I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


5. Airplane

I woke up to the sound of Louis screaming. Of course! "Harry give it back" I heard as i walked down stairs. "BLOODY HELL!" i shouted, making the two boys look at me. "Why the hell are you yelling, its early!" They started laughing. Laughing!
"Alex, its 2 in the afternoon!" Harry spit out in between laughs. I sighed "What time are we leaving?" I asked Just as the door opened and the rest of the boys walked in "Paul will be here in 20 minutes" he answered "Bloody hell! why didnt you wake me up?!" i yelled as i ran upstairs within 15 minutes i was showered and change into this: [polyvore]
"Nice timing" Niall smiled as he and the rest of the boys grabbed my luggage
"Guys, i can get it really. Get yours" They laughed
"We already did its really no problem Alex" Niall smiled. I could feel my face getting red. NO ALEX NO! i said to myself.
"Well thanks then i guess" I laughed. The car ride was long, to say the least. Louis was continually yell. How that boy didnt lose his voice i dont know.
When we finally go on to the plane i sat between Niall and Harry with Zayn Louis and Liam in front of us. Before i knew it i drifted to sleep.

*Nialls POV*
When we got on the plane i got to sit next to Alex. She looked beautiful as always. The first day i met her she was so shy. And its been what 3 days and i can tell she likes us. I dont just like her. I love her. I'll just admit it now. I was inturupted by my thoughts when i felt a head on my shoulder. she fell asleep on me. how cute! Before i knew it we landed. I shook her gently.
"Alex babe"
"hmm" she whined
"We're here" she shot up.
"Oh my god, was i on you the whole time, im so sorry" She worried
"Shh. Its okay. I didnt mind"
"Thanks Niall" she said as she gave me a hug. She was so cold. I just wanted to stay there and hold her forever. I wanted to tell her i'd never do what Tyler did. It just made me sick. I really have it bad, dont i?

*Alex POV*
"Lets go lets go lets go!" i shouted as we went to get our backs. I LOVE America. I cant wait!
After everyone finally got there bags we went and got Several luggage carts.
"Nialll" i whined "will you please push meee?"
he laughed "and why should i?" he countered playfully
"Because im super tried, and you wont want me pulling pranks on you."
"Oh! thats true mate! she is a sick prankster, id push her if i where you" Harry said, joining in on the conversation
"Oh okay fine, but only because i dont want pranked" He laughed
"YAYAYAY!" i shouted as i jumped on.
He started pushing with no difficulty.
"God Alex, you're like a twig, you weigh nothing!"I blushed at that one. I wasnt use to hearing that.
When we got outside There where 2 buses waiting.
"Okay Alex, you get that bus" Liam said pointing to the second bus "And the rest of us will be in that one" he continued pointing to the first one. "Now in ours we have a kitchen, and a main sitting area. And in yours you have mainly bunks and a small kitchen so you'll probably be coming over alot." Laim said 
"Is that whole bus mine, because its really big..." i trailed off. I should probably stop doing that
"Yes, until Eleanor and Danielle come, if its okay with you" Laim said with a smile
"Aww, your girlfriends, How cute. And sure they are welcome anytime! im sure they are lovely people!"  
"I LOVE YOU" Louis shouted and practically knocked me over with a hug.
"Okay Loubear, you can let go now" i laughed as he did.
"Okay so you can go get settled in and in about an hour or two we'll probably be stopping somewhere so you can come over" Harry said
"Okay!" i jumped as i put all of my suitcases in the bus.
I put on some music and felt the bus jerk, which means i'm off.  After about 45 min i was all unpacked and just in time because we pulled up to a gas station. i walked off and went over to the boys bus.
"im tired" I said as i fell on the couch. I heard someone say goodnight beautiful as i drifted off.
I wish That was Niall i said to myself It'll means he care. To Bad it probably wasn't. I love him.
*Nialls POV*
"Goodnight beautiful" i whispered to Alex as she fell asleep on the couch.
I wish she knew it was me, but she probably thought it was Harry. I love her.

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