Skinny Love

"No.. I can't love her. I just can't." Harry mumbled.
Liam shook his head in disagreement. "No, Harry. You do love her. You love her with all your heart. You just don't notice it." he told him, walking towards the door. "You'll figure it out someday, mate. I know you will." Liam said before leaving the room.
Harry sat there, confused. "Do I love her?" he asked himself.
Alissa just moved in to the house right next door to Harry's and his mum's flat. When they meet, they instantly click. Harry introduces her to the boys and they love her. Maybe some of them love her a bit more than a friend. But we can't name any names. Let's just say one of them starts with a 'H'.
That's right. Harry starts to fall in love with her, but he just denise it every single time he thinks he has feelings for her. She keeps sending him mixed signals also. She kisses his cheek, but she also does that to Niall.
Could they actually like each other? Or are these two just confused about who they love?


6. Accidents


Alisa’s POV


I ran out into the street, sobbing quietly. Why did I do that? Maybe I should go back. No, they probably don’t want me there anymore. As I turn around, I see bright lights in my face, blinding me. I scream as a sharp pain hits my whole body. What’s happening? I feel myself fall down on the ground hard. I make an ‘uff’ sound as I hit the concrete. Everything’s blurry. I see a girl with short purple hair run up to me, screaming something that I can’t understand. Soon everything disappeared. All I saw was black.


Harry’s POV


I start pacing back and forth in the living room. This is all my fault, this is all my fault, this is all my fault.. I kept thinking.

“Mate, calm down,” Niall said as he walked into the room, holding a soda.

“How can I calm down when my best friend is out there somewhere, not wanting to see my face ever again?”

He stood there, not sure what to say. I stop pacing and stared at him, waiting for an answer. After a few minutes, he still said nothing. “Exactly,” I muttered.

“I’m sure she’ll be back soo-“


I looked at my phone and groaned. I read the caller ID and saw that it was Perrie. “Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Harry, you know your friend, uhm, Alisa?”

I felt slightly excited. Maybe she found her. “Yeah, what about her?”

“I saw her running in the street and I accidentally hit her with my car,” she told me, kind of quiet.

My mouth made an ‘o’ shape and I felt tears form in my eyes. “Did you take her to the hospital?”

“Yeah, we’re here right now, hurry down here now!” she yells before hanging up.

“Who was that?” Niall asked before taking a sip of his soda.

“Perrie. She said she saw Alisa and she accidentally hit her with her car. They’re at the hospital right now.”

Niall spit out his drink and coughed a bit. “What?”

“I know,” I said, sniffing. “But we have to leave. Now.”

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