Skinny Love

"No.. I can't love her. I just can't." Harry mumbled.
Liam shook his head in disagreement. "No, Harry. You do love her. You love her with all your heart. You just don't notice it." he told him, walking towards the door. "You'll figure it out someday, mate. I know you will." Liam said before leaving the room.
Harry sat there, confused. "Do I love her?" he asked himself.
Alissa just moved in to the house right next door to Harry's and his mum's flat. When they meet, they instantly click. Harry introduces her to the boys and they love her. Maybe some of them love her a bit more than a friend. But we can't name any names. Let's just say one of them starts with a 'H'.
That's right. Harry starts to fall in love with her, but he just denise it every single time he thinks he has feelings for her. She keeps sending him mixed signals also. She kisses his cheek, but she also does that to Niall.
Could they actually like each other? Or are these two just confused about who they love?


2. Saige.

Alissa's POV

  I couldn't find anything from the fridge, so I decided just to grab the bag of chips that were on the table. I walked back to Niall who was talking to Harry about, something. I didn't quite hear. "Here you go, babes." I said, giving him the bag. He smiled at me as he took it. "Thank you, Lissy." he said, shoving two chips into his mouth. 

  He always called me that. It was my nickname, but only Niall called me that. It was our "thing". I always called him 'babes'. I called all the boys that. I thought it was quite cute.

  Harry looked over in my direction as I gave Niall the bag of chips. His face seemed upset and hurt. Is he okay? He's acting.. different. I mean, he keeps being quiet and shy around me. But we're just friends, he can't.. Oh my god! Does Harry like me? No. No. No. He can't. We're just really close friends. Nothing more. And we never, ever will be. 

  My phone beeped. I groaned and grabbed my phone. "Hello?" I said, slightly annoyed. I heard nothing for a few seconds. I tapped my foot on the floor, getting a bit impatient. "Oh hey, Alissa! Didn't know you already answered." the person said, sadly. I checked the caller ID. It's my mum. "Hi, mum. What's wrong?" I asked. I felt eyes staring at me. I turned and saw all the boys looking at me. "Nothing. I'm just sad that you didn't answer me the first time." she told me. I rolled my eyes. "Mum, that's something that normal mum's don't care about. So, don't make a big fuss over that. Why did you call me? I'm sort of busy hanging out with the boys." I told her. The boys kept staring. "Stop staring at me." I mouthed. They all looked away. "Don't have to be bossy." I heard Louis whisper. I rolled my eyes. 

  "Oh, your with "the boys" huh?" I heard a different voice say in the phone say. It sounded like my best friend, Saige. "Saige?" I said in the phone. All I heard was someone mumbling "mhm" in the phone. I rolled my eyes again. "Yes I'm with the boys. Is that a problem, Saige? Are you jealous?!" I yelled, jokingly. I heard all the boys laugh. I laughed too. "No! And is that them laughing? Aww, crap." she said, moaning slightly. 

   I got an idea. "I'll put you on speaker! So, you can talk to them. Would that make you happy?!" I said, jokingly. She fake laughed, obviously annoyed at me right now. "Sure." she muttered. I smiled. "Hey, boys. Wanna talk to Saige? She wants to talk." I said, laughing. They all laughed and nodded their heads. I put Saige on speaker. "Hello!" all the boys cheered, in their gorgeous accents. Saige laughed. "Hi!" she said.

  The boys laughed at how little her voice was. "How old is she? She sounds like a 6 year old." Harry whispered in my ear. I laughed. "She's as old as me. 18." I told him. He smiled and looked back at the phone. "Louis!" I heard Saige yell, laughing slightly. Louis laughed so hard that he fell of his chair. "What happened?" I asked. He just smiled. "Nothing. Nothing. We.. Erm.. Can't tell you." Saige said through the phone. 

  What did Louis say? It seems like Harry knew. 'Cause when I looked over at him, his face was full of anger. What could Louis say that would make Harry become really pissed? Hm. This makes me wonder. 

  I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him into one of the rooms of the flat. "Ow!" Harry yelled. I took my hand of him and looked at him straight in the eye. "What did Louis say? What did Louis say that made you angry? I need to know." I said. Harry was quiet. He sat down on the chair in the room. "It's nothing really. I promise." he told me, looking down at the floor. I nodded. "Fine. Don't tell me." I said, pretty pissed that he won't tell me.

  I mean, I'm his friend for god's sake! He shouldn't keep secrets from me! It seemed important. I need to figure out what he said. Not tommorow. Or the next day. Or the day after that.

  I need to know now. 


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