it will princess. We'll be old with grand kids maybe even great grand kids, the boys will live in our basment, maybe not Liam, but if not he'll live close by, we'll see everyone all the time, all of our kids will be bestfriends, some will get married, have kids of there own. You'll live to see that. I know you will"

"You really think that??"

"I know it babe."

"Its just,, i dont know"

"Im always here for you princess, pleasse dont ever think that this is the way, it never is never will be. I love you"

"I love you too" She opened her arms for a hug as i went over the door opened

"here are your clothes love" Zayn smiled

"Thanks" She said "Now how the hell am i suppose to do this?" She asked trying to get up.

"Here" I said helping her up and giving her her clothes

She came out and was dressed in this; [polyvore]

"Really?" she laughed "i thought he had style!"

"Awee come on it doesnt look that bad?" I laughed

there was a knock at the door "yeah?" she called

"Its time to go!" Louis shouted opening the door. He started laughing.

"Shut up" she muttered as she passed him

"I just wanna go home!" she whined "Nialllllll"

"yes princess??"

"Can i have a piggy back ride?"

"Hop on love"

"Let me know if im to heavy" She said

"You'll never be to heavy. youre a stick, how many times do i have to tell you that?!"

We got out and found Paul there with the van, Once we got to the hotel harry and I switched rooms.

"Can i go to sleep?" Alex asked

"Well, its only 6 " i laughed

"I know but i have to get up at 9 and thats early"

"Not really, but sure"

"Will you come with me?" She asked

"Sure babe."

"I love you" She said

"Love you more"

"Night" she said turning out the light

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