I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


6. Don't Carry Me

*Alex's POV*
"Wake up, Oh wake up need to wake up, SO WAKE UP WAKE UP" I heard 5 boys sing
"noo, i dont want to"
"You have to"
"Because we're stopped for exactly 1 hour and you need to go over to your bus and then come back over here for a movie day!" Louis said excitedly
"Ohkay but carry me"
I have no clue who it was but someone picked me up and i jumped
"NO I WAS JUST KIDDING. NO STOP" I screamed and ran out of the boy bus and to mine. I hate being picked up.
"what to wear?" i said to myself. just as i had picked out an outfit i got a text
from: Nialler<3
Im sorry i picked you up. I thought you where for real.. Sorry"
I felt back. So i sent him a text back as fast as i could
To: Nialler<3
Its okay, I shouldn't have freaked out like thatt.Its my fault

I got a text back before i even closed my phone. I smiled, because i knew he cared.

From: Nialler<3
I'm still really sorry. If you dont mine me askin' you, why don't you like being picked up

I sighed. There's a big reason, but 1 i dont want to say over text and 2 im running out of time

I'll tell you later, have to get my butt ready :P

I threw my phone on the couch, so i wouldnt get distracted anymore. I went and got my clothes and changed into this:[polyvore]

I grabbed my phone and raced over to the other bus. I bused in the door with out knocking, which i guess was my fault because i saw Harry naked. "EWWW HARRY" i screamed and closed the door. I could hear laughter, so i called Louis. Wrong choice, to say the least.
"Louis Tomlinson, tell harry to put clothes on right now, so i can come over!
"No Never!" he laughed in the phone and hung up
"Damn you Louis"
So next i called Liam, who i hoped would be more reasonable
"Hello?" he asked
"Really Liam, Just tell harry to put some damn close on before i prank him"
"Oh shit" I heard Harry say
"Good" i smiled "Oh and Liam"
"Yes?" he asked
"well one open the door and two next time tell me im on speaker phone or else you'll get pranked." I hissed
I heard him gulp "Ohh.. okay" He said and hung up.
Soon he was at the door.
"Thanks Leeyum!" He looked scared. I made a mental note to apologize later

I went and sat on the couch across from Niall.
"Okay, What movie?!" Zayn said
I looked at Niall, he looked worried, bugged.
"Umm..Mean Girls,but pause it because i have to talk to Niall" I said as we both got up 
"Ohh Niall get it!" i heard Louis yell
We went to the farthest room.

*Nialls POV* 
"Are you okay?" I said
"Umm.. Yeah but im going to tell you why i dont like being picked up" 
"Alex, you really don't have to." i sighed. 
"No Niall. You asked any i trust you.. So here it goes.."

A/n dun dun dun! What do you think the reasons gonna be huhuhuh? (:

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