I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


23. Birthday

A/N: Thank you guys so much, youre amazing! I love you all! xxxxx

*Alex's POV*

I woke up felling in a good mood. I knew everything thats what i wanted right? So why was I so upset? It was making the boy and El and Dani upset it wasnt worth it. I walked out to the sitting room and it was decorated. 

"Oh God." I muttered. I completely forgot it was my birthday. My phone started ringing. I answered it.

"Hey  Babe!" I said into the phone

"Yay youre happy again. I missed you so much" Niall said very happily

I chuckled "So Whats up with the decorations and shit?"

"Look on the table." He said

"Niall whats going-" But before I could finish he hung up. Before I looked at the table I saw what I was wearing. The same dress from 2 nights ago. So I decided to change into this [polyvore]

I went back out and on the table there was a note. I picked it up and read it

"Hello Alex! Happy Birthday. Go get dressed and then come over to our bus!"

Since I was already dressed I went straight over, shoving the paper into my purse. When I got over to there bus, El and Dani where there. They came over and hugged me.

"Glad youre back love! Happy birthday!" Dani said

"Thanks guys" I said hugging them back

"Heres the next clue" El said handing me another peice of paper

"Congratulations!" I read outloud "You know how to walk! Now go turn on the Telly, turn on the DVD player and watch" I sighed putting the paper in my purse. "Why are they doing this?" I laughed

"Because Harry wants you to be happy, and the rest of the buys do too, and Niall wants to celebrate your birthday" El smiled

"I am happy!" I smiled back "But seriously are they planing on taking me some place really fancy?"

"Cant tell! Now watch the telly!" El smiled sitting down as Dani and I followed. The boys faces appeared on the screen.

"Hello!" They screamed

"So Alex, youre turning 18, and if we where in England you could have your fist drink!" Liam smiled

"But we're not!Sucks to suck" louis said. I laughed. El and Dani where just looking at me, I guess wondering how I would react

"But what we've planned instead is better" Zayn smiled

"Not really-" Louis started but Liam cut him off by hitting him

"Anyway!" Harry started "Danielle and Eleanor will lead you to the next place"

"But before you go, grab me guitar" Niall said "I miss you and I cant wait to see you. I Love you princess"  He said blowing me a kiss. I could feel my cheeks getting red.

"Hurry! Go now! We're waiting!" Louis shouted

"Byee!" They all chorused. Then the screen went black

"I guess I'll go get his guitar and then we can go!" I smiled standing up. I went into the back room where the boys sleep. Niall had the whole bunck to himself so his guitar was on his bed with music next to it. I looked at the music. It was hand written. I caught a glimps of the words before Eleanor and Danielle called me.

'Youre the reason I smile, Youre the reason I want to be' Those where the lyrics. I loved them.

I went out to see El and Dani by the door.

"Lets go!" They said. When we got outside we caught a taxi. El whispered the destination in his ear. I sighed

"What time is it?" I asked Dani

"Around 10am"

"Holy shit. they where up early." I muttered

"yes!" She chuckled.

I pulled out my phone and went on twitter to look at the feed. Hate. And more hate and more hate. I guess my face dropped because Dani pulled my phone out of my hand.

"Dont read that suff" She said. She started scrolling through the feed.

"Zayn said 'Guys please dont hate on Alex. Shes a really lovley person.u dont just offend her u offend all of us when u hate' and Louis said 'Alex is like a little sister to me. Anyone that hates on her will get blocked' That was a day ago. and a lot of hate is from a day ago"  Dani said

"Liam said 'Guys dont hate on Alex. Be nice!" and Harry said 'Alex is my sister. I swear to god I will not tolorate her getting hate. shes been through a lot' and Niall said, oh my gosh this is the cutest thing i've ever read Alex!" El said

"What?" I smiled

"He said 'Alex is me bestfriend, me sister, but most of all me girlfriend. Shes beautiful, amazing, smart and funny. Leave her alone, because im here to hate on instead' Awww!" She cooded. I blushed.

"Can I see my phone?" I asked Dani

"As long as you dont look at hate" She smiled handing it to me

"Thanks" I said taking it I typed a tweet. 'Thanks to everyone whos being supportive especially my boys and my 2 bestfriends! @daniellepeazer @eleanorjcalder @Niallofficial @zaynmalik @harry_styles @Real_liam_payne @louis_tomlinson'

Within sconds I got replys back Niall said '@alexstyles i loveyou, hope you enjoy ur special day! Happy birthday babe #Happybirthdayalex'

I smiled and put my phone  down because the taxi driver said we where here.

"We thought you might be hungry" El smiled aswe walked in

"Well actually not really." I muttered

"Alex you haven't eaten in like 2 in a half days, youre eating!" Dani said

"Next please" The lady at the counter smiled "Oh are you Alex, Danielle, and Eleanor?" She asked exited

"Yes" We smiled

"Happy Birthday!" She squiled in exitment and pulled someting out of her green apron "I knew it was your birthday soon and I figured maybe she'll come so I made you this" She said handing me a card. A Little note slid out of it. White just like all the other ones. Sneaky basterds.

"Thanks" I smiled

"No problem! Now what can I get you?!" She smiled

"Erm, I'll take a chicken salad and an Iced tea for the drink" I smiled

"I want the same thing" Dani smiled

"Me too" El laughed

"Alright she said" Handing us a number "It will be to your table shorty"

We walked over to our table and I opened the note

'Hello beautiful, after this go to the address on the back hope youre having an amazing day xoxo ~Nialler<3'

I flipped the note over

"Our bus" I read out loud. The girls chuckled "This isnt an address" I joined in

"You'll have fun, trust us" Dani smiled




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