Save me

Save me now. Save me from this place, these awful people. I sit in this corner, listening to the only thing that makes me happy. One Direction. Yes, it may sound weird, I, Sarah Michelle Jaxon, a sad, depressed girl that listens to One Direction? Weird, but, it's true. They make me feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They just.. Make me happy. I only have 2 friends, Emily and Savannah. They my life so much easier. But, I end up seeing something at prom. Something that changed my life forever.


4. The meet.

(Harry's POV)

I stand here backstage, listening to the music play in the background while teenagers talk, laugh, and do what they do here. After a few minutes Paul announced we were about to go on stage.

I straightened myself up. "Now, here is your special prize.. ONE DIRECTION!" I plugged my ears as I heard screaming in the background. I walked out first. Hearing the screaming girls and the silence the guys are making.




I put on a fake smile at these comments. I wasn't in a mood to listen to all of these people to say they love me at the moment. They made all of those comments to one girl. One poor girl who didn't deserve this. I don't get why she gets all of this hate, I just felt terrible. My thoughts got interrupted by someone elbowing my ribs.
"Ouch mate!" I said, whisper-yelling. 

"Harold! Get out of your thoughts and start singing!" Oh, whoops. Show was starting. I started singing lyrics to I Want, looking out in the audience. I couldn't find her! The "Mystery Girl". I felt like I needed to protect her from everything. Then, the song was over. Wow, I thought to myself. That was sure fast. 

Soon enough, Liam starting singing What Makes You Beautiful. Come on love, where are you?! The chorus came up. Still giving my cheeky smile, with the dimples, I still looked for her in the crowd. Right side? No. Center? Nope. Left? I checked up and down the left side. When I reached the back, I spotted her in the corner. All alone. Where have her friends gone? 

I soon spotted her looking at me. I guess she saw me looking at her, and smiled. I smiled back and gave her a wink. Maybe some other girls maybe, no, yes, have spotted me giving her a look, and gave her a death glare. Her smile fell. But, she was still looking at me. We were practically looking into each other's eyes from across the room. I continued to smile at her, and winked at her again, while the other girls weren't looking. She smiled back.

Maybe this night wasn't that bad after all.

(Sarah's POV)

Oh my god.

Harry Edward Styles just winked at me. TWICE!

THE Harry Styles just winked.. AT ME! Oh my gosh, fangirling inside. Okay Sarah, breath.. Act cool. In, and out, in, and out. I laughed at myself and winked back at him. Only making his smile grow bigger.

I waved at him, as I went to go get a drink. I got myself some ice, put some Coca-Cola in it, and took a sip. I sat down at a table, alone.

I sat there for a while. Harry couldn't have possibily winked at ME, right? Maybe I thought wrong. He was probably winking at someone else. 

After they were done preforming, my friends have joined. They were talking about how cute Louis and Zayn were or something like that. I wasn't paying much attention, because my mind was set on Harry. His emerald green eyes, when he winked at me and smiled. The way I felt like he wanted to protect me.. Was he that person in the corner, that made my night better? 

I hope so.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, disturbing my thoughts. I turned my head, to find myself looking at the one and only, Harry Styles. I stared, for what felt like forever. He fake coughed, stopping me from staring.

"Oh, sorry.." I mumbled. Whoops. Nice going Sarah, you were just staring at Harry Styles.

"It's fine. What's your name love?"

"Sarah Jaxon." I smiled. I was having a conversation with Harry. But, I kept thinking, why me? There were about 50 other girls in this room five times prettier than I was. Out of all of them, me?

He smiled. "Nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Harry, Harry styles."

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