Save me

Save me now. Save me from this place, these awful people. I sit in this corner, listening to the only thing that makes me happy. One Direction. Yes, it may sound weird, I, Sarah Michelle Jaxon, a sad, depressed girl that listens to One Direction? Weird, but, it's true. They make me feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They just.. Make me happy. I only have 2 friends, Emily and Savannah. They my life so much easier. But, I end up seeing something at prom. Something that changed my life forever.


1. Why?

(Sarah's POV)

I look at myself in the mirror. Mascara has run down my face because of my tears. My eyeliner is now smudged. My hair is a mess. My clothes are wrinkled, and wet because of my tears. I screamed at myself in my mind, "Gosh Sarah, why are you so ugly?! Look at your best friends, they're two of the most popular friends in school, and not to mention the prettiest. Maybe you should start cutting as a punishment for your ugliness. Yeah, that's a good idea." I walked over to the bathroom, getting my razor out. Here it goes again.

1 cut..

2 cuts..



Then 5.

I looked at my blood dripping down my wrist, while looking at all of my other scars. "This is what you get Sarah, this is was you get.." I mumbled to myself. I wiped off all the blood putting bandages on where I cut and put a long sleeve shirt to hide it. Sure, it may be the Spring, but I couldn't let my parents worry. Besides, it's cold in my house anyway. 

I walked downstairs. "Hey mom." I smiled at her. She smiled and said hello back. I plopped myself on the couch as I started to watch TV. I smiled at it. One Direction was on. They were one of the many few people that would make me happy. What Makes You Beautiful started to play. This was my favorite song. It made me feel pretty for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. It's my record to listening to someone call me pretty. I smiled at that thought again.

I just wish I could meet them you know. Maybe they could save my life. Just save me myself..

A/N: Sorry it's a short chapter.. But, I hope you like this. <3 xx

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