I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


24. Birthday part 2

*Alex's POV*

I was walking to the boys bus with Nialls guitar still in my hand and I could hear the chaos inside.

"Go ahead knock on the door!" Dani cheered on

I went up to the door and knocked on it. I emedietly heard the noise stop when Niall anwered the door. Before I knew it he picked me up and kissed me. Then he carried me to the couch and sat me down, grabbing the guitar out of my hand and setting it down.

"Hello princess, happy birthday!" He yelled as he smiled

"thank you" I smiled just before Harry came over and punched me 19 times.

"Happy birthday Al" He simled sitting down, as Niall sat down beside me.

"Happy birthday!" Liam smiled sitting next to Niall and Dani followed to sit down next to him.

"Happy birthday Alex!" Zayn came over giving me a hug before sitting down next to Harry, El went to sit next to him.

"Wheres Louis?"  I asked. Before anyone could answer I got my answer to my question.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!" he shouted, running out of the back room and layed across everyone.

"Lou the fuck?" Niall muttered

"Niall its okay" I smiled. He seemed to losen up

"So why did i carry your guitar around like a loser?" I asked Niall

"Because the next note is in there" He smiled handing it back to me

"Where exactly?" I asked not wanting to break it.

"Flip it over" He said and as i did i saw the note tapped

"Alex" I read out loud "We know you didnt want anything special but youre are little girl,  so you have to!" I could tell Louis wrote it. "Im not a little girl!" i complained

"Youre the littlest of us all"  Dani said

I sighed "So where are you taking me?" The boys just smiled "I just wanna let you guys know that if we where in England right now i'd be at a club and drunk"

"And you also wouldnt be my girlfriend, so i guess its a good thing youre here" Niall smiled

I had no come back so I simply said "Having me carry araound the guitar was stupid"

"Yeah whatever you get ready you dirty hoes" Harry smiled. As I pushed louis off of me i hit Harry in the face.

'We'll be back" I said as El, Dani and i walked off the bus.

When we got on our bus and the door was closed El and Dani ran back to there closets.

'We're getting you an outfit, wait out there!" Dani yelled so I sat down on the couch. They came out five minuites later with an amazing outfit.

"Go get changed and then we'll do your makeup and hair" El smiled

Once I was changed I looked like this; [polyvore]. We walked over to the other bus. And we where off to a place unknown to me

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