I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


29. Goodbye

*Alex's POV*

I woke up 3 mornings later from the fight, the break down, the forgiving, the picture. It was the day Danielle and Eleanor were leaving.

I changed into this; [Polyvore]

No one was up yet so I just sat in the sitting room thinking. I had been taking pictures of everything latley and I knew Niall was getting suspcious. I just tell him "I want to remember everything" but I know he doesnt believe me. I dont want to tell him why. The real reason is because i've been feeling suicidal. and if i do end up gone I want them to remember me.

"Hey" Dani came out interrupting my thoughts

"Hi" i muttered

"you okay babe?" she gave a weak smile sitting next to me

"Yeah, i guess, im just gonna miss you guys a lot" I said giving the weak smile back

"Aww, it'll be okay, you know if you ever need anything we're a phone call away."

"I know" I smiled

"So i have to tell you something." she said


"Well you guys cant come to the airport with us.." she trailed off

"W-why?" i stuttered

"Everyone knows we'll be there and Paul says its to much of a security issue. so what we're gonna do is we're moving the buses to a hotel and then Eleanor and I are leaving."

"Oh." was all i could manage to get out.

"yeah so once everyones up and dressed we're going."

"Okay, i'll call the boys and see if they are up" 

"I'll go get El." she smiled walking away as i pulled out my phone and dialed Nialls number.

"Hi." he answered 

"are you really still mad at me?" i sighed

"Yeah, until you tell me whats actually wrong, i think i am." he said

"Im not having this conversation right now Niall."

"And why-" I hung up. I didnt fell like doing this.

i called Louis


"Hey Louis, Eleanor's getting ready and then we're going." I said

"Okay but why did you just hang up on Niall?" He asked 

I sighed really loudly. "I dont wanna talk about it okay?" 

"Alright, i'll see you later love. Bye." he said as i hung up.

As i did El and Dani walked out. "Okay we're ready to go." El said 

"Okay , i'll text paul." i said

One the way to the hotel we took a bunch of random pictures and just laughed remembering the times we had. 

Once we arrived we all hurried into the hotel, The boys and I didnt take our things because we had to help El and Dani with there stuff. When we got in the lobby Paul gave us our rooms.

Harry and Louis. Zayn and Liam. Niall and I. 

"No." I said. "I want to stay with Harry."

niall didnt object but he shot me a look. "Okay then, Niall and Harry switch rooms." Go up there and I'll call you in to my room in about an hour." 

El and Dani went into Liams room to say goodbye and Zayn went into Nialls room to give them privacy. Once Harry and I where alone he sighed

"Why didnt you stay with Niall?" 

"Because he's mad at me for no fucking reason. " I said

"he's mad because you wont tell him whats going on." harry said trying to level with me

"Just because he's my boyfriend doesnt mean he has to know everything." I said. 

"But because im your brother I do, so talk."  he said sitting down on the bed.

"Harry I dont want to talk about it!" I protested "Why cant people understand that?" 

"Alex!" he said getting impatient.

"Im fine Harry!" i shouted. 

"then why the hell are you taking so many pictures? You never take pictures! you hate getting your picture taken! How many have you taken in the last 2 days?" he said

I pulled out my phone to check. It was exactly 1000. "I'm taking so many pictures to have memories harry! These things dont last! Nothing ever does! What if one of us where to die tomorrow?! these pictures would be the only memory!. I take so many fucking pictures to remember, and maybe one day it'll be a bad thing, but right now its fine!" I sighed

He looked at his phone obviously pissed. "Paul wants us." He said getting up.

As he walked past me he said "Thats not the whole reason and you fucking know it." 

I slammed the door so he'd have to open it to get back out. I saw Niall and Zayn in the hall way. When I walked past I didnt say a single word. I opened Pauls door and sat there until everyone else came. Harry and Niall where both avoiding eye contact.

"Alright, Danielle and Eleanor there is a car out back waiting for you, have a safe flight and we'll see you soon hopefully."

"Thanks" they said getting up and walking out. I knew it would be the last time i saw them.

"Now. Everyone we need to have a talk." Paul said seriously. "Somethings going on. I know it. So Why dont you guys explain." He looked at me.

"Im not talking about this." I said getting up and walking to the door. Paul go there before me and blocked it. 

"Sit down. We're talking." He said pointing to the couch. "What's going on, why are you all upset or mad?" He said "Besides The girls leaving" he added

I sighed knowing there was no way of avoiding this. I had to think of a lie. 

"The boys think that just because im taking a shit load of pictures that somethings up" I said

"Yeah because you hate having your picture taken!" Harry yelled 

"So?! I just want some memories. My god Harry. You act like I did when I got tattoos!" I yelled back

"Im with Harry on this one. You've been acting fucking weird lately and im tired of it. I want to know what the fuck is wrong!" Niall yelled

"Nothing is fucking wrong!" I yelled getting up and running over to the door because Paul wasnt there anymore. I slammed it and went to Harry and my room, then locked the door. 


*Nialls POV* 

"Im about done with her." I said getting pissed "Shes my girlfriend I just want to know whats wrong so I can help her."

Then Zayn who hadent said a word this whole time spoke up. "What if she doesnt want help?" He said. 

Then Louis spoke "W-what if she wants to kill herself." He spoke really quietly

I shot up realizing that it could be true. I ran to the harry and hers room. It was locked. Harry was right behind me shoving his key at me. I opened it to find nothing. 


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