Skinny Love

"No.. I can't love her. I just can't." Harry mumbled.
Liam shook his head in disagreement. "No, Harry. You do love her. You love her with all your heart. You just don't notice it." he told him, walking towards the door. "You'll figure it out someday, mate. I know you will." Liam said before leaving the room.
Harry sat there, confused. "Do I love her?" he asked himself.
Alissa just moved in to the house right next door to Harry's and his mum's flat. When they meet, they instantly click. Harry introduces her to the boys and they love her. Maybe some of them love her a bit more than a friend. But we can't name any names. Let's just say one of them starts with a 'H'.
That's right. Harry starts to fall in love with her, but he just denise it every single time he thinks he has feelings for her. She keeps sending him mixed signals also. She kisses his cheek, but she also does that to Niall.
Could they actually like each other? Or are these two just confused about who they love?


5. Gone

Harry's POV

My heart stopped beating for a few seconds. Did she just..? No. She couldn't of. I'm probably just hearing things. 

"What?" I stuttered out. Her half smile has faded away and she was starting to look down. My tears finally stopped but more started to form. 

"You know what.. Nevermind." she said, now sounding a tad bit angry. "I can't do this. Knowing that you have a secret that you just won't tell me and that I might love you." her voice lowered at the end, so I couldn't hear much. 

"What do you me-" I started, but Alissa grabbed my arm. "I'm sorry, Harry." was all she said, before she started walking towards the front door. I ran in front of her and put my back on the door. "You can't leave." I muttered under my breath. 

She shook her head. "Get out of my way, Harry." she was starting to stutter. Her voice sounded so hurt and angered. I scooted over just a bit, but still had some of my back on the door. 

"I said, get out of my way!" she yelled. I then heard footsteps. The boys were right behind Alissa, looking confused. I shook my head and turned to Alissa. "Why should I? I want you to stay." I stuttered. Louis was now hugging Alissa tight. 

"Don't leave, love! We'll miss you." Louis pleaded. His face was red and tears were forming in his eyes. He seemed like he was just as hurt as I was. My heart was breaking. The picture of Alissa gone and out of our lives is just.. too sad. 

"Let go of me, Lou." Alissa said, stuttering slightly. As she got out of Louis' grip, she ran to me and pushed me out of the way. I fell to the floor as she opened the door. "No!" I heard Niall yell. I looked at him and he had a half eaten sandwich in his hand. Alissa froze when she heard Niall speak. 

"Niall, I'm leaving and that's final." she said, not making any eye contact with anyone. I heard Niall sniffing and making sobbing noises. Before I could get up and stop Alissa, she was gone. The whole room fell into silence. I opened the door and Alissa was nowhere to be seen. My heart was beating really fast. She couldn't of left. 

But I was wrong. She did leave. Forever.


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