I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


18. Don't Tell Them

*Alex's POV*

It had been 4 days and we're finally at the next city. It was the day I had to go everywhere with Niall.

"Hey babe!" I said walking on to tthe boy bus.I was dressed in this; [Polyvore] "You ready to go?" I asked

"Where?" he asked back

I looked at Harry, it was obvious Niall had no clue what was going on. "Anywhere!" I smiles "I just want a you and me day!"

"Alright!" He smiled "lets go!"

As we walked off the bus he pulled out his phone "I want a picture!" He said

"Alright, fine." I said as he held his phone out, getting a picture of us. "Send that to me!" I said

"Its perfect." He admired as he set it as his background "So where do you want to go?"

"I dont know wherever you want to" I smiled

"Alright, lets walk this way." He said


*Harrys POV*

"Altight!" I shouted "Time to get everything ready! Danielle call some bars, see who open."

"Harry are you forgeting something?" She asked "None of us can drink the age here is 21"

"Shit" im murmered "Alright then call some restuants. Louis and El, youre going to get decorations, dont go crazy!"

"Yay!" Louis shouted.

"Zayn and I will go shopping for food, because we all know Niall. And Liam stay here with Danielle and look up resturaunts. When everyone gets back we're going to go back out and get presents."

"What about Alex?" El asked

"She already told me what to get." I smiled  "Alright everyone go!"


About 1 hour later we all met back in the bus.

"Alright lads, before we decorate lets go shopping okay?"

"LETS GO!!!!!!!" Louis shouted

"But where?" Liam asked

"The mall, Alex wants to get him a snapback that has the date when they first go together on it."

"AWEEEEE!" Dani and El cooded

"Yeah, yeah yeah, lets go!" I said

As we walked through the mall we say Alex and Niall.

"Hey Babe! Lets go in here!" She pushed him in to a store. Everyone started laughing. Then i realized why. She pushed him into Victoria Secrets.

"Guys shut up, the snapback store is right here." I said

When we walked in the girl flipped out.


"Hi" I smiled

"Harold this is no time for flirting!" Dani snapped

"Can I get a picture?" She asked

"Sure!" I answered before anyone else

After we got our picture and her twitter name she said something ill never forget

"Finally kick Niall out of the band, And that ugly girl went home?"

"Exsuce me?" I half shouted "Dont talk about Niall like that, or my god damn sister!" Zayn held me back.

"Im only telling the truth" She said

"YOURE A WHORE!" I shouted

"I could say the same thing to you." She smirked

"Alright I think we'll be going somewhere else" Liam said

"Oh hell no! Before we do that i have to say something." Dani said "Niall is so nice, how dare you say that! With out him This band that you 'Love' so much. And there is no ugly girl, the only ugly one here is yourself, so i guess the ugly one hasnt gone home yet, has she?" Dani smiled "Does your mom know youre such a whore?"

"N-No?" She stuttered

"Maybe you should tell her?" She smiled "I hope you have a horrible day." She said walking out with us following.

"That whore." She said

"I wanted to punch her." I seethed.

"Lets not tell Niall or Alex. Especially with his birthday tomorrow." Zayn said

We all muttered our agreement and went to get everything we needed, even finding a new snapback store.

One we got back to the bus we decorated and then went to sleep. Before i went to sleep i got a text from Alex

From; Al!

"I heard what that girl said.."

I texted her back right away

to; Al!

"Im so sorry, Did Niall?"

From; Al!

"No he was in the bathroom. Thanks for defending us though."

I sighed

to; Al!

"Anytime you know that! Please dont tell Niall okay?"

from; Al!

"Of course not, im not that stupid(;"

I laughed

to; Al!

"Alright go get some sleep! tomorrow is gonna be a big day!"


"Haha , i have to go anyway, Niall wants me in the kitched"

to; Al!

"Dont do anything stupid!"

From; Al!

"Bye Harry(;"

I sighed and with that i went to bed

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