I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


9. Admit It

A/N if you want to see the polyvore things the website is; http://mado0018.polyvore.com/ 

*Niall's POV*

I was awoken by the sound of the boys yelling. Of course! When i walked out to the sitting room i saw Liam with his head in his hand. 

"Aww, come on mate there not that bad" I said sitting next to him

"Trying being with them for a while" he sighed, I just laughed.

"BOYS!!!" Liam yelled surprisingly they all stopped and looked "Good now that i have your attention, we have a performance tonight, which means we have rehearsal in a couple of hours. So get ready!" 

I laughed when they all ran to the back. Liam looked so relaxed.

"So Alex slept through all of this?" I chuckled

"Well, no, the boys thought, well actually Harry and Louis thought that it would be funny to wake her up. But, she said she'd get them back." He laughed "So then she went back over to her bus. Wanna go get her and tell her whats happening?" He winked

"Shut up, but yes i will" I said standing

When i got to her bus i opened the door, and heard the most beautiful thing ever. The strum of her guitar strings and her voice. I stood there memorized 

"Is breathing for this moment in time, ill find the words to say, before you leave me today. Close the door throw the key. Don't wanna be reminded, don't wanna be seen. Don't wanna be with out you. My judgments clouded like tonight's sky."

She sang through it all and i didn't say a word or move until the bridge, when she teared up.

"Flashing lights in my mind going back to the time" I joined "Playing games in the street kicking balls with my feet" She turned around, smiling and still singing. "There's a numb in my toes standing close to the edge there's a pile o'my clothes at the end of your bed. As i feel my self fall make a joke of it all".

Tears where coming down her face by now, mine too. She finally spoke.

"It happened once you know."

"What?" I asked confused

"Well not exactly that song, but my bestfriend. She killed herself" She spoke quietly. "We where exactly the same. And after she killed herself i felt that she was the only reason i had to live, so i tried to do it." She sniffled. "Harry saved me though, he found me, laying there with pills around me. Didn't even tell mum or Gemma. Just took me to the hospital. Ran. We where only 14, Its never been the same since." She finished

I probably had more tears than she did. "Alex" I spoke. "You're with us now. I will never be the reason anything happens to you. Neither will Liam or Louis or Zayn or Harry."

"I know Niall" She smiled "Thanks" As she stood up, brushing her tears away

"So um," i stuttered doing the same thing she'd done. "Liam wanted me to tell you that we have a concert today, and to get ready" I said leaving 

"Okay Love you Niall" She spoke

Ha. If only it where true.


*Alex's POV*

Niall walked in on me singing, and i told him. But i trust him. I put on my music from my iPhone and ironically enough moments came on. Just making me cry again. "Lol" i though "awesome"

After a while of throwing out fits all over my room, i had a mess. And a cute Blue/Grey dress. I walked over to the boys bus, with my guitar. 

"Stunning" Niall said. I could feel my cheeks getting red

"Alright! Liam announced "Time to go!" He said as we walked out of the bus to meet Paul. The seating arrangement was Paul, Harry in the front. Liam and Louis in the middle and Niall me and Zayn squished in the back. 

"Alexxxxx" Louis whined

"Louissss" I whined back

"Will you play us something? Niall told us youre really good"

I shot Niall a 'please-tell-me-you-didnt-tell-them-about-the-last-part'   He shook his head

"Paul, is it okay?" I asked

"Anything to get them to shutup" he laughed

"Okay" I started strumming my guitar to The A-Team

"White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes, burn lungs sour taste" 

After i was done all eyes where on me. 

"ANOTHER!" Louis shouted

"Ummm.. Okay" I said trying to think of a song. I started strumming 'Give me love' by ed sheeran

"Give me love, Like her, Cause lately ive been waking up alone" Niall started singing with me. By then end we where both looking into each others eyes.

"We're here!" Liam said as we all hopped out. "Thanks Liam" I thought.

All through rehearsal i sat and talked to Lou, The hair dresser and played with Lux.

When it was show time Lou asked me something i never expected

"So you like Niall" she asked with a smile on her face

"Well i mean, yes, but its complicated." 

"Well, i think you too would be lovely. Niall likes you too you know."

"Really?!" I sounded exited, even to me. 

She laughed "Its so obvious hun, You two act like your dating!" 

I sighed "Lets go watch the concert"

She laughed "Aww someone wants to her boyfriend" She winked. I just shook my head. I like her

Right when we got to the side of the stage they started singing 'One Thing' And all of they boys waved to us.

"Now, Before we sing Moments I want to call a special guest on stage" Liam yelled. Who was he talking about? All of the boys where looking at me. I got a knot in my stomach

"Alex, Will you come out here?!"   Harry called

I shook my head. 

"Pleaseee!" Louis said. I looked at Niall, and started to walk out. Someone handing me a microphone along the way.

When i got out there they all loooked at me with creepy smiles.

"Oh no" i muttred in the microphone.

"Guys, How many of you, think that Alex here should sing moments with us?" Zayn shouted, getting everyone to roar.

"I really dont think this is-"

"It'll be fun!" Louis screamed

'But what part do i sing?"

'' Well how about the chorus?" Liam said

"And you could sing with me" Niall said

"And me" Zayn added.

"But not me!" Louis screamed hugging me.

"O-ookay" I finally said

After we finished i was about to go of stage but Harry grabbed me.

"You're staying for the twit questions!" he announced.

"Alright first one" Liam read "Niall, will you teach us how to Irish jig?"

After he did Liam read the next question

"Boys, and Alex, Who do you like"

Zayn laughed "Honestly No one" He said

"Well I like Danielle" Liam smiled

"AND I LIKE ELEANOR" Louis screamed

"And I like Louis" Harry screamed

"Alex, Niall?" Harry asked I looked at Lou. She just shrugged.

"I Like Niall" I blurted than ran off stage.

*Nialls POV*

"I like Niall" She said then ran off stage. I dont think she heard me but i couldnt not say it.

"I like Alex" I was happy, but she seemed upset.

The rest of the concert it felt like there was an elephant in the room. Harry seemed mad. I just needed to finish this so i could talk to Alex

When the show was finally done i asked Lou where Alex was. She said that someone drove her back to the busses. When we finally got to the busses i was going to go to Alex, But Harry stopped me.

"We have to talk" He said in a low voice



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