I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


19. Hold Me In Your Arms

*Alexs POV*

I woke up probably the happiest person alive. I cahnged in to this; [polyvore] I think Niall will like it. I went out to the kitchen and started making him eggs, bacon, pankaces, and fruit. I know he'll eat every single thing. He came out to the kitchen smiling.

"I like your shirt." He cooded

I laughed "You better!"

"Time to eat!" He yelled.

"No, wait until eveyone else gets over here"

"But Alexxxx" He whined

There was a knock. "Look they are here right now" I walked over to the dorr and opened it.

"Nice shirt" Zayn said

I laughed when I turned around i say Niall smiling. I  sighed

"I know you ate a pankace Horan!" I laughed

He shurugged that little shrug he does

"Alright lets eat!" Harry said

"Woah thats my line!" Niall said

"Just eat!" I laughed sitting down next to him

"Thanks babe" He smiled putting 4 pankaces, 3 spoonfuls of eggs, and about 12 peices of bacon.

"Anything for the birthday boy, but he better eat some fruit!"

"Fineeee" He said taking 6 or 7 peices

"Good Nialler" I cooded

After we where done eating breakfast we went into the city. Niall wanted to go go-cart racing. The teams where Niall and I, Dani and Liam, El and Louis, and Harry and Zayn. Zayn and Harry won, and Niall and I lost.

"I'll get you next time Styles!" Niall yelled.

"Whatever" He laughed

"Alright what time is it?" Dani asked

"4" I said

"Alright we should get going back to the bus, Niall youre not allowed on your bus, so Harry can get you some clothes and you can change." Dani said

"Why me?!" Harry shouted

"Because youre the youngest" Dani replied


once we got back to the bus i changed into this; [polyvore]

When I came out Niall was staning there in a suit

"Stunning as always" He smiled

"Look whos talking" I smiled. My phone started rining. "Its Dani"

"Hello?" i answered

"Hey come outside we're leaving now."

"Okay bye" I said haning up

"Lets Go!" I smiled

We walked about 3 blocks before we got to the resturaunt. It was beautiful

We walked in. "Im sorry, this place is rented out tonight"

"Liam Payne" He said

"Oh yes, Im sorry!" She smiled

"Dont worry about it!"

"Right this way" As we walked there where 6 tables set up in the middle of the room just for us."

"Enjoy you meal" She said walking away

"Why did you guys rent the entire place?" Niall said

"Because we wanted a night to ourselves"  Liam answered

When the waiter took our orders Niall ordered 3 plates, and he ate every single one.

Then they brought out a huge cake that said 'Happy birthday Nialler<3'

"You guys shouldny have" He said

"But we did!" Louis shouted

"I cant thank you guys enough!" He said

"But theres more!" Liam said pointing to a table full of presants

"Oh my gosh" He smiled

After we dug into the cake Niall went over to the presants.

Harry got him condoms. condoms. He just started laughing. Dani got him a tanktop, Liam got him a rollex watch, Louis got him a $100 gift card for any resturaunt in America, El got him beats, and Zayn got him jordans.

"So this must be yours?" He smiled

"Y-yeah" I stuttered "its not that good."

He opened it and he started crying. "alex" he hugged me "I love it. It means so much"

"I love you babe, Happy birthday" I smiled

"I love you too" he smiled

"Alright so what do you say we go back to the bus and have a party?" Zayn asked

"Lets go!"  Niall said putting his new snapback on

When we got back Niall put his stuff away and when he came back out I smushed left over cake in. And that was the start of the food fight.

Before it was over Niall and I left to go over to my bus so we didnt have to clean.

I fell asleep in his arms once again. It was again the bestday ever.

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