Save me

Save me now. Save me from this place, these awful people. I sit in this corner, listening to the only thing that makes me happy. One Direction. Yes, it may sound weird, I, Sarah Michelle Jaxon, a sad, depressed girl that listens to One Direction? Weird, but, it's true. They make me feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They just.. Make me happy. I only have 2 friends, Emily and Savannah. They my life so much easier. But, I end up seeing something at prom. Something that changed my life forever.


6. Match Maker

(Louis' POV)

After the concert at Prom, Harry seemed a little bit.. Cheery, you might say? He was smiling everywhere he went. That doesn't seem like usual Harry.

So, now some time for "One Direction Detection." Without the other boys. Okay Louis, you got this.. I quickly ran to my room as I changed into something different. My masterpeice..

Fake moustache. Perfection. Messed up hair hidden under a fedora. Good. Nerd glasses. Brilliant. Clothes. Pajamas. No one shall suspect me. I silently tiptoed in front of Harry's door, putting my ear up to it.

"Okay Harold, come on, you can do this, just ask the girl for some lunch tomorrow." I heard him tapping his fingers against the wall. "Harry Edward Styles, you're never usually nervous about asking a girl out. What makes you nervous this time? Oh, right, she's god damn beautiful. That's why." Ahh. That's why. Harold met a girl! Awe. 

I heard him turn the doorknob and I quickly, but silently ran away into my bedroom.

Mission one: Find out what is up with Harry. = Success.

Mission two: Set them up. Get them together, make Harry have the courage to ask her!

30 minutes later...

I walked downstairs to see the rest of the band sitting down on the couch, watching some show I've never heard off.

"Hey mate, where've you been?" The Irish lad spoke.

"In my room.. Thinking." I sat down right beside Harry. "So.. Harry.. Anything you'd like to mention to the rest of us?" He turned to me with a confused, yet worried look.

"Erm.. No." He mumbled, looking down.

"Come on Harry, I overheard you and your conversation. Just tell us." I kept pushing it. I was anxious to find out who this lucky girl was. And so I could accomplish this mission.

The rest of the boys looked at me with confusion. Niall was the first to speak, "Ahhh, come on Harry, tell us what it is!" 

He looked at the ground, "Imetthisgirlnamedsarahandshesreallyprettyandiwanttoaskhertolunchtomorrow." What a jumble of words, and I could barely understand him.

"Excuse me? What did you say Harold?"

He sighed, "I said.. I. Met. This. Girl. Named. Sarah. And. She's. Really. Pretty. And. I. Want. To. Ask. Her. To. Lunch. Tomorrow. Slow enough this time?" The boys and I cracked up. Even Zayn was laughing. Shocker.

"Vas' Happenin' Harry! Tell us about her!"

From then, he started. "Well, when we arrived, I decided to stand around in the front without getting seen, and the people started arrive. After a few minutes, people stopped coming, until one last car came. And out of that car, came the prettiest girl I had seen. But the sad thing was, at that exact moment, people bullied her. They kept calling her ugly. Over, and over, and over. It broke my heart. And I just.." He paused.

"Just what?" I said.

"I just felt like I needed to protect her. So after the concert, we talked to each other. She didn't scream in my face, she just calmy talked to me. She was a great person, she didn't seem like she needed hate. Then you guys had to ruin the moment and said we had to go. But, I got her number, and I had an amazing night. And just a while a go, I was having a prep talk to myself in my room trying to have the courage to ask her to lunch tomorrow, while we're still in town. Some sneaky boy must have been eavesdropping on me." He glared at me. I just laughed.

And of course, Daddy Direction had to say something, "Well come on, you just can't sit here. Go ask her already!" 

"Alright, fine." He picked up her phone, and went through his contacts and called her.

One ring.


He put it on speaker. "Hello?"

"Hey Sarah, it's Harry." It was silent for a few seconds, maybe she was probably thinking that'd he'd actually never call..

"Oh, hey Harry! What's up?"

"Well.. Erm, I was wondering if you uh.. Wanted to maybe, get some lunch with me tomorrow?" You could hear a little squeal in the background. Then a few deep breaths.. Probably calming in the inner fangirl.

"Of course. What time?" 

"Well, maybe, noon tomorrow? I'll meet you at McDonalds? Yes, I know, maybe not the fanciest place, but, I just wanna talk."

She laughed, "It's fine! And I'll see you tomorrow, but Harry!" And with that, she hung up. I patted her on the back.

"Nice job Harry. Nice job."

I ran upstairs.

Mission two: Set them up. Get them together, make Harry have the courage to ask her! = Sucess.

I am the best match maker ever.

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